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The last few years of the “END of KALI-YUGA”

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

This period is the highlight of the end of the 3D BluePrint of Gaia

The BluePrint adopted by earth has been “Total Severance from all memories of God and self”, based solely upon the Principle of Separatist Duality. This is what caused ‘Total Amnesia’ in the human race, with unanswerable primordial questions of who am I; where do I come from; why am I here and; where do I go after death?

The BluePrint favoured both the dark and the light equally! Both extremes were allowed to have free-play but, within the Karmic Ceiling. Energy became divided thru the tool of Free-Will and Choices. The pendulum of energy since has continued to swing from one extreme to the other. Imbalance became the norm of existence upon this planet of choice.

Now, just like every soul that embodies here has a stopwatch ticking from the moment of conception, so does earth! A human dies when his Contract Plan expires and so does Gaia’s life on a form of 3D. Her BluePrint is over! The 1987 Harmonic Convergence determined the end of Gaia. Her cycles are to end but she wouldn’t die! She would Shift dimension but not cycles anymore! And so began her last rites journey of the END OF YUGAS. No more Yugas! So, we are now on the last rite that shall soon end the Kali-Yuga period of the darkest night that has lasted for millions of years. For this pls read The Voice of Silence to understand better. Link provided below.


Earth and humanity are on an “Un-Belted Roller Coaster Ride, ridden with lethal and fatal loops and spirals, thru absolute darkness on an uncharted and blank route!” The energies are of extreme polarization, separatism, exclusion, division! Humans are on the edge of anger, violence, chaos and mayhem. This is the time of the Chaotic Node! For the first time in the Akashic History of Gaia the entire planet and its human civilization have been imprisoned within their homes since months now. Those who dare seek freedom outside are attacked and pushed back. This has occurred thru an Evil Arrow shot by the Dark Lodge. They released into the world the most lethal contagion of an unknown, undecipherable, incurable, untreatable, Virus. Just one arrow did its job and Locked-Down the entire Human Race. The entire Planet has been under Quarantine! The Dark Lodge, who is yet unknown to the populace, has taken-over indeed, or at least seemingly! The situation is extremely dense, painful, and diseased. Although uprooting at one end the greatest violence, it has served a two-fold higher purpose as well.

On one hand, this Evil Arrow pushed everyone indoor. This upsurged the highest ever Awakening in humankind. Nothing ever could have enforced such a mass awakening! The Evil did a big service to humanity, without intending to of course!

On the other hand, the centuries old divisions, subjugations, issues of slavery/racism/inequality/supremacy and, the millenniums of sovereign rule by the Cabal and Illuminati (part of the Dark Lodge on earth) have all risen visibly into full view. Making firstly, the human race fully “aware” of what they have been subjected to for eras and epochs of life upon earth. And secondly, this “awareness” is now translating (thru violence and protests) into “rejection of separatism” and trending upon the overthrowing of the Cabal…finally!

Remember, we must un-reap what we have sowed! Only we, the people of earth, can un-do our footprints. Light can guide and support but “cannot” wipe-out the imprints that we have imprinted by engaging the Tool.

Now, and so, the Dark Lodge is being cornered…pushed further and farther into no-space by the people, the masses it exercised control upon for millions of years. However, it still has time (even though its space of occupation and existence is drastically reduced) to struggle for survival. It has until 2024 August 8th. And this makes the “Un-Belted Roller Coaster Ride, ridden with lethal and fatal loops and spirals, thru absolute darkness on an uncharted and blank route” truly Lethal, Fatal, Deadly as the Dark can play-even at its will and map the route as it wishes, and as far as it wishes…until, the Light decides to put a stop!

This takes us to the next question.


Kali Yuga- an epoch of the Lightless Beings

So, now that the regime is asserting itself as strongly as possible, to circumvent losing its fast eroding hold upon humanity, it’s certainly not going to let-go but, push-back every effort by the awakening masses. Every year, from 2020, there shall be 2 phases of progressive darkness, as each time the erosive Dark Lodge emerges even stronger in effort to halt the masses. But, hopefully it shall be a weak attempt at best, because to assert the dominance of an imbalance which has had its day and is fading from human consciousness—from human makeup, inner presence and preference—is a lost cause, and a rather sad representation. Each time it shall have to rethink of new ploys, new traps and new energy patterns to break the advance, that which is not going to be easy for the Dark Lodge. It is a sinking ship for sure! It was a titanic, once, and for long…but, even the Titanic sank, though it was designed never to!

The Dark Titanic was designed to “Control”, but now it can’t control! Its loosing the strings it used for pulling-in, to draw under, the easy-to-manipulate audience. It’s a dying operation and a sinking Titanic for sure but…

And however…

The BEAST will HOWL the Loudest

The BEAST shall SHIEK the angriest

Just before its BREATHES its LAST!

Once the End of Kali-Yuga is over, it shall still not be over!

There is going to be the LAST FIGHT between the DARK and the LIGHT!

How this shall play out, no one knows! Because it will not be limited to the evil on earth nor, to the light on earth. It could be a Galactic Fight that could usher in what mankind has yearned for so long – the first ET Contact!

However, it shall involve more than the Extra-Terrestrials, it will involve the Ultra-Terrestrials – the Light Hierarchy of our planet for sure, to say the least! This shall be our -



Till this eventuates, please know, all polarization henceforth is only an indication of what needs to be healed ‘within’ us … so it can be healed ‘outside’!

Each of us must sit down to work on healing every issue that surfaces outside, anywhere on the globe. When we heal within, our vibration rises and reaches outward – healing the mass consciousness, healing the earth’s collective consciousness, and even healing the energies outside our planet Gaia. This is the highest service we can engage in at this time. And, the Plasma Light, the Photon Light, the Cosmic Rays, the Solar influxes are all helping us in this activity. Including the astrological placements and the eclipses, not to mention all special dates.

Therefore, the struggle we see outside by the BEAST to polarize us, to destroy us, is all an ILLUSION. This is not a sign of despair that we are loosing the battle, as our Roller Coaster spirals downward or into dangerous loops but, a SIGN that the BEAST is being cornered and is loosing its power! When the HOWL of the BEAST is heard thunderously, raise your Vibration to Light and Love immediately. Sit down and heal that which has surfaced.

Knowing this is important; do not cut yourself away from what is happening in the world otherwise you won’t be of service in the Great Shift!

Suffering, pain, torture, shocking events will be the Storm we shall face in the violent seas of the Great Shift. Because, the BEAST is in its Death Throes! The BEAST will aimlessly flap and swing, raising currents and causing storms in the already violent ocean.
We must stay Balanced and Steady in our ride to not be thrown out!

This is where Knowledge comes in use…if you Know you can perform well. Most definitely, things will become visibly fear-provoking, discordant, excruciating, and devastating, at any given moment…therefore, look beyond the appearance, into the heart of the Knowledge provided in this post. Know what you are meant to do with this. And, importantly, also Know that you are not abandoned by God, at any violent turn of event! You are, to the contrary, being even more powerfully guided and, if you have Surrendered to the WILL - you are under God’s Umbrella of Protection!

You are IMMORTAL; you were never born and shall never die!

You did not descend, in this Lifetime, to be in Fear

You descended to Participate in the End Times

End of all cycles

End of Rebirth

You descended to Participate in the Great Shift

Shifting of Dimensions

Shifting to SATYA-YUGA


Therefore, the event is known as the


And, this Grand Shift is unstoppable!

The “END” of KALI YUGA Completes on

August 8, 2024 (8888)


As I wrote above, the End comes on 8888 but the LAST BATTLE if not fought by then shall commence after the date….

….but, it must all end by 2025, September 9th (9999)

The “Un-Belted Roller Coaster Ride, ridden with lethal and fatal loops and spirals, thru absolute darkness on an unchartered and blank route” leads to ULTIMATE FREEDOM and to GOD!



Its Time to leave the Kali-Yuga



“The reason Advanced Souls enjoy spending time alone is, because they “never” really are alone!”




SHIVA enters

AND HE will by 8888!



1. Please read the latest webpage on GOD (only thru your computers) with the esp created video to give you a tangible visual experience of God, and his Many Universes! The TRINITY-of-GOD is explained in depth.

2. Link to the eBook: THE VOICE OF SILENCE (this carries the true Table of Yugas) -

3. Link to the eBook (the LIGHT VEDA): THE AMETHYST TABLET ( specially crafted and scribed by many a Light Ascended Master and the Light itself for the "Grand Shift". Its a Sacred Violet Book, the Holy Encyclopaedia) -

4. Do you know about "THE BLIND MAZE"? View from your computers for best visual delight -


The Temple of GOD’S WILL

Sangeeta Handa

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Very curious how various religious texts are converging. Daniel 12:11 (eleven!) the 1290 days from the date the abomination is setup which is obviously March 11 2020 (there's that eleven again). add 1290 days and you get 22 September 2023 (911 + 11 days bizarre) which is also the eve of the Vernal equinox. Day one of the remaining 45 days is 23 September and the next day is the Day of Atonement. There is a LOT of so called predictive programming ( a term I disagree with) around 23 September. A LOT. Stay strong and don't give in.

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