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Solstice Dec 21st/22nd Portal

The Temple of God's Will wishes all its patrons a Joyfilled Solstice Day on earth! Hereon, the nights become longer and days shorter in the Northern Hemisphere. So, today is the darkest day!

The Portal has opened. You would be receiving the highest possible Ascension Light Codes or the Highest Light Packets of Information from our 'Galactic Central Sun'.

The Winter Solstice occurs when Earth is tilted farthest away from the Sun. The Solstice initiates a new season at 0°Capricorn while the solar system aligns with the galactic center. It is the perfect ‘closing act’ of 2023, a universal ‘7’ year of rapid change and transformation....Meg Benedicte

The Corridor opened with the 12:12 Portal and in the midst we experienced the strongest Solar Flare blast of "X - Class 2.8". This shot up the body symptoms and raised the bar of Light Codings for the present and future.

This Solstice we celebrate the coming of the Full Circle as the Dragon or Serpent curves around to eat its own tail - forming the symbol and number 8. 2024. The Year of the Dragon.

The Temple shall scribe a lengthy article on 2024 sometime soon. Till then keep taking in the energy of the gematrian 7, the Violet Fire, the Ray 7 - as this year we experienced humongous Transmutations and Purifications. The year of 7 has readied most to face what is going to emerge in the number 8 year. Below I shall post some short articles published in social media by myself that is important to read, as many here aren't on any social platform.

Before you read those notes, enjoy first some celebratory pics of today's special day:

Article 1:

All Blue-Violet Ray Beings on earth, you are the Leader Race of the I AM Civilization. Be the Leaders that lead people up the Path of Integrity. Be the Royalty you are! Money on earth is 'not the yardstick' for BEing Royal, Noble, Moral.

Time is Now. Take on your mantles and project the Essence of God! Uphold and radiate the Perfection, Beauty, Purity, Truth, Power, Word and Will of ParamBrahma. Truly 'mirror' God's "Sat Chit" - the CONSCIOUSNESS OF TRUTH!





Article 2:

After 2024 closing of the KALYUG PORTAL, from 2025 onwards we can expect "BAPTISM BY FIRE" and later by WATER. One shall witness the severe ordeal of 'the burning away of duality'....and later, 'the wash down of fire by Water'.

Finally, as this year ends, and with the "End of the KalYug", we are drawing closest to the "Beginning of the Finale of the Shift". Mark you, the 'Beginning' ... just as 2020 (or Dec 2019, to be exact) ushered in "The Beginning of the End of Kalyug" that shall terminate by late 2024...we shall then witness the second innings of a new beginning - "The Beginning of the Finale of the Shift". The Beginning of the End of Kalyug took 4 years so, lets see how long the second curve of a new 'Beginning' shall take!

We descended for this purpose and, to Ascend along with the Great Shift. So many decades we waited...and waited....still waiting... until now. And, its finally going to start!

And it all ends by being crushed between Fire and Water! Or... if we ASCEND out of it! Thats the Point! Later in a detailed Article

Article 3:

Beloved Saint Germain has finally been given the baton to initiate active command over surface earth as a Commander-In-Chief! He is in charge of the population now fully. And has been active in clearing child and sex trafficking from underground and overt bases. He is now commandeering the Shift along with the entire Light Hierarchy and Source. His Minute Men are in full action too/

Read all about Him in "THE AMETHYST TABLET" - His Light Veda for the coming times! And His present photo.

Article 4:


Beloved blessed SAINT GERMAIN has been given complete control now as the "Commander-In-Chief" of humanity and earth. His Reign has been activated from 2023 into full gear.

Lucifer cannot confront Saint Germain (his flip side) and win. He knows that.

So there shall be NO uprising, emergence, of any Anti-Light anymore.

The "Flame of Freedom" was shifted out of the Transylvanian mountains .... those in possession of Saint Germain's "The Amethyst Tablet" know what We are writing about ... and into ( ) the platform was readied for the Commander-In-Chief to be officially Initiated into full command of planet. And now he has, just before we enter the End of KalYug. He is now very much needed to protect the planet and humanity as the wall disintegrates. He is required to usher in the New Aquarian Age of New Contact with the Spirit World and the Universe at large.

Just as Lord Jesus Christ did, in His Ministry, and when he came to earth. He is an Exorcist, just as is Saint Germain. Jesus pushed back the Dark and drove them out in a Vow that was Sacred, but then broken by the dark.

And now it is Saint Germain (the Brother of Jesus)'s Ministry and his exorcism powers that are needed to ensure the Dark is blocked permanently and action is taken appropriately to enable sacred redemption. Redemption is Spirit, Revenge is duality. He has a big task at hand. Redistribution of wealth, collapse of the present cabal owned financial structure, equality, prosperity, the upcoming Tilt, Contact, Rolling up the Scroll of duality, relocation and repositioning of masses, evacuation of planet in entirety and finally setting up the New Spirit Earth and assigning new portfolios with building of a new dimensional reality altogether. Phew!

His exclusive Tool to bring about all these changes is the Dispensation for which he fought and gained for us all. A tool, an imported tool, that has saved the planet from total extinction (this time) and complete annihilation of the human race forever. For all details and history and his reign pls refer to "THE AMETHYST TABLET".

If you wish to be evacuated into the highest possible vibrational realm, by the highest most sacred means at the time of evacuation of planet, pls USE THE IMPORTED TECHNOLOGY extensively and intensively! We have very very little time left, before the Train arrives and the Tilt occurs. There is No freedom from this Blind Maze other than Ascending out of it! You "need" that Tool.

Connect with Beloved Blessed SAINT GERMAIN! Read His Encyclopaedia - His Tablet. Connect thru It and Honour Him as He is your Leader now.

We at THE TEMPLE request you to pls spread the availability of Saint Germain's Tablet so the wisdom is spread to as many as you can. Thank you for your loving service!

Article 5:


There are many Prophecies in circulation, esp now, regarding an emergence of anti-christ. The time for that has gone past. If he wanted to rise and become famous, he shld have done that before 1987. Today, people in masses have awakened and are awakening and exhibiting thru worldwide protests of anything and all that is not of the Light. The human race cannot be hypnotized anymore. People Know now abt the Cabal, the evil - their Evil Games of control and manipulation. It takes the masses time however, to rise in protests as their conditioning hits off first.

Such was the recent most case of Israel and Palestine. Whilst We, at the Temple of God's Will, scribed that Palestine was not to blame and has been wronged since past 70 years at the very onset of the first attack, We received raised eyebrows and disconcerting emails (as always been the case with Us) by many Temple subscribers. But today, the Truth is evident. So, people (incldg Light Beings on earth) re-act first from their past conditioning and only upon events unfolding, when it becomes very obvious, do they real-i-(ze). Discernment is yet not integral amongst even (esp even) the awakeners!

Another loud hammering was when Trump was to become the President. The Temple exposed this many years before and most spiritual persons contradicted that revelation with anger and disbelief. Many followers on my page here, unfollowed me. But then he won the elections! After that tenure, the Temple revealed that Trump wld Not be the next President and guess what  that time the spiritual beings ALL channeled that Trump wld be re-elected. And he wasn't! See how late the awakening to a realization occurs amongst (esp) the spiritual beings? And their fevered stance that Trump would definitely win actually caused the chaos and mayhem in Jan of that year! They were not just the masses who revolted and took redemption in their hands but most of all they were the spiritual beings (guided by conspiracy theorists, and you know who that is - someone that nobody really knows who he is - can you see the dichotomy here?). No one can truly channel the Light. Most think they can and thats what creating the chaotic node. The Dark penetrates the light beings quite, and unfortunately, quite easily as they open themselves to portals and are employing tools to interact with the spirit world thru ways totally prohibited by the Light. When spirit(d)uality becomes just that, dual, and a business - the Dark enters wholly. Remember, the Dark engages material elements to affect the Solar Plexus of persons. That's the Seat of the emotional body of a human. You need to have an "absolutely powerful" Emotion-Etheric Body, the Astral Body-in order to perfectly align and wholly connect with the Light. Any ripple of lack loss fear anxiety (mostly happens when there is a shortage of money) causes rents fissures holes in the Etheric-Astral Body from where the Dark enters and attacks, takes charge, controls, possesses and drives the individual. That is how the Evil has been manipulating the awakening masses. Because Money is a big necessity on earth. And it is monopolized by the Dark. Once you begin to fear loss or lack, know you have opened the deadly portal to Evil. Thus, anywork you do henceforth, will be from the dictation of/by the Evil. That's why the spiritual people's prophecies go so wrong. They back the wrong horse. And in that way, the masses (consulting such spiritual beings) get Mis-guided and the world catapults into the chaotic node. Till date, the standing example is that of Trump's loss in election. And - his first win.

But. Having said that, a devil cannot be successful in taking control anymore. His time is up. Next year, shall be explosive. As the Evil shall make a last go in succeeding however, try to get free from the tightening clutches of the Light Hierarchy will not be even a shadow of happenstance. Next year, with the Wall of Light coming up, as the Kalyug wall disintegrates, the Dark from outside cannot enter. What's left inside wld then be revealed thru the First Contact and with Ascended Masters slowly beginning to physically manifest.

Article 6:

A spate of earthquakes hit the planet just before the 21st/22nd Dec Portal.

China - big one

Iceland - volcano erupts after a series of week long earthquakes.

Nerve Pain symptoms are ignited.

Article 7:

Lyra Star System: oldest in the galaxy.

I wish to introduce you to LYRA & the LYRAN RACE.

They are the generic Lion Being Sages of ancient times. They introduced the Fire Element to earth. Most of them reincarnated in other star systems such as Andromeda, Acturus, Orion, Earth, Pleiades, Sirius etc. Till now we believed the Lions Beings were from Sirius.....and that the Blue Ray 1 Beings are from Sirius.....they are from LYRA - VEGA.

Could our FIRST CONTACT be with this most ancient Race of the MilkyWay? They set up the civilizations on earth. The Master Builders.







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Dear Sangeeta, So wonderful to hear from you here and thank you! I am most grateful for your posts from social media; as I am not on any social media whatsoever. (You must have known this :)) What divine photos as introduction to the rest of your post! They are so very colourful alive full of beauty and so very perfectly symmetric! Personally I just revel in symmetry and 'neat' organization..... I live near Niagara on the Lake which is a beautiful wine district (and micro climate) along the Niagara River. Once I approach - from a plateau that overlooks the vineyards - I see the miles of perfect order and symmetry of all these beautiful sweet vines all …


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