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The FIRE of the oncoming Solar Eclipse

This is a tough upcoming Portal - the Solar Eclipse on the 14th of Oct. We are at the end of its periphery already. In between now and the Solar Eclipse lies the 10:10 Portal of the Blue Ray 1 and the Zero-Point Energy.

Im short of time so for now I shall quickly scribe the notes from my social media posts, with few additions and deletions. PS: the social media posts are now deleted. Available only here.

I wrote this sometime ago (on social media) when we were yet in the beginning of the Eclipse periphery.

"Remember, Solar Eclipse is the window (Portal) the Dark engages to launch its attack. Covid was injected into human race on Dec 2019 Solar Eclipse. The Vaccine was introduced to the human race also on the Solar Eclipse of 2020 Dec. This year our eclipse is not in Dec, it is now. Lets see what happens this time. I don't want to predict nor prophyse. But the emotional stirring is very strong.

"This is the year of number 7 - monstrous transmutations and equally humungous magick .... but the Dark too engages this number to do its magic - black magic. In 2021 Dec Solar eclipse, it introduced the Black Sun next to earth but luckily, the Light Hierarchy shot it down and, out of the universe. And now we are months away from the Ending of the Kali Yuga so the power of the Dark is the strongest will try something to save alert. Be wise. Dont follow anyone...Keep reciting the Joy Mantra. Joy is the highest vibration.....

Am disappointed with Cobra's latest post. Mass Meditations are not advised at all. Yes the Dark have launched this new massive attack thru Palestine.....but isn't it time for correction, redemption and retribution now? So I disagree with Cobra. Praying for Peace? Will it lead to another WW? Well, this is the biggest Shift occurring and its heating up ... and so is the reaction from and by the Dark. At this point anything and everything is possible - unless - the Light intervenes and stops it. As I said many a times - this Solar Eclipse, the Eclipse Corridor and the Lunar Eclipse are going to be explosive, tough, and unimaginable.

"There have been 3 sets of earthquakes (Morocco, Nepal+India+Pakistan, Afghanistan) with major losses of life and damage to life and property. But this time, it has been the most severest shaking...and we yet haven't encountered the Oct 14th Eclipse. So, there cld be more....all 3 shakings belong to that particular Tectonic Plate which covers a wide cross continental slab with Himalayas being the center seat....but one month before and after the Corridor, its impact is felt and it continues. The minute earth plates start rattling, we know its started.

"Having said that - are your bodies shaking too? Mother Earth's shaking is leading her closer to Ascension and the same applies to humans ready for the Lift. Those of the wave entering full bodied ascension, be prepared. More thru an article from website - therefore, pls be subscribed.

"The Dark has increased its Attack - geographically and on humans.

"Kali Yuga is drawing to its end and so, as We have been scribing here since all of this year, the Darkness shall increase and is being. Be alert. BUT, essentially not in fear at all! Your alignment is necessary."


"PEACE EXISTS ONLY IN "UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS". So don't look to anchor peace as the Consciousness of Oneness is lacking in the 3D earth planet. Until humanity attains the Vibration of God Consciousness, Peace will exist in dictionaries and false treatise.

"Peace is a Sacred Covenant between human and God.

"And, what is happening upon planet earth is ABUSE OF THE WILL OF GOD.

"The heinous despicable atrocities that Palestine has faced in the hand of the British, French, UN and the USA is unpardonable. 78% of their land was forcibly and horrendously snatched from them by the Zionists. Millions were massacred and still are. Its 70 years of occupation, death, destruction, displacements, discriminations, demolitions, massacres, bombing of the innocent men women and children of the Arabs of Palestine who were living in their own land peacefully till the British literally gifted Palestine to the European Jews. At that time there were only 6% Jews living in Palestine. Can any outside country decide such a fate for another nation? Such debauchery and duplicity when these same (above mentioned) superpowers shun countries today for killing of their national in their nation by another country? What a FAKE WORLD this has been reduced to! And Fake includes murderers.

"There is no term in English to attribute to the murderers! Invasion of the highest order, Degradation of the highest order. Mass Massacre beyond Karmic Redemption!

"This is the Final Year of number 7 before Kali Yuga ends. Blue Ray 1 and the Violet Ray 7 work in concert. Obliteration before Transmutation. Annihilation before Purification. Not a war. No, thats too simple!

"This is beyond a WW! This is about to BREAk the political Infrastructure on earth. Saudi was abt to enter into a peace (?)deal with Israel. Can that happen now? How cld Saudi even think of going against the Arabs for selfish means? Saudi and Iran dont get along. Iran is the backbone of the Hamas attack on Israel. Iran is against USA. India needs Iran but is supporting Israel. Palestine has taken American citizens in Israel hostages and its attack has killed many Americans and so US has got involved in this war inadvertently .....and so the back politics gets very confusing and all muddled up with this new uprising. What happens now to US supplying aid to Ukraine....when it now has to support Israel.....phew! Once again US is the reason behind this war and, the continuing Ukraine war. Its always the US!

"Who are supporting Israel? US, UK, France, Germany....and of course India ruled by the present PM.....and the list goes on with the Arab states isolated ... its not the Muslims versus the rest. Its Humanity versus the Murderers.

"Hopefully this shall end the possibility of the Saudi-Israel treaty! But, shall derail all peace possibility as well. However. Maybe this is what is needed for the Restructuring...eventually! ?

"God Speed as we move faster and faster into 2024.

"All happening in the periphery of the upcoming Solar Eclipse. We warned you, its not going to be just another Eclipse Corridor.

"This page is not for the faint hearted.


More shall come later....if I have some time free, shall post for the 10:10 Portal later tonight.

This website,

the Home of


is for the


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Oct 09, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

When I saw a news footage of those buildings collapsing, my instant inner knowing said "False Flag attack!". All completely planned to trigger another global crisis to siphon yet again more of the already depleted human resources, depleted human emotions, attention and frail nerves. I cannot even begin to grasp right now how anyone not in Alignment with The WILL of GOD, is able to go about their normal lives anymore.

I agree with you - Mass meditation for Peace won't make any difference at this time. Chaos before Order.

We continue to HOLD THE HIGHEST FREQUENCIES OF LIGHT for God's Will to be anchored regardless of what the Dark hopes to achieve. God Speed. We are almost done.


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