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Sudden Heart Attack deaths on a rise in young people not coz of stress or over-exercise...

There has been a huge spurt of young people dying of sudden heart attack, all across the globe! In India alone there has been a rise of 25% deaths owing to heart failure, especially among the young population (between ages of 20 to 50) since the onset of Covid. And the media is busy debating the cause to be over-exercise and stress. Normally you come to know about such a wave when celebrities suddenly begin to die. As they are famous and the news media will always cover such stories that attract human traffic in volumes. However, it becomes additionally alarming when you see people around you getting affected. And this condition has now reached the masses.

Israel too has reported links between young men developing a heart muscle inflammation called myocarditis and Covid Vaccination. This was reported in 2021 June.

And now, on Oct 6th 2022, Fortune magazine in America reported the following:

" A 35-year-old acquaintance drops dead from a hemorrhagic stroke. A friend in her 40s, and another in his 70s, experience recurrent spells of extreme dizziness, their hearts pounding in their chests when they stand. A 21-year-old student with no prior medical history is admitted to the ICU with heart failure, while a 48-year-old avid tennis player, previously healthy, suddenly suffers a heart attack. A relative is diagnosed with pericarditis, an inflammation of the protective sac surrounding the heart. Is COVID the reason? In a huge analysis of more than 30,000 vaccinated patients, the vaccinated incurred a higher risk of death and debilitating long COVID symptoms involving multiple organs (the lungs, heart, kidney, brain, and others). Even the fittest are not immune. Researchers have noted a troubling pattern of sudden cardiac death in athletes in the wake of the pandemic, owing possibly to COVID-related heart complications–myocarditis and pericarditis....No age group is reliably safe "

Those vaccinated, twice with a third + booster shots, got infected and reinfected with Covid.


the Kaliyug Dark Matrix is very much alive and active!

The Occult Writing in the Sky reveals

2019 Dec SOLAR ECLIPSE in Sagittarius – VIRUS was injected into humanity

2020 Dec SOLAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio VACCINE poison was injected into humanity

2021 Dec SOLAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio(again) - Medical Research indicated dangers of Vaccine but findings were suppressed

2022 Oct SOLAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio(once again) - Reports of sudden heart attack deaths

Now, my earlier article on the 2020 Dec Solar Eclipse revealed that the position of eclipse in Scorpio was significant as it indicated the "Sting of the Scorpio" - which is symbolic of poison. And if you've observed the above table, you would have noticed - this is the 3rd Solar Eclipse in Scorpio - and, all three times its related to the Vaccine.

Till now you may have wondered that not much has been revealed about the impact of Vaccines. I was beginning to wonder if I was wrong in my Intel about the poison of the vaccine! And now, as I sat to receive the Light for a Message on the 10:10 Full Moon Portal - I was stunned to receive instead this information!

Notwithstanding, we still have to reach the crux of this Message - the medical industry is attributing the cause of the sudden heart attack deaths to not the Vaccine but, to the Covid Virus. However, this is far from the Truth.

Those who have been vaccinated have developed a weakening of the heart organ. Now, the "External Plasma Light" (The Blue Sapphire Tablet) streaming in continuously with higher and higher 'Light Packets of Information' from the Great Central Sun is at present, focusing upon the human heart organ. A Heart Graduation is under way. And this Light, being so heavily loaded with codings that are progressively amplifying, is not easy on the Heart and, by its sheer impact upon contact is affecting 'inflammation of the heart muscle'. Under such circumstance, those who have been again and again vaccinated are extremely vulnerable to the Light impact since their hearts have already been subjected to inflammation by the vaccine. The Heart is in any case a tender vulnerable organ and is already overwhelmed by the load of the EXternal Plasma Light so, with the added burden of the poison injected into it earlier it collapses into an inevitable state of the cardiac arrest.

The Non-Vaccinated know about the Heart Graduation and are constantly being reminded to REST the heart, lie flat when the palpitations increase whereas the vaccinated, on the other hand, oblivious to the heart condition and the Light concentration are continuing to live stressful lives with the added dosage of full throttle exercise regimes. As a result, and in obvious consequence, the sensitive and under pressure Heart gives way!

For the Vaccinated thus, it is a Double Whammy and far too late! We shall thereby continue to see an increased trend of sudden cardiac arrests amongst the Vaccinated.

The Dark Agenda was/is to wipe out 2/3rds of the world population and, perhaps with the upcoming Solar Eclipse we may witness an upturn in such incidences. The "External Plasma Light" is magnifying with each day thru the ever-heightening Solar Activity, and with each Portal Opening on special dates. This process is irreversible, non-slowable, and on a perpetual rise so, continue to heed the advise of rest, take it very easy, do not focus on a strict exercise regime under any circumstance.


I have another piece of Intel. Monitor your Vitamin D3 levels. Vitamin D3 naturally recorded in your body (and measured thru a blood test) is the LIGHT of GOD (Light of the ABSOLUTE). Medically it's understood that you get your daily dose of Vit D3 from the SunLIGHT. What is Sunlight? LIGHT! The Light of God is anchored in each galaxy's "Great Central Sun" (The Voice of Silence Tablet). From where it is transmitted to the "Central Sun" and onward thereafter to the Sun of our solar system. Therefore, sunlight is sunLIGHT. And this Light from the sun is then transmitted into our bodies, which is registered as Vitamin D3. Now. Why do you think the doctors informed us to take enough Vit D3 to prevent Covid? And if one contracts the virus, they should take Vit D3? When the human form is well saturated, hydrated, with the Light of God, it cannot contract the Evil Bullet. The Evil Bullet, the Virus (as explained by my earlier articles), cannot penetrate a body that is filled with the purity of Light! This is why our bodies need NOT the vaccination, to prevent Covid (Evil Bullet 1). The body needs but the LIGHT! Light is the Immunity, the deterrent! God designed the Human Template of the Perfect Adam Kadmon Body (The Amethyst Tablet) with the perfect Inner Natural Immunity System. And the injected artificial Vaccine (Evil Bullet 2) overwrote and displaced this system from the body, leaving it deliberately susceptible to the Virus and its effects.

Test your blood to make sure you have a good volume of Vit D3. You don't really need sunlight to hydrate your body with the Light. Your Spiritual Inner Work is filling you, inundating you, with the Perfect Balance of a100% Light Quotient - the aspired volume!

Energies of October are interestingly potent and highly charged as, at present, Mercury / Saturn / Pluto have gone Direct and by the 30th Mars shall be stationed and set to go Retro.

With the 10:10 Portal, we enter the periphery of the Solar Eclipse and the Eclipse Tunnel. Be vigilant. A Solar Eclipse is a portal that the Dark engages to push its DarK Agenda to the highest, most dangerous potential. The Writing in the Skies Table has illustrated that. The Dark could inject the 4th Evil Bullet (the 3rd was fired during the June Solar Eclipse of last year - article on the website - the Dark Sun) thru the War in Ukraine. My last article on the Nuclear potential has highlighted the possibility. Nothing is impossible, all is probable and has a potential. New Laws for humanity are being formulated and reformulated constantly as earlier Laws become obsolete by the operation of freewill that changes everything in an instant. At first the Law stated NO NUCLEAR WAR WOULD BE PERMITTED and now - Tactical Nuclear Armament is allowed (within the Karmic Ceiling limits only) and will bear heavy soul karmic consequence. So, the situation in the east is at a boiling point. A new world war can break out if the situation worsens, though unlikely! But possible!

This Full Moon is between Dussehra and Diwali so its dedicated to two Goddess - Durge Ma and Lakshmi Ma! Chant Their Mantras. This Full Moon is conjunct Chiron - the planet of deep healing. So its a Healing Moon.

Number 10 is a Karmic Number since it symbolizes New Beginnings thru Old Endings. Transmutational indeed! As that's the bridge that takes you over to the New Beginnings.

I'd like to end with the words of the Elohim Lord Arcturus of the 7th Violet Ray (the Ray of Transmutation):

"You who are spiritually evolved and awake, were given permission and even encouraged to be on earth for these times where the Light of your evolved consciousness would automatically add Light to the collective. There were many who wanted to be on earth for these times, but were not allowed because they did not yet hold enough Light to really assist with earth's ascension process.

"For a long time there have been evolved individuals whose spiritual work has been to quietly visit locations still holding heavy dense energy ( Battle sites etc.) and clear them by bringing in and flooding these places with Light, truth, and higher resonating energy. Every war, every act of violence against nature and each other, and every unjust act leaves an energetic footprint that does not suddenly dissipate when the war is done or the people go home. These pockets of energy remain in place until cleared through the presence of higher resonating energies that automatically dissolve and replace them."

External Plasma Light





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Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Oct 14, 2022

Thank you Mary-Jane! Feedback is inspiring for us. Will inform you if We travel again to purge as a backup is always helpful and powerful. Thank you and God Bless you dear💛

Oct 14, 2022
Replying to

Wonderful. I will be most grateful And overjoyed to help!


Oct 13, 2022

Dear Sangeeta, as always, this information is so important, poignant and powerful. A heartfelt thank you for reaching out to your subscribers. This information I cherish and reread often as it is so very succinct. I am so grateful to have the connection in my life. I pray and ask for blessings to be one of those whom is holding the light; and therefore, travel to places that need the energetic clearing. Namaste, Mary-Jane

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