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The New Causal Matrix for earth could not be laid but, work is under construction.

The outer (6D) shell of the New Matrix looks like a network with hexagonal cells, inside which different apps are embedded.

So, what transpired on the fated 23rd March, when Pluto entered Aquarius at the most powerful Degree of ZERO?
Immense volumes of highly coded Intelligent Light burst onto earth and earthlings. There were two Portals pouring in enormous quantums of flow - the Equinox Portal and the Zero Degree. The inflow was so powerful that it wringed out, squirted, squeezed out such a humongous chunk of 'negative, destructive and chaotic energies' from the earth and its inhabitants that it overwhelmed the entire system and completely thwarted the anchoring and activation of the New Causal Matrix. It entirely blocked the whole operation.

If you have read "The Voice of Silence" you know how Lord Sanat Kumara (the then Logos of earth) needed to consume the entire planet and become it to qualify for becoming and holding the dignity of a Logos. This is in too simple and rudimentary a language that I describe it here since the above mentioned Tablet has elucidated it in the absolute clarity required. Taken that you have all read it, as what I write in Tablets cannot be reiterated anywhere else, I always take the bar higher (or on level) from the Tablets already scribed. So, the New Matrix too first needed to be loaded into the Logos of the planet before its anchoring upon earth. Now, as far as I have understood (since it is a bit too complicated for human comprehension) it was required to be primarily uploaded into Lord Buddha and Lord Sanat Kumara. But they had to abort the entire operation on the third dimension. However, it was successfully anchored and activated on the 4D and 5D plane where it is in full operation.

But, what is good news is (2-fold): Firstly, large volumes of the negative vibration on earth was removed. What is shocking; though it should not be; is the amount of hatred, anger, aggression, war-like emotions, and toxicity that exists on earth and runs the matrix on earth! The uprising of which was so immeasurably huge that it paralyzed all endeavours of the Logos to anchor and activate the New Abundance Matrix altogether! However, earth's atmosphere is definitely that much lighter now. Second good news is that a Temporary New Matrix was launched in its place and all Cosmic effort is being undertaken to allow the launch of the Permanent New Causal Matrix.

Had earth not been submerged in such amplified negative and destructive anomalies the Light Mission to ease the sufferings on earth would not have been negated! The LIGHT had to urgently intervene and halt all activities of its Providence to prevent irreparable consequences of any further destruction and its resultant uncontrollable mayhem thereafter!

However, the continuation of this magnificent and magnanimous operation is underway and you shall be kept informed.

In addition, the wonderful confirmation we received from the last post thru another light being on earth was correct as she saw the Higher Light Hierarchy pouring-in volumes of beautiful God's Light. This was the enormous light that did burst upon earth thru the 2 Portals, as described above. What no one saw coming, thereafter, sadly, was the purged effect - the obvious rising of the dirt when you broom a space! What shocked everyone involved was the "size of the destructive energies" that rose up! This is indeed the darkest planet!

I know you are wearied and exhausted. I have expressed this to the Light. Its so easy for the Dark to have effect on earth but for Light to anchor, it's an uphill task! They know. Let us continue raising our light and eventual Victory shall be ours!

Shall keep you updated. Stay subscribed and please share all our posts.

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