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I say this often.At this stretch of journey the human finds himself totally alone, isolated. Its a merciless last mile Home. The human, at this stage, experiences heart wrenching and souless aloneness. It is a necessary passage to reach the destination coz the singular focus can only be achieved completely sans of any company, companionship, and relationship!

At this stretch, the human personality is removed completely, not just from other humans, but essentially from his own Soul. A dichotomy appears here and needs to be understood correctly. At such a stage the human is not a personality but an "Illumined Soul-Personality". Those who have read "THE AMETHYST TABLET" will comprehend clearly what im saying. And therefore, for such a being to lose his/her Soul is excruciating. This is the stage of the 4th Initiation (again, explained in the Book). Herein, he can receive no longer the guidance of his Soul. His Soul has now left the physical personality human and merged back with its Monad Spirit (again, in the Book).

So, in this Last Mile Home (metaphorically) he experiences immense suffering and sacrifice. He is totally without any relationship of any kind - no family, no friend, no spouse, no child, all renounced automatically (not deliberately or thru choice). This is the 4th Initiation of Crucifixion and Renunciation. Herein, the individual sacrifices his life at the Altar of Evolution ( if you have been with me for some time you wld have read this term in my many posts). At this stage, his Soul Body is burned up and returned to its Monad. So, freed from the Cycle of Reincarnation forever!

In this "last Mile Home that he walks alone" his soul has been freed from prison! He has now entered a totally different Grid - the Highest Grid of Source...where no one is seen with very very few reach that highest grid of God wherein, communication is now only with God. At this point of his walk, God tells him not to look below...because if he does, he will get very depressed. Below lies the 3 and 4D grid where all the others are still living out their normal lives, there is much noise and drama here, lots of activity but...where he is now, there is no activity, only rest, faith, trust, surrender and a new kind of love that needs getting use to. So, on temptation he looks down and begins to cry...a melancholic this new life of absolute non-dual faith and aloneness is very souless, very alone and lonely. So, he looks God, his best and only Friend. He learns now to hear only One Voice! His personality life is over! He must work only from above to down, and participate in the divine Plan exclusively. He must feel this Graduation because he "has" graduated now!

He is now a permanent member of the Spiritual Triad (refer to the Book). He has truly entered the Kingdom of God! He is a Master of Wisdom. He recieves God like others on earth cannot even receive their Soul. He has successfully architectured his Antahkarana (in the Book) back into his Monad and further into God eternal.

This was Jesus's Last Mile Home to God when he walked that last mile on earth with the Cross upon which he crucified his physical matter and became 100% Atomic Matter and liberated himself out of pain forever.

Some thoughts on Ascension, as scribed in my posts on facebook:

Djwhal Khul says, the entire process of Ascension takes only 30 mins! When the physical body turns into Light whereby the physical garments are completely consumed, the eyes turn either blue or violet, the throat chakra starts to glow with blue-white light, the third-eye chakra acquires an elongated White God Flame that begins to grow upward, blood in the veins turns into liquid golden light, the body takes on a temperance of being clothed in a white robe emitting a radiant glow all around and, hair (whatever colour it might be) turns into golden.

One does not have to be in perfect health to ascend. Im being told, lots of persons with serious illness have ascended.Now, there is also something known as "Delayed Ascension". If the person, on the Timeline of Ascension, dies before his ascension then, within the first 2 hours of his passing over, the Masters come together n the spirit world and work real hard and intensely to help him ascend. This occurs only when someone very close to ascension dies just before.

The Planetary Hierarchy (of Ascended Masters) of Gaia is our SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT. Lord El Morya is the Lord in-charge of the governments of each nation on earth. He is the Lord of the Blue Ray 1.

There is a precursor to the actual Ascension called the "Spiritual Ascension" when the consciousness of the human has ascended in the spiritual realm but is waiting for the physical ascension to manifest. But. You cannot jump stages of ascension though today one can speed up the process. So, you must have passed the 5th Initiation to attain Ascension. Attaining the 5th Initiation is mandatory! You can even ascend fully whilst asleep but, generally, you awaken just before the explosion. If one is ascending with the physical body then the body is not burned up. A spiral process takes shape as the physical ascends into the Light Body. If ascending in your Mayavarupa (soul monadic blueprint body) then your physical form is burned up and it rematerializes in a Perfect Body.

~~~ Sangeeta Handa~~~

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