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The LUNAR ECLIPSE is the Dragon's Tail of Revenge: a PORTAL & the CORRIDOR

Remember, this Year of number 8 is the Year of the Dragon Energy. In India, we don't say dragon - we call it a Snake. And, the Head section of the Dragon Snake is referred to as Rahu - or the North Node and, its Tail is Ketu - the South Node. The Head and the Tail of the Dragon Snake are responsible for the Eclipses.

Now, at a Lunar Eclipse, the Tail of Ketu shall cross the Moon and swallow it up. That's when the shadow appears or the Moon shall go dark. Similarly, on a Solar Eclipse, Rahu swallows up the Sun causing a Solar Eclipse. Both ends of the Dragon Snake, by eclipsing the Sun and the Moon, cause confusion and exact revenge.

As you all know, the Earth orbits the Sun and, the Moon orbits the Earth. These two orbital paths are independent of one another. Twice a year, however, the paths intersect creating solar and lunar eclipses. For a short time, the Sun or Moon is overtaken by the darkness of one of the nodes. Rahu is the ascending point where the Moon’s orbit cuts through the Earth’s orbit. Ketu is the descending point. They are always opposite each other in the sky or birth chart, and the main force of karma and desire can be seen along its axis. Their function in Vedic Astrology is better understood if we familiarize ourselves with its associated myth - The story is told in the ancient Puranic (Vedic) texts of the time before creation. "After a long and horrible war, the gods and demons cooperated to churn the galactic material called the Milk Ocean. This activity created Amrita, a nectar of immortality - the Elixir, intended for the gods alone. One of the demons, however, sitting between the Sun and Moon, managed to take a sip. Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of the Universe, quickly decapitated him. And so, Rahu became the head of the serpent demon without the body and, Ketu the tail without the head. As they were now immortal, Lord Vishnu needed to find a spot for them, so he placed them in two specific points in the sky. By eclipsing the Sun and Moon twice a year they can create confusion and exact revenge." Rahu’s domain is the confusion of ignorance; Ketu’s territory is the confusion of certainty.

Eclipses are Turbo-charged events. The most powerful Portals of the year. Energies of an eclipse permeate and sustain for weeks after the event. They peel of the skin from the human carcass. Remember, after all, the Eclipses are the Dragon Snake and what does a snake do? It seasonally sheds its skin when it has outgrown in size and so, thats exactly what it does to a human as well. It also spews out Fire - this is the 'Refinement Fire of Purification' that impacts the body (earth), soul (sun, Rahu), and the mind (moon, Ketu) to effect Ascension! Eclipse provide the grandest mightiest opportunity for Ascension to all focused upon this goal. Eclipses are a "Consciousness Raising Event" for Ascension Focused souls.

'Dragon Snake' Energy is capable of sealing power, stripping the environment of its greatest strengths and, washing away certain energies. Dragon Snake Energy is number 1, oldest, and most powerful energy. It is capable of attacking the mind and deteriorating the soul. Moreover, it symbolizes power, change, and spirituality, and it also symbolizes good luck, fortune, and prosperity. In some cultures, the Dragon is a protector and is often associated with royalty. Akin to the Lion Consciousness. It signifies number 8 and pronounces abundance! Moreover, it symbolizes the Supernatural, and highlights the Hidden Wisdom of the ancients and ancestors.

And now, into the Equinox - Eclipse Corridor we Glow!

A 3 week Tunnel over, two left...

Timing of the LUNATIC ECLIPSE (IST)"

MARCH 25TH : 10:23 am - 3:02 pm (Indian Std Time). Total period : 4 hours and 28 mins.

This is a very important time for Ceremonial Ritual and Spiritual Practice. The colour for this day is BLUE - the Blue Ray 1. You may light a Blue Candle. This is also a very calming and healing colour, and it also represents the element of water which our planet is primarily comprised of—seas, oceans, rivers, lakes, etc. In fact, planet Earth is known as “The Blue Planet”. Strange isnt it, since the Blue Ray 1 has ne'er anchored on earth. And, has the fewest Blue Ray Beings as its inhabitants.

Light an Incense. And begin to chant the "BLUE RAY 1 INCANTATIONS" You now have the Blue Ray Decrees, not available on earth otherwise. It is no coincidence that you were provided the Dispensation to receive these most Powerful Tools and Mantras of the Blue Ray 1 at present. You need the Protection, esp now, to open yourself 'safely' to the special LIGHT Portals of 2024, the year of number 8 when, the Kali Yuga Portal is finally about to shut on earth, forever! Those of you who don't have this 5th Tablet, the link shall once again be provided below. But - know the Cosmic Copyright before you purchase it.

COBRA: "In the few days around the coming penumbral Lunar Eclipse on March 25th, people need to put up as much PROTECTION as possible and refrain from reacting to negativity."

Furthermore, anoint yourself with Sandalwood Oil, or powder. This soothes the Central Nervous System, balances hormones, removes aches and pains, and is protective from harmful energies. Moreover, lowers elevated blood pressure to normal levels, and heals all of the chakras.

Wear Lord Shiva's Rudraksh Mala (refer to "The Blue Sapphire Tablet of the Blue Ray1 Beings" (link provided below). If you don't possess one, please buy it as its a powerful Tool of the Blue Ray 1 that opens and ignites your Pineal Gland. Read all about it in the 4th Tablet mentioned above.

Please understand and realize, you are in the most powerful Tunnel of Cosmic Energy! Don't waste away such a golden opportunity to attain FREEDOM VICTORY & ASCENSION!



It has just been released, an "X - CLASS" SOLAR FLARE is heading toward earth and shall strike the planet on 25th March during the Lunar Full Moon Eclipse! This is huge! Since Jan of 2024, X Class Solar Flares have been striking earth on major Portal Openings...remember the eve of 2024 New Year when a massive X Class hit earth, and thereafter Japan was struck by a high richter scale devastating earthquake, preceded by the Iceland volcanic eruption? So we are about to be blasted with priceless External Plasma Light - a grand opportunity to build your :Internal Plasma Light: refer to "The Blue Sapphire Tablet". I think this is the 5th X Class...wait to know its measurement.



The 4th Tablet


The TEMPLE is soon going to introduce a new Service (paid service) of providing a reading of Your Monadic Blueprint. Till then make sure you've studied all the 5 Tablets well and equipped to comprehend your Mayavarupa Chart. Keep chanting the BLUE RAY 1 INCANTATIONS....



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Mar 24
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Dear Sangeeta! This post is so powerfully positive and informative! I am, as always, most grateful for your presence especially Your energy and 'gift' to those deserving/willing of the decrees and mantras in the Blue Ray 1 Incantation Tablet. They are indeed powerful! I cannot thank you enough dear Sangeeta!

Toronto is 9 hours and 30 minutes behind IST: this equates to 1:23 am Monday March 25th. For this four hour period is it most effective to chant the decrees at the exact time? Or does it matter if I do so at the same time? IE: 10:23 am IST = 1:23 am EST. Would appreciate your thoughts/direction on this.

On top of this there is an X-CLASS solar flare!…


Mar 23
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Just added an Annexe --- BREAKING NEWS....pls read it....

Sangeeta Handa

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