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The "TRIPLE ECLIPSE CORRIDOR" – A Strategic Episode of 2020

Updated: Jul 4, 2020


The Triple Eclipse Corridor is a mysterious occult experience and sensation. It feels like we are navigating, crisscrossing, interlacing a Portal, a Gateway, a Galactic surreal Stargate. We have just finished traversing an entire month of Ascension energies with 3 major Ascended Master ‘Ascension Dates’ – May 1st / May 7th / May 21st and Saturn’s Jayanti. So we are already loaded heavy with ascension frequencies and ascension dynamics of organic Divine Light & Dispensations. Our experiences of the Primary TimeLine (Ascension TimeLine) are not just for individual records but, grounded into 3D (for the masses), creating thereby a foundation for anchoring even greater and fiercer vibrations to push the collectives higher in evolution. So you see, what we experience in our evolution helps indirectly the others on earth as well. That is why I keep reiterating, build your light first, then, your light shall do the work! Not the other way around. Be the LightHouse - then shine your Light unto others! Raise your vibration to the level of God Consciousness. Once you reach that frequency, God is totally illumined within you! You don’t require to go to any church of worship, nor worship any idol. The Trinity of God is naturally awakened within you. Your 3-Fold Flame is no longer the 3 plumes of Power Wisdom Love but 1-White Flame of Ascension. In addition, your mental emotional physical bodies are no longer separate but collapsed into one body of light – your Light Body (Mer-Kah-Bah). To understand these complex concepts please read “The Emerald Tablet” and “The Amethyst Tablet” available on my website.

The missing ‘Junk Dna’ coding has been traced to “God Eternal within my body”. The Trinitized Presence of God is embodied in the 3-Fold Flame (Brahma – the creator, Vishnu – the preserver, Shiva – the destroyer). The 3-Fold Flame in Sanskrit is known as the Jyot – the Soul. When the Higher Presence of the Soul is disconnected and afar from the body/personality of the human the Soul Flame within reduces to its minuscule barest size, which is 1/6th of an inch (all explained well in the books mentioned) but as the human makes a concerted effort to evolve, the 3 flames rise and expand in balance. Once they have reached their original size (reference: the 2 books mentioned above) they start to spin rapidly. At this point in evolution, the creation of Christ Consciousness of the 33rd Degree is under process and the three colours of Blue/Pink/Gold in rapid spin transform into one White-Flame of Ascension. This is the 33rd Degree of Ascension, in which 33 chakras are all ignited into initiative evolution simultaneously.

This is the dynamics of Ascension that we have been in-suspension all thru the month of May. The Virus, that created an external lockdown and quarantined our bodies within our homes, actually pushed mankind, physically, to not stay inside but also within. Never before has the Cosmos ever created a situation, or allowed any such condition that would force people, push people, without their will into a corner where they would have all the opportunity to attempt at finding themselves and inadvertently finding God within their body! Its another question whether they did that or just stayed indoor and yet not within! Many didn’t go anywhere near ‘going within’! But, the Universe tried its best to make mankind awaken…nevertheless!

Now, on the Eclipse. Normally we have a two week, Double Eclipse Corridor that begins with the first eclipse and end with the next. But, as you can see, we have 3 eclipses between June and July, therefore, running into 4 weeks. Now, what is a Corridor? Normally the energies of the eclipse begin weeks before and continue for 6 months thereafter but, the concentration is particular and most powerful 3 days before. Then begins the Corridor between eclipses. With each passing hour the energies amplify and grow, expand and rise…becoming volatile like boiling water, precipitating and triggering events. In and around the Eclipse Corridor two major events always occur: earthquakes( including volcanic eruptions/tidal or tsunami waves) and departure of souls. During and around this period, many many souls are lifted off the planet by their higher presences. Keep an extra vigilant observatory eye on your parents and elders.

We shall receive many many powerful visitations from across the veil during this mighty Triple Eclipse Corridor so, be alert. Your psychic powers too shall receive a sharpening of the blade. Focus upon your Shiva’s Eye. See through His Eyes and you shall be His Vision!

The Corridor is going to be a higher training ground for us; to prepare us to face what is to come now into our lives as a further Test, a newer Test, a grade higher Test. So, its not going to be a smooth ride. Get set for the roller coaster’s dive into profound depths of darkness….a free fall where you can't see anything but blackness. This Corridor is about schooling us into embodying the Freedom Key of Ascension out of the Blind Maze (pls read about this on my website under “Presentation of the Blind Maze” from ur computer and not mobiles pls). The Triple Eclipse Corridor is all about the Groundwork necessary to jump-start our ascension node, which shall be challenged hugely with the last eclipse of the year in December.

2020 is the Year of Blue Ascension and this Eclipse Corridor is our mega opportunity to attain Ascension the Divine way without physical death! Blue Ascension as it is directed by the Trinity-Aspect, Lord Shiva – who destroys the outdated thru entry into the Black Hole of complete obliteration only to emerge out of the White Hole as a New Creation! His Blue Ray 1 destroys just as it re-creates thru its Violet Ray 7. Thus He is the mighty powerful dreaded Destroyer and the alchemical Transformer! That’s His portfolio in the Trinatized God Presence activity.

In this article, since its getting to be too lengthy, lets focus on the first eclipse only.

Lunar Eclipse timings IST (India) and UK (UTC):

Penumbral Eclipse begins : (UTC) 5 Jun, 17:45:51 / (IST) 5 Jun, 23:15:51

Maximum Eclipse : (UTC) 5 Jun, 19:24:55 / (IST) 6 Jun, 00:54:55

Penumbral Eclipse ends : (UTC) 5 Jun, 21:04:03 / (IST) 6 Jun, 02:34:03

The total duration of the eclipse is 3 hours, 18 minutes.

Regions seeing, at least, some parts of the eclipse:

Much of Europe, Much of Asia, Australia, Africa, South/East South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica. Covering 3/4ths of the world nations.


We know already what the Corridor is all about so am not getting into particulars of this Eclipse however, observe that Africa India and China are in the highlight so this 'Full Moon Eclipse on Steroid' shall trigger major activity in and out of these nations.

The Trinity Lord in charge of this Corridor is Lord Shiva in His Indra Maha Kaal Ishwar (the Timeless Destroyer of Time and Space) role. He engages the Thunderbolt as His weapon and rides on the Winds (of change). So He opens the mighty 'Corridor of the Triple Eclipses' – the major event of 2020 and, expect therefore storms but, not in a teacup!

Chaos, opposition, protests are already underway from the 25th of May when Rahu and Mercury went conjunct – mercury entered the mouth of Rahu and the “murder of colour” occurred in America.

Just some thoughts you might like to ponder over:

Violence is a reflection of Fear projection! Have you noticed – much of our suffering emerges from Fear. Fear blocks the ‘way-out’ of a situation. It paralysis the human and renders him immobile and incapacitated to make a decision.

Situations worldwide today, be it the virus or protests at present, are experiences chosen deliberately by people for growth and upward spiral. No accidents in life! Just as no coincidences in life! ‘Do not get intertwined in situations that you can’t contribute to’. They are not in your Mission. Do not get drawn into their trajectory of suffering either. Observe, learn, pray and move past.

During the period of Eclipse, chant Lord Shiva’s mantras and the Mrityunjay Mantra of longevity of life and freedom from death.

He is a Lord who gets impressed quite easily. And rewards abundantly.

Within is the reservoir of all wealth and wisdom. Do not go without!


Sangeeta Handa

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