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There was once a humble man who came closest to the embodiment of God - Joyous GuruPurab

He was born in 1469 on the Kartik Full Moon Day of November (which is today, Nov 8th, 2022) in a village, today known and revered as Nankana Sahib. He grew up in most humble abodes. He had an elder sister. At the tender age of 19 he was married. But marriage never stopped his evolution, nor pulled him into earthly drama. His life shows that no engagement or involvement in a 3D octave can slow down or prevent the attainment of Full Enlightenment!

His mental capacity was enormous and benevolent. He was loyal to the original design (the Divine Template) of God’s format for the perfect Adam Kadmon Human. “He thought lovingly from his Heart Chakra” and was thereby, till date, unique and original. Having his Form right from the start, he lived as a Noble Human.

He was not religious, but Enlightened. As Lord Buddha, when asked who he was, had once said: "I AM AWAKE"! And so was Guru Dev Ji! He propagated the Truth of ONE God. And embraced the Spiritual Truth of all religions.

Enlightenment was generic and pure in him. When, at the age of 7, his teacher in school asked him: What is the first alphabet in language? He showed the sign of UNITY. All in his village were shocked! He carried that principle thru his glorious life on earth….spreading its emissions thru actions and sharing its radiance thru words!

One of his known actions and words are depicted through an incident when, one day he was laying down with his feet towards a temple of worship. He was told to lie with his feet in another direction. He calmly explained: 'Place my feet, if you wish, in the direction you feel there is no God! God is everywhere and in everyone ... so where should i lay?'~~~ such were his actions and speech! Speak about Walking your Talk. He was an Embodiment of Enlightenment thru thoughts, words, emotions and actions.

Another example is, when he was young, his mother gave him some pennies to go buy some grocery for her to cook. On his way, as he straddled joyfully along the meadows singing to himself (he was always in joy), he came across a sad starved man, doubled over in hunger, he went up to him, hugged him and offered him all the money he had been given so he could buy himself many meals. Later he was scolded by his mother who was waiting for the groceries. That night his family went hungry as no food could be cooked. But he was happy as he knew their pangs' were transient and superficial, they would not become the skeleton that needy man was was! He slept well knowing, that man slept well too that night! This is thinking lovingly and from the Heart Chakra.

Another similar example is when one day his father gave him some pocket money to spend on himself. What did this joyous lad do? He went to the market and bought loads of food that he distributed amongst the hungry. Guru Nanak Ji started the Langar system that is so popular in the world today. During covid times in the US and Canada, the Sikhs got together on roads and set up a charity pantry, distributing hot home-made food to the poor and homeless. This happens in India, every day in the Gurdwaras' and especially on Sundays. The Sikh or Sardar community is known for their Big Hearts and Benevolence - they have lovingly embodied the attributes of their Beloved Blessed Guru, indeed!

Charity is an “unspoken investment” of the Heart Chakra. Done quietly and not to be admired or publicized to gain popularity.

Such was Guru Nanak Ji’s innate Benevolence of the Golden Ray 2

He represented all the Noble Qualities of the Golden Ray 2


He spoke of equal rights for all without discrimination. He spoke for women’s dignity and respect. He spoke the Truth about religions and promulgated Cosmic Unity and Higher Intelligence. He decreed the correct Template of God’s perfect design for human form: Thinking from the Heart Chakra, seeing from the Singular Eye Chakra and, feeling from the Crown Chakra. He said : If you feel logically and intelligently, think lovingly, and see from the Eye of Truth then humankind can live in Joy on earth and return earth to its original Monadic BluePrint from ‘Harmony thru Conflict” to - Harmony Eternal!

Such was this humble, simple High-Minded, Loving, Adorable, Respectable, Noble soul in human embodiment. If ever one has to cite an example of anyone who truly lived his talk, there is no other than Sri Guru Nanak Ji!

Above all, Nanak Ji indorsed ONE GOD! And to meet this Creator of all that is, one need not do any penance, fast, be in isolation but – be loving, and help others who have less than you. Simple Truth.

His words, His stories, His actions are all scripted in the "Guru Granth Sahib" – the Holy Book of the Sikhs! Like all religions on Gaia, a preacher comes to earth (nearly every 2,500 years) and his teachings are later scribed by others which then becomes the Holy Book and that - initiates a new religion! The Preacher is sent to simply remind the human race of the Truth and get them to re-route onto the righteous trajectory of Truth. The Messenger is Not to be revered and worshiped as a god! And certainly not to start a new religion. Buts that’s the level, humanity has got glued upon! The trajectory of Illusion.

Guru Nanak Ji descends from the Holy Light Line (not bloodline) of the Preserver God Creator – Vishnu. The God-Aspect of ParamBrahma (all inclusive ONE GOD of Unity, that GuruJi spoke about) who preserves all creations of Param Brahma. In this LightLine is Lord Buddha, Lord, Maitreya, Thoth, Akhenaton, Lord Jesus, Lord Kuthumi, Lord Ram, Lord Krishna…..down to the modern - MahaAtma Gandhi.

5 hundred and 53 years ago came such a man in our midst and spoke a Mantra of the Param Brahma (ONE GOD) that till today has not been replaced by any other Decree, Mantra or Prayer for GOD.

His Prayer for the ONE GOD is the purest Prayer of the highest octaves of Life and Light.

Ik Onkar

Ik onkar, satnam, karta purakh, nirbhau,
Nir vair, aakaal murat, ajooni se bhang,
Gur parsaad.
Aad sach jugaad sach,
Hai bhi sach naanak hosi bhi sach.
Sochey soch na hove je sochey laakh vaar,
Chupe chup na hove je lai raha liv taar,
Bhukyaa bhuk na utri je banna puriya bhaar,
Sehas sayaanpa lakh hoey ta ek na chale naal
Kiv sacheyara hoiye kiv kude tuttey paal
Hukam rajai chalna naanak likhya naal.

There is only one God. His name is Sat - Truth.
He is the creator,
He is omnipresent, unborn and self-illuminating.
He is realised. Meditate on His name.
He has been The TRUTH - SAT since all creations began.
He has been true since the ages. He is still true.
Guru Nanak says he will forever be the Sat – Truth!
Inner silence is not obtained by remaining silent,
even though you may remain forever silent in meditation.
Even though one remains soaked in God,
he doesn't obtain the peace of mind.
A hungry person's hunger isn't satisfied even after they attain the world.
Man may possess millions of wits but none will work for him before God.
How can we be true?
How can the screen of lies be broken?
By surrendering to the ONE

Please listen to this specially crafted music of the Guru, and for the Guru, Nanak Dev Ji to commemorate His Divineness and express humbled gratitude to His Guidance, and for His Emissions of Truth. Its so soothing and healing that it makes you cry out all dross and empties you to receive the ONE GODPARAM BRAHMA!

Please click on this link, and then the first song: Prayer to GOD: "Sat Naam Shiri Wahe Guru"


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Today is also the last TOTAL ECLIPSE (till 2025) of the 'Beginning of the End of KalYug' as Kalyug is prophesied to end by Aug of 2024. Total Eclipses are very rare and are the Portal that Light Hierarchy and the Light engage to enter earth. So today is a specially Blessed day of GOD'S Light and Love for all humanity and Gaia. Make it special. Hear the Music of God and recite Guru NanakJi's Prayer for the ONE GOD - PARAMBRAHMA!

On behalf of all humanity and earth



for all His contributions

His Light

His Love

His Benevolence

and for showing us





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