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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Spiritual Trust

There is only 1 energy and that is The ONE! But as it fell on earth, it got condensed and conditioned into 2. So, Unity got divided into duality! This separation created a "merry-go-round" life on planet earth. Which we call the Normal.

Then came along an Intruder who invaded and conquered our "merry-go-round". Imprisoned our Free-Will and imprisoned us!

We wait for the Invader to leave, so we may return to our Normal.

But then walked in the Great Shift...another Invader...of sorts! And now we are realizing there shall be no more of our Normal ... anymore!

We've been transferred now from our happy "merry-go-round" to a "Deadly Roller Coaster"....this one is certainly not a Merry-Round-and-Round but a shocking upside down, inside out Roller in fast track speed. However, notwithstanding, it is of the Light, and so from a low Normal of the Merry we are now being churned into a New of the Joy. Only thing is, this time it shall take some time, and getting use to!

We needed the Devil to come, for the Light to enter!

And. As the Light enters, it pushes the Devil away, from within

and outside.

But. As the Devil exits, we feel the loss of conditioned 'happiness'! We feel ill, pain, discomfort, dizzy, unhappy, depressed, low. Strange and diabolic isn't it!

We feel a sense of loss, as the Devil leaves us?

Is this how low we fell?

And how dark, we became conditioned to?

To feel a suffering when the darkness recedes?

Wow !

This is the time now to build with the Light! To build SPIRITUAL TRUST!

Our experiences shall change from expressions of incompleteness to now experiences and expressions from Completeness.

As more and more Light enters, and disperses Darkness an emptiness is felt. Remember, on a higher note, emptiness is the Zero Point energy of Godliness. But, still living or struggling to hold onto the old conditioned Normal, we interpret emptiness as depression and loneliness. We have been so use to 'happiness' that we didn't realize, with happiness comes "unhappiness"! Duality offers freebies in Package Deals for sure! There maybe no free lunches, on earth, where positivity is concerned but, surely ample freebies to ensure suffering and pain!

However. Joy is Godliness and has no flip - side. Note how the dual word "flip" "side" has a hyphen in between - signifying duality at its best. But with Joy indeed there is no un-joy accompanying it!

Moreover, for Joy to be experienced, to be felt, one must be empty! Joy has no emotion. Emotion is once again a 3D construct. Feeling is its highest vibration! There is no 'emotion' in the higher octaves of light.

Joy is a mandala of the emerald Ray 5 assigned to the "3rd Eye Chakra" that which denotes the Vision of God! And Joy along with Abundance is the quality of Ray 5. Please note, Abundance & Joy are co-qualities of the same ray, which implies : if one is looking for ABUNDANCE you need to attain the Vibration of JOY first! Because only with Joy, living in Joy, becoming Joy, you attain infinite Prosperity!

The chakra corresponding to Ray 5 is however Indigo in colour and resounds the mantra of OM! (not 'yum' as in the photo). If you have read "THE AMETHYST TABLET" you would understand the non-correlation.

We consciously and courageously chose to experience the Path chosen by earth, which is the "I AM NOT" (please read all the three eBooks (on my website) to understand this major concept). And so we embraced Separation! But soon got conditioned and lost our vision (joy) of deliberate choice in the first place. Conditioning got us permanently stuck to an alignment with the Dark. When this happens we attract the Devil. The Dark and the Devil became our world's rulers! To the extent we have faced a Planetary Lockdown. If you live in a pigsty, you get use to it, and don't ever want to leave nor allow anything to take it away from you. This brought in the suffering, the ugliness, the diseases and, the outside invasions on a grand mega scale!

Don''t allow the Darkness back in, as the Light pushes it away!

SPIRITUALLY TRUST the Light by living in the "Now"! Conditioning gave us the perversion of this version - by introducing the Linear calculation of time. This imprisoned us deeper and we got jammed in the past. By living in the Now we don't need to plan much, as we allow room for Change. Yes, living in the Now allows for Change to occur!

NOW and Change are GODLINESS

To stand back and Allow the Change is SPIRITUAL TRUST


The Great Shift is all about blasting our chains of bondage so we become FREE! And SPIRITUAL TRUST is a prerequisite for this!

So, stand back, let go, and allow the Change!

This is ENDURANCE and not suffering!

This is Healing!

Amen and indeed!



Please study this page carefully, you shall understand the Bigger Picture!

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