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The first phase was the Planetary Virus, which initiated the ‘Planetary Lockdown’ (or World-Wide Quarantine) for the very first time ever, in the history of Gaia!

So, what shall the Second Phase encompass?

A two-fold stress strain! Political Leaders of some nations have already begun to shake the tectonic-plates of the planet. A rift in the surface has been dented - thru the first Arrow of Phase One!

The Galactic universe is closely watching the Planetary Purge take place on a small planet, named Gaia. The impact of the Purge on this microscopic planet will be far-reached and far-stretched across the galaxy. What’s transpiring on earth has never occurred before in any universe or sub-universe for that matter! The Consciousness on this little star program has survived the only lethal fatal BluePrint ever undertaken by any Star System of the Creator! No condensed Matter, in any form, ever adopted a 'Contract Plan to Evolution' thru 'Devolution' - based wholly on ‘Complete severance from Source’! Yes, no one dared to evolve from tearing itself fully away from the Light and venturing out into the dark unchartered unknown space without an anchor, without even a memory of the Source! Who has the gall, the guts, the courage, to stand wholly apart and experience the fall-out of such an inevitably terminal Program? Lady Gaia, feared not its destruction; its irreversible mortal death … eventually! She had/has the fearlessness, the nerve, the dauntlessness, the Spirit to test and challenge her essence at the mouth of total obliteration! Indeed! Salutations to Gaia for foremost taking-on-board such an infallibly failing Experiment!

But. Did she fail, as her BluePrint drew to an end? A resounding and applausive NO! Surprisingly? Absolutely! Till now we all know this history. I have scribed in detail in my books this momentous moment in the Akashic History of Gaia and you have all read it, understood it, and are in full realization of the lethal BluePrint of our planet. So lets move past this.

Well, you also know we have survived; you know about the 1987 Harmonic Convergence too; the answer of Gaia, and all that pursued thereafter. You as well know how the Call was heralded by earth for Souls to participate in her Contracted Program.

Furthermore, we are aware that many Star Programs sent their starseeds to this planet despite knowing the fatality of the experiment. We are all here, aren’t we! Though consciously not all know this, nor realize even now the mammoth responsibility undertaken by us at the onset of earth’s experiment. We have all come a long way from then, with hundreds of reincarnations under our experience belt. Yet! Unfortunately, not all have awakened to the knowledge, notwithstanding the free availability of this information!

We have finally reached the threshold of the last few years of the end of Darkness upon earth; caused unavoidably by Gaia’s Contract Plan; which is in itself now over! What happens when our human Contract Plan expires? The Silver-Cord is pulled out and the mortal body dies. The Soul is set-free from her inhabitation. Same is applicable to Gaia as well. Her Contract was ending and so the Harmonic Convergence took place to ascertain her transition or expiration.

It was decided not only will Gaia survive death but, and most importantly, physically shift dimensions in evolution whilst still remaining in matter, or in Form. This is Ascension from the 3rd dimension of the dimmest light to the 5th dimension of the highest potentiality of Light. The very process of which essentially requires millions of earth years is now all happening within a decade!

Moreover, until now, all antediluvian matter (expired in Contract) is directed to the Galactic Center or the Central Black Hole for obliteration. However, if still within its Contract Plan, and only moving from one cycle to another, it goes into the Photon Belt for the over-haul, the process of transmutation and purification. But this next step of the Photon Belt was not available to Gaia as her Program had ended. So, instead of being directed toward the Black Hole - a New Program was created for her; very deserving as she had not only survived the irreversible outcome prophesied and expected but, raised the quotient of light from terminable darkness to a potential! Which now warranted a "Special Task Force" to be injected into the existing human force that would undertake the impossible task of fulfilling the expectations of the New Program assigned to Gaia.

How the injection of the "Special Task Force" is manipulated - cannot be understood by human intellect as it entails delicate and technical Soul Replacement Expertise so we shall move past that element for now and say, all the Light Beings on earth at present have been assigned the Special Task for lifting Gaia and potential humanity thru the Ascension Process of 3rd to the 5th Dimension without causing mortal termination of Form.

This is why the Planetary Purge was introduced, thru the portal of the Solar Eclipse in December, 2019. It was allotted 4 ½ years, for the KALI YUGA to end, and many foreseers tuned into phenomena, both astrologically and psychically! Yes, it has a definitive END TIME (August 8th, 2024 - the year of number 8). And. These years are not at all to be easy, nor comfortable, nor normal, and without any precedence to fall upon as support. However, the entire Universe of God will offer support but, Meta-Physically! Therefore, those that have refined or are refining their energies by consciously transmuting their debris and footprints into the light (thru the freely available technology of the Violet Fire/Violet Ray/ Violet Flame) will be able to partake in the meta-physical support offered.

Now, returning to the SECOND PHASE (and there shall be several phases) of the End Times. The Planetary Purge continues but with heightened energies as the Purge is raised to a higher decibel of the Grand Shift. Please know this well, and without fear, as fear will block your powers to fulfill the mission and that cannot happen now with the Second Phase being introduced!

The Purge can (using a milder tone) incite violence, rage, and even war. The 2nd Phase is highlighting at present the political strain and its consequence. The Political Uncertainty and its aftermath War. Our govts play the forefront role in this second phase. Many political heads are of the Dark Lodge and shall hit-back at the Purge. They are being cornered and pushed back fiercely so retaliation is expected. Be ready for anything to transpire…even a war…political assassination…terrorist attack on a macro scale. The Virus was the First Phase and could magnify into the Second Phase as well.

You are the Souls that have been trained to combat the Dark as the Shift entails the last fight between the Dark and Light on earth, involving the Galactic Dark Lodge physically participating in the mighty battle that must be fought on Gaia’s body. Be not fogged by the myth that all energy is of the Light and that good and bad energies do not exist! This is a duality world and thru duality will it exit out into the Light finally. Therefore, to exit out-of-duality, you must fight the Forces of Duality that remain in flesh and energy upon the planet, who are trying now their best to pull you back and keep you imprisoned in polarity. You are the Special Task Force implanted on Gaia for this “Last Battle of Armageddon”. Victory is yours already attained in the heavens so pull down this Potential of Peace and Victory from the Heavens and manifest it onto Gaia successfully. Remember, the only block that can prevent you from attaining Victory is Fear! Embrace Gaia’s Spirit of Fear-lessness and Lion's Courage and accept the responsibility with full armour of Victory, Freedom, and Light! Become the VIOLET FIRE THAT PURIFIES ALL IN ITS PATHWAY and purify all dissension into the Light of Victory and Freedom!

You Know the mighty Planetary Purge and the Grand Shift is ridden with the qualities of duality (pain, suffering, violence, death, massive chaos) so it cannot catch you by surprise nor dismay. You have Power of the Light to transmute it, with the Support of the Light, like ne’er before, so march ahead and manifest the Miracle and the Magik as the Universes of God watch over you and applaud you! You shall be consequently led to perform your Special Task at the required hour. Be alert. Be ready. Be empowered by this Message and take your positions when called upon!

Expect the WIND, expect the CHANGE, adjust your SAILS!


LORD of the BLUE RAY 1 & the VIOLET RAY 7



You were chosen and implanted as the


because you have the Power to hold powerfully

the FIRE OF GOD within

and, UNVEIL THE TRUTH courageously!

You are the SHIVA-SHAKTI embodied within your DNA Soul!

Know this


Sangeeta Handa

Make sure you have "THE AMETHYST TABLET" in your possession! This is the LIGHT VEDA of the Great Shift. The HOLY ENCYCLOPAEDIA for the "Special Task Force" on earth!

The influx of Plasmic Energy is gathering momentum at present. Ascension symptoms begin ascent. This month is momentous and now we are approaching the next event after Mars went retro and Jupiter direct. 22nd Sept is not just the Equinox Portal but the ever Retro shadow planets in Vedic Astro (Rahu & Ketu) too are changing zodiac signs followed suit by Saturn going direct on 28/29th. That's when the drama shall begin and hell shall break lose next month with the conjunction of mighty death planet Pluto and fiery ferocious Mars. The unbelted ride is gonna get interesting and violent. Remain calm in the eye of the storm. Two Monad Blue Ray 1 nations of earth ( India & China) are preparing for a plausible war-like scenario over at the majestic Himalayas...time shall tell what happens when Pluto and Mars bounce on top of each other! For us the "Light Beings" : With the Victory of Earth’s Ascension, Humanity shall co-create a NEW OCTAVE OF GODHOOD! The massive Planetary PURGE is underway.

Namaste and God Bless!

Sangeeta Handa

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