Updated: Mar 29

Spiritual Trust

There is only 1 energy and that is The ONE! But as it fell on earth, it got condensed and conditioned into 2. So, Unity got divided into duality! This separation created a "merry-go-round" life on planet earth. Which we call the Normal.

Then came along an Intruder who invaded and conquered our "merry-go-round". Imprisoned our Free-Will and imprisoned us!

We wait for the Invader to leave, so we may return to our Normal.

But then walked in the Great Shift...another Invader...of sorts! And now we are realizing there shall be no more of our Normal ... anymore!

We've been transferred now from our happy "merry-go-round" to a "Deadly Roller Coaster"....this one is certainly not a Merry-Round-and-Round but a shocking upside down, inside out Roller in fast track speed. However, notwithstanding, it is of the Light, and so from a low Normal of the Merry we are now being churned into a New of the Joy. Only thing is, this time it shall take some time, and getting use to!