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The OMEN: "Jupiter Pluto Conjunction"

Star alignments in the sky are not the cause of mayhem upon earth but, indicative of an OMEN!

TIMING: India (IST) - Friday the 13th, Nov 2020 @ 03:20 AM

The first conjunction was on 4/4/4 (the most powerful Occult annual date), the second was on 30th June, and the final conjunction of this cycle is now.

Is it not an Omen, to have this Conjunction on a Friday the 13th?

(Moreover, Jupiter and Pluto conjoin about every 13 years, another number 13 in the sequence of the Omen!)

Jupiter: Planet of E-X-P-A-N-S-I-O-N ( of Wisdom, Evolution). Planet of over-world.

Pluto: Planet of 3D’s - Destruction, Death, Disease. And T-R-A-N-S-F-O-R-M-A-T-I-O-N (thru the 3d’s). Its also the planet of Occult, hidden secrets, under-world.

In this Conjunction, Jupiter shall enhance and expand all that Pluto does.

Pluto is ruling our Corona Virus. Jupiter shall expand the growth of Corona and support its destruction. On April 4th (4.4.4) Jupiter Pluto first went conjunct and the planet was urgently pushed into World Quarantine, World LockDown as the Virus surged and hit the roof. So, now too Jupiter shall take whatever Pluto’s doing and make it truly gargantuan! As we know, Corona is once again on its second cycle surge and, nations are declaring a second LockDown.

There is no vaccine as yet to prevent it and no medicine that can cure it so, we’re ill-equipped still to battle the virus.

Stay extremely vigilant now. Play very safe. Do not mock the severity of this Evil Arrow (the Corona) by thinking you can outsmart it by acting defiant and not paying heed to what the medical experts are advising. Do not defy the necessity of wearing Masks. Do not follow the herd mentality anchored by Qanon or Cobra or any such conspiracy theorists propounding lateral thinking. This is pushing your pendulum to another extreme and not staying in the middle. Balance is a necessity, not an idealistic luxury!

Break thru the Cognitive Dissonance caused by 3D illusion

Earth is a free will zone, so we each get to choose how we behave on this spectrum. Be WISE not Extreme!

Now. Lets read the highlights of this Conjunction in order to figure what the OMEN is -

titanic evolutionary forces

 the capacity for enormous successan ethic of “right makes might” (as opposed to “might makes right”)  beneficial destruction  heavy experiences with a positive outcome  the long trip into and through the underworld of the psyche  triumph through facing death  the faith to move mountains  the power of truth  an obsession with glory and greatness  delusions of superiority  opportunities to abuse power  political drama  plutocracy  obsessive righteousness, fanaticism and overkill  misplaced moral urgency

There is going to be the Final Blow of 2020, on Dec 21st, during the darkest day of the year when we shall have the FATHER of all CONJUNCTIONS – Jupiter Saturn. Shall scribe a separate note on this later. However, we first have to pass thru the final test that is being brought forward by the 3rd and final Jupiter Pluto Conjunction. The Friday the 13th OMEN!

This is bringing into our lives the Finale Destruction of the Pandemic Virus. Like written afore: There is no vaccine yet to prevent it and no medicine that can cure it, so, we’re ill-equipped still to battle the virus! This is going to claim many souls again ... but, as the pointers above indicate – this is Beneficial Destruction. What does that mean? Just like in a retrograde, the planet moves back to check if we learnt our lessons well and purged the respective karma, this re-surge of the Virus shall minus many souls from the planet, who haven’t respected the lesson it provided (even though it is an Evil Arrow, shot by the Dark). Consequently, it shall be a heavy experience once again! How then, may you wonder, can it produce a positive outcome or, be a beneficial destruction! Because, those who have surrendered to the Wisdom of the Will and paid heed to caution advised; sacrificed their needs in obeisance to the Will; shall consequently experience Titanic Evolution and significantly jump up the ladder of Ascension. Thus I wrote; be careful; choose wisely! As you shall soon witness visibly the consequence of choice made consciously! This right shall make Might! And we would have then all Triumphed thru facing Death upfront!

Now, what you require to do this is FAITH! And Faith alone shall move you thru and past the death experience. The kind of Faith you require is the Faith that can move mountains! This is the Power of Truth! Stick to the Truth, not get swayed by the temptation of the illusion!

What is illusionary in this period? The Plutocracy of politics – a political system governed by the wealthy people. In the US elections there is Plutocracy on both sides, in both the candidates. Both candidates represent the indicators mentioned above: an obsession with glory and greatness, delusions of superiority, opportunities to abuse power, political drama, obsessive righteousness fanaticism and overkill. Jupiter Conjunct Pluto is now testing your lessons learned with respect to this. Can you recognize the fallacies, the delusions, the illusions? Can you see the TRUTH as against the extreme pendulum sway? Are you once again re-acting to the underworld fallacy by following unknown voices? Or are you now awakened to a the Perfect Balance within, hearing and following only your Voice within. Furthermore, is the Voice you think you are hearing and following really Your Inner Guidance Architecture? Or are you again superficially re-acting!

If you have learned, awakened, and developed the Inner Voice correctly then your opportunity to Freedom shall be H-U-G-E! Take advantage of this mighty conjunction to reach and cross thresholds of evolution in this period of true Glory and Greatness!

Now – some Occult Indicators in the language of the Occult : the mysterious surreptitious hidden symbols :

….THE OMEN explained….


2. The “TITANIC” Hits the ICEBERG….. The Titanic begins to SINK!


Expansion and Contraction being caused by Jupiter & Pluto, causes the BREAKING…and the…SINKING!

3. Qanon …Cobra

when people feel a “loss of power” within themselves, they look for a powerful man or Voice they can get behind… they latch on to things like conspiracy theories, and unknown voices, with whom they can feel they are one ...and, a part of something!

Indeed, the last Jupiter Pluto Conjunct is THE OMEN in the skies, a sign of times to come!

Not a coincident, Friday the 13th



Sangeeta Handa

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