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SUPER NATURAL March 23 rd has arrived: Part 2 REMOVAL of the Old Matrix



signal rings

alarms goes off

Time has come

Pls make sure you have read it first, as this is a Part-2.

Today, March 23rd, Pluto enters Aquarius at 5:43 pm IST at 0 degrees.

First time, in 250 years the death planet enters the water bearer sign! And after Atlantis went down, earth for the first time gets its "New Spiritual Matrix" (finally). If you have read "The Voice of Silence" you know what Thoth had to do as ParBrahma ordered Sanat Kumara to "BURN THE SCROLL OF EARTH!"

I now post an article by a Light Being on earth, who doesn't mention the New Matrix as not many know about it but, is inadvertently providing or adding conformational endorsement to the Occult Secret Information shared to you all thru our last post here on the Will's website of God. I am joyous to know the Higher Light Hierarchy names, of those involved in the laying down of the New Causal Matrix and its activation today, thru Judith's article.

Please convert to your time zones and sit in meditation, way before the exact time as YOU are needed to add your energy to the Activation. Remember, we - the ones in physical bodies on earth - have to do the physical work in all that is Cosmically being activated. How do we do that? If we sit in Meditation at the right time, our bodies are automatically made available for the Light Hierarchy to engage (much like eating with a fork and knife) for completing the task physically.

Now, I present the article and leave it for you all to judge for yourself this "unusual confirmation", the cosmic way of informing me, that which I received today :

Transfiguration, Transcendence and Transmutation

Source: Judith Kusel

"In the last 48 hours and continuing, a huge transfiguration is happening, and a total transmutation, transcendence, as we are now dissolving the old existence and are being reshaped, reinvented and reprogrammed (in a higher sense) as those souls who are ready to receive the new Divine Blueprints into their Higher Hearts and thus the New Creation within them, are transfiguring. One could say it is a total rebirth.

I am being made aware this morning (since 3 a.m.) of the Intergalactic Fleet gathering here, and literally beaming immensely powerful energy into the pyramids and pyramid energy centers all over the planet, as well as into all living beings on earth. All of this is supporting the Divine Shift in ways in which we may not understand, nor at levels we cannot, as yet comprehend. These are the Christed Intergalactic Races, and they are lightyears ahead of us, and look like us. They work with the Divine, the Divine Counsels of 12 and 24 who was overseeing this work.

What this means is that all the souls who are ready to receive the new blueprints, are now being prepared to step into the fullness of their planetary leadership, and with renewed vision, renewed soul purpose and calling, step into their Mastery and from this point of Unity and Harmony, and Oneness, then are already in the process of co-creating the New Golden Age – whether they are consciously aware of this or not. Yet, what was subconsciously done, will now move into their full awareness, and they will find that this immensely powerful shift, has shifted them into the deepest remembrance of their own souls, and reason of why they incarnated and are here at this momentous time. This will apply to all the Star seeds, whether the first Indigo’s, or the New Sun Children.

It is a massive shift and it will bring a total shift in souls on earth, as the veils of amnesia have totally dissolved, and the false doctrines, false teachings and information will simply vaporize, as their higher soul self, now takes charge.

Your own Over lighting Ascended Masters, the Archangels and angels, are now stepping forward to assist you on all levels. Indeed, the Macho Chohans, and the Universal Masters, Melchior, Melchizedek, Lenduce, Vywamus, etc. are all now overseeing this shift as well as the Universal Counsels, and the Intergalactic Counsels. Indeed, it reads like the Who’s Who of the Celestial Realms and Tiers of Heavens, yet new Universal Masters are stepping to the fore, and making themselves known to souls who are ready to receive such guidance.

The Immensely powerful shifts will escalate now, and we are in for total transfiguration, multi-dimensionality, as well as the full assumption of our new Lightbody form.

There is no middle way any longer. This is all out ascension, and therefore the more you try to cling onto the old, or are attached to anyone or anything, the more you will find yourself disintegrating and all you are still holding onto, in one form or another.

Within me, is such joy as I am writing this: – I cannot even find the words to describe the enormity of what is happening!

Every single breath you are taking- is transformational. With every breath you are shifting and so is all around you.

The only way to navigate these shifts is to stay firmly anchored in your heart and within your soul, and soul group and the Divine.

The New Divine Blueprint, will manifest into form and being, your purpose and mission in the New Golden Age, and it is greater and more profound than you can even imagine at this moment.

Allow it to unfold in perfection.

The Divine is moving within you, as the Kingdom of Heaven is there, manifesting within you."

Get ready to enter a new Timeline on earth - one of Manifestation!

If you have a High Purpose for descent this lifetime - become Invisible.

Become Nothing and Move in Silence.

The WILL of GOD (with the aspect of Power & Protection of God) is seated royally at the Throat Chakra, the EYE of GOD (that carries God's Vibration of Joy) is at the 3rd Eye Chakra with the LOVE & LIGHT of GOD (that is ever eager to bless Enlightenment and Freedom) is placed at the top. This is called the "Perfect Design of the Perfect Adam Kadmon Body" (refer pls to the chapter on this in "The Amethyst Tablet") as created by our Lord so that the human race was fitted with all it would need to play the Game to its fullest pleasures (lower chakras) of the I AM Not and EXIT when they were done by - forfeiting the FreeWill and adopting the WILL thru the Pathway set up from the throat upwards - which is called the "Rod of Power" (once again pls refer to "The Amethyst Tablet").
By handing over the baton of FreeWill one Lets-Go of the mind ramblings, and thoughts such as "It has to be; I want this now, it is time, it is necessary”. These are thoughts backed by fear. By giving up the i, you give up the need to control everything. FreeWill exerts great pressure upon the human as he thinks its all up to him to make a successful life. Letting go is so beautiful and joyous. Imagine, you dont need to plan big events in your life, you dont need to think so deeply into the future and fear with dread anything bad happening. Even death becomes a freeing experience. Joy enters, Love enters, Light enters, Power enters, Peace enters, Harmony enters, Abundances enter and, above all - GOD ENTERS!

"Dont take the body lightly! If you cant break it open - you cant leave it! Its not a small imprisonment.

Death is Freedom. Not to be feared. Life is now a Waiting Room (for most unawakening souls) but for you - You have work to do, Purpose to fulfil, Mission to accomplish, Promise to keep!

At this time of the biggest Chaotic Node, Perfect Balance is needed within. Thats when the outside world of intense and progressive destruction shall not affect you. You are at Peace and Harmony within and outside.

Remember, you didnt descend this lifetime to live a luxurious and material life (only). You made a Promise to the Karmic Lords, you would be the Pillar of Frequency of God on earth and participate actively in the Greatest Shift ever to bring about the Change. Anchor the Frequency and hold it strong until the TimeLine of Ascension is activated. Time is now. The New Causal Matrix is to be laid and activated! Get ready for it today!






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Mar 25, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

G4 Severe Geomagnetic storm,

A G5 is a Carrington event!


Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Mar 23, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Mary Hall Thank you for the greatest news !!

  • Love


Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Mar 23, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Christine Drake

This is the best news ever.Thank you for all you do!


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks Sangeeta. I have felt the shifting in every level of my being and so much opening and realising and knowing. In the chaos of all around me I still feel the Silence. So Grateful for all I have lived and for your last several newsletters and posts. Your writings have explained this all so well. Love you, Priya


Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Mar 23, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Dear Patrons, pls try to leave a comment here, not thru email to me. Have opened the window of Comments section for everyone, which means no need to sign in, simply leave a comment.

..regards, Thanks.

Sangeeta Handa💙💙💜💜

Mar 23, 2023
Replying to

This is beyond words ... Thank you dear for sharing 💙💜💎💜💙

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