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The Universal Law that applies not just to people and JULIAN ASSANGE, role of a Red Flag upholder!

How "LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE' beyond people...

The Universal Law: "Like attracts Like Energy" is so true but extends way beyond human beings....

It applies not just to people attracting like-minded friends, partners, even acquaintances but, travels into non-physical spheres of life too.

I was just reading a channeled message by Judith K that - "I have always been told that the need to advertise falls away, as you and whatever you put out or project or radiate outwards, will attract those who are tuned in. For you will now attract to you those and whatever exists on the same frequencies and vibrations as you are. Like attracts like and those who resonate with your frequency band, tune in. The “tuning in” factor is so important to note now...."

This law applies to everything. Do Not advertise is what I was Divinely Instructed for all Our Holy Sacred Tablets. 'Just publish and release on Our website and let your friends on social media and patrons of the website (subscribers) know. And that is exactly how I felt as well! Never even put up an advertisement on mediums such as FB, LinkedIn, etc. And Our Light Vedas attracted hoards and are still attracting a continual flow of buyers and readers. They aren't priced low, nor are these Tablets budget-friendly yet, people have saved over years to buy them. Because, the Frequency of the Tablets is attracting not just the Frequency Holders of the same energy but as well those - who needed to Know this information. Amazing - how the Law works and how people respond to it....even over years thru saving monies to possess them! And this implies: no need as well to visualize its manifestation nor focus upon it with positivity....that a lot of people do to manifest their dreams. Books have been written on the Law of manifestation but none explain: its all about simply "Raising your vibration" by working on your inner earth self to unite with your Higher Divine Self and that shall move you out of the freewill into The WILL eventually where all is empty yet full. Where, you don't desire anything as you have all - the Wholeness and Oneness. Manifestation is not about fulfilling your needs and seeing your dreams come true. Its about reaching the state of Zero-Point, the frequency of 1043 Hz (number total is 8) in physical measurement (but remember, anything physical is also an illusion). Its about BEcoming ONE, WHOLE again. Dichotomy - in Wholeness is Emptiness, and thats when only, you become God-Filled, which is GODFULFILLED!


Returning to my experience - It is interesting to note, though private, Im being permitted to share with you all since I have (very) occasionally posted here and on FB, LinkedIn, X - the 5th Tablet, to make aware - the existence of such an unusual powerhouse Tablet to new and old friends. The sales of this PowerHouse has been 'so low', that I can count on my fingers (little exaggeration). And this is the Truth of the Universal Law. Those who are the Frequency and, even those 'seeking' such an extremely high Frequency but aren't near it, are the Buyers of this Mighty PowerHouse. It is Protected by the Light not to be in possession of the curious, miscreants, or re-sellers. Moreover. No money can be made thru the spreading of this Prohibited Wisdom. Cosmic Copyright. No sharing.

"The Amethyst Tablet" was and may still being misused by some buyers. And this is not shocking as the Violet Fire has been misused by some occult practitioners in a nation, so much so that the "Flame of Freedom" was shifted out of that nation to another country. Today, the Flame of Freedom is the Fire that is causing the Shift in Consciousness. And its Hierarch and Commander-In-Chief is Beloved Saint Germain - whose Tablet this is. Freewill is in free flow and such behaviour is permitted as the Law of Karma is monitoring and registering it all.

So I never thought the 5th Tablet would be released on earth. But one day I was told to do so and in 3 days It was subscribed and made public. Some persons I had to disallow by refunding their money as they weren't permitted to possess the 5th Tablet.

This was proof to me, evidence, how the Law applies farther from just people to occult presences as well, and physical realities.

Thus work hard on prayers, chants, decreeing to keep raising your frequency and live extraordinary lives despite the struggle on earth. Life on earth (as written on my social media accounts, shall scribe below as well) is a strange experience of schooling where the realizations are unfortunate and sad. Yet, to gain Freedom from it forever, we need to extract "Joy" from the tar we are dwelling in. Extracting is just one process but maintaining its frequency - is still tougher -since life is constantly (and even more so now) throwing barnacles in our pathway to prevent us from holding onto the treasure of Joy found. That is why "The Temple of God's Will Word Wisdom Power Providence Protection" is constantly scribing and reminding us, thru words and photos, that JOY is what we need to own, in order to be won (the word 'own' is a derivative from the word "won") the Freedom from the Blind Maze forever! And this is our last chance on this 3D planet to attain that Freedom, for which, the Flame of Freedom has been made available to all - to apply non-stop on every hurdle that gets thrown at us! Keep that Violet Fire and the Blue Fire burning in every cell and atom of your body. Become the Fires, as the 5th Tablet proclaims, to FREE yourselves eternally!

Breaking News i

It is certainly good news that an important Truth Seeker and Truth Publisher/Revealer Julian Assange has been released! However, he should 'Not' have been afforded imprisonment for 175 years, nor shld he have been prosecuted in the first case, by the US govt for releasing documents of the US govt's War Crimes! This was Not espionage but a weak and evil govt (suppose to be Of the People, For the People and By the People - accountable to the People for their every decision and action or in-action whilst in power of seat), a govt not wanting the public to know of its crimes and evil agenda. Well, he had to admit to one count of espionage which was that he received (or/and coaxed into receiving) high security documents from an official and, should 'not' have agreed to releasing it to the masses that got published and shared across the nations. However he had to agree to the publishing as well, which is a violation of the 1st Amendment, so that he "could be released". Had he not, can you imagine what that US govt wld have done to him on extradition to the US? His country helped him and rightly so.

Remember, there is a White Lie (acceptable) and a Black Lie.

But, what's admirable is - he refused to admit to all other counts of wrongdoing. He has stood his ground, suffered incarceration, suffered in health and family times but the Light intervened and today he is home!

But. Making it lethal now for any WhistleBlower to do what Julian did!

That is unfortunate!

The Dark Lodge leeches onto every rent, in the garment of life on earth, and attacks.

Therefore, delays are imminent on earth where Light Sovereignty is concerned!

Consequently, there are delays in the House of God but no Darkness can continue to persist!

Accolades to such a WhistleBlower, and all Whistleblowers, on earth at such times of dire threat to the life of any Truth Revealer!

They are the TRUE HEROS that uphold the pillars of Democracy and disclose Truth to power. Unlike the mainstream media in all nations who speak naught the Truth, reveal not the Truth but, serve as propagandist to power.

These beings are the true Blue Ray 1 Beings as it requires the prerequisite of Absolutes Bravery (Herculean Courage) to unveil duality and reveal the Truth to darkness! Such mettle lies in these Blue-Violet-Emerald Beings of the Ray 1,5,7.

Lastly, Trump should have Pardoned Julian and Snowden before leaving office, as he should have Pardoned those followers who stomped the Pentagon, following simply his instructions. They are still suffering the penalty in incarceration on behalf of Trump.

Another Lesson learned on earth, the strange Graduation School (more on it in the orange below) is: "Exposing a crime is treated as Crime", "Where the Exposer of Truth becomes a Criminal and,

is punished with lifetimes of incarceration"!

Violating the 1st Amendment that protects Freedom of Speech!

A place where the criminals and evil entities rule the world, unhindered and unlimited! An attempt made by them to cripple the powers of Truthworthy, Trustworthy, Newsworthy Journalism.

People of every nation


They elected them to serve - Them!

: From my social media posts :

It is said: Earth is a Graduate School.

However! If anything it has taught mankind that "Truth should be spoken only if there is proof"! And that "It matters not whether wounds are healed but importantly, the wound must leave a Scar"!

(an additional Truth learning on earth is added above in the Breaking News section)

Think about the above 2 statements....such has been the state of schooling on earth. A school bent upon failing its students, not - driven to inspire a Graduation for sure!

Your inner configuration creates and ascertains your outer configurations!

This is why it is wisely said: Work on your inner self and Inner Guidance System (develop it, nurture it, engage it) so that your earthly self unites with your divine self and, you both merge into one and become part of the Light.

If you 'feel' or 'know' that you are the "BLUE RAY 1 BEING" on earth, you would be disposed to developing your Tools and becoming the Blue Being you were before descents.

Then and only then this "Holy Tablet" is for you!

An etheric Masonic Secret Script not be shared, nor exposed publically, with anyone. 'Do not unleash its Powers in the world where the Dark is seeking and waiting for this information'.

It has a Cosmic Copyright that you are sworn into.

And. The adepts who have purchased the Tablet, pls write in your Feedback to us, thru email or thru the messenger here. Pls note: emails we cant receive on hotmail server.

A lot of Spiritually famous humans on earth do speak Wise Words but aren't High Souls themselves. So, "Pick the Wisdom and leave the messenger behind!"

This is why it is said, reiterated, Do Not Follow Anyone! Fools follow, clever and devious make followers, wise Live Wisdom quietly and speak only thru subtle tones. They are not teachers. They are not preachers. They hold no classes discourses courses or satsangs. They have so 'guru, swami, master, or grandmaster, founder' attached as prefix to their name. They are not on Youtube, advertising not thru any medium their Wisdom. They live incognito and operate like the masses but, with a Light. They live ordinary lives with extraordinary Connect to On High.

They are Divinely Protected. But mistreated too by others on earth. Power lies in Incognito. Power lies in quietude. Power is not famous.

Read Wisdom to garner information and knowledge but, attend to Wisdom naught thru any human.

Direct Dial with On High!

The ETHERIC Akashic Library for human understanding. It doesn't take - 'certification on earth thru courses' to access it (in fact, I don't see how that is even possible, though many wld strongly criticize my statement). You must evolve into Opening your own Akashic Record. Just as, you must evolve into Knowing your own Ray Equipment Chart. It a High Holy Space in the Spirit World and have no form as this pic... all functions on Intuition there....once in the Spirit World you can take permission to visit it. However, in the Spirit World, the Ascended Master's Octave and Higher are engaging this Library to help humanity and earth Shift. Decisions are made as well from here and huge consultations take place shown physically for humans to grasp well.


Watch the Presidential Debate on Thursday (US time) between Biden and Trump. It shall be exhilarating and perhaps enlightening too. Remember Trump is perhaps one of the best entertainers on earth and his showmanship would be a movie like experience.

The Darjeeling Council of Lord El Morya and all its members of the Light shall be observing and viewing as well!

After India, now eyes are focused upon the American Elections.

This debate is being held so early that if Biden fails the event, there maybe a strong probability that he could be replaced by the Democrats at their Convention and, someone in-the-waiting cld be parachuted in, that which could very well change the end result of the US elections. Or - it cld even happen with Trump. Shall be interesting to watch indeed!

There maybe an article scribed after that Debate by THE TEMPLE....stay tuned.

Link to all the 5 Holy TABLETS:







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Jun 26
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Dearest Sangeeta! A truly open loving informative read! The longest since I started following The Temple. So much in this post I don't know where to start: maybe from the bottom to the top I shall begin.....Firstly the photos are breathtaking! I enlarge them as much as I am able to see the details in each. In particular the Akashic Library as well as the huge table with the (3) men! The one in the centre looks like he is coming out of The Table :)) Who are these beings?

It is comforting to know (thankyou) that Lord El Morya and his council will be observing the debate as well as yourself and I look forward to hearing your take…

Replying to

Im nearly recovered now....thks a lot for your kind concern! Am delighted to have you with me on earth...❤️💙💜💛


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Added a Breaking News item on Julian read. Namaste.

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