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DEC 4 th 2021 SOLAR ECLIPSE to be continued...


On Dec 24th, Christmas Eve of 2019, I had scribed an Article thru my website that the 1st Evil Bullet was to be launched. However, had written about this many years in advance thru LinkedIn article (The Beginning of the END of Kali Yuga). A Virus was to be unleashed by the DARK LODGE on earth. In September of the same year (2019) I was being nudged to travel to Beijing, China. I kept hesitating. I never liked going to China. I was given a map of where to stay and where to visit each day and just sit at a Cafe. The Premier had shifted residence out of main Beijing city. If I recollect correctly, the Jade Garden was significant for me to hang around - close to his residence. I was not told the reason but I kept dilly-dallying and finally relented to visit in 2020 March. But it was too late! December of 2019 the EVIL BULLET no.1 was fired from China. I realized ... and was thunderstruck literally by my disobedience! Pls don't ask me what may have happened had I gone to China, when Instructed! It haunts me terribly, and will always! Anyways. Dec 24th night I finished releasing the article on this 1st Bullet when, at 4:00 am, I was horrendously Attacked by the energy of the Premier. I was being suffocated to death. Eventually, I promised I would delete that article (soon) and slowly I was allowed to breathe....however, I waited for few days before I deleted the Post. Each night he returned to throttle me. But I wanted as many to read it as possible so people know the Virus was not a normal process infestation. This was No. 1 EVIL BULLET fired to annihilate mass populace. The Dark knows they have a meter ticking and soon the Era of KalYug will be over and so consequently their powers and control. The Dark is now a cornered animal, scared but fierce. He wants to live, He wants to rule, He wants to control and subjugate, imprison and enslave, harness and suck the Souls. He wasn't going to relent and allow Light easily to take over! And I was the Scribe and Truth Unveiler! But how could I be a threat to a Lodge of Darkness, I was but a tiny dot in the ocean of Light! Only he would know why he would attack me and make me delete my article. I have since never gained my normal breath! The injury is too deep. But only to my Form and not my Spirit! And today, I have garnered speed in letting no opportunity go past my attention, without reporting to you. But, however, I deleted that powerful Article and for a while refrained from engaging the term (threatening to the Dark Force) - the EVIL BULLET. Till then, not a soul in form had written, unveiled any such news about the Virus. The Article said, it was engineered to destroy the human race. Humanity received word in large only by March of 2020 when a few Chinese lab doctors turned rogue and blew the whistle, bravely, however at the cost of their lives! But death in numbers began to roll by January of 2020. My Article was by far, way ahead of the mainstream revelations. It was then that I understood the threat it posed to him as I was the lone wolf howling in the wilderness...and he feared my echo may be heard. But in actuality, Im too micro, too invisible, too incognito a thorn in his path. He has let go of me - with only occasional attacks now and then! Hopefully!

Then came the Solar Eclipse of Dec. 2020 and, as before, I received Divine Information that the Vaccines are the 2nd EVIL BULLET to be launched by the Dark Lodge. The Darkness wasn't satisfied by the numerical reach of the death toll. Humanity and Divinity had defeated it's Grand Event with instant and timely World Quarantine. Not just that - the Darkness was quite taken aback by the Light Conversion of its Virus BULLET into a Grand Opportunity for Raising Consciousness of the mass populace. What transpired was exactly as the Light had endeavoured! People, forced to stay indoors, did go WITHIN and Connect with Source! Greater number of Light Beams were shot towards the Heavens as people awakened. It was True Diwali time on earth! And so the Darkness was once again disappointed!

Now came the entry of the Solar Eclipse of 2020, Dec 14th. "Vaccinations introduced worldwide". Many began to get Vaccinated! Fear was the ruling force. Fear was the logic mesmerizing the masses. No one wants to die. Forget that, no one wants to die a painful death! Covid was on a rampage but more than the Virus was the media broadcasting thru doctors and medical teams that Vaccination is "the only way out"! When fearful and desperate, people have a tendency to hang-on to any thread available that promises life, freedom from the dreaded disease. So, at first, the populace swung in the teeter direction of the see-saw and rushed to get Vaccinated. However, and to the further dismay of the Darkness, many new and old Light Beams rose bravely to thwart the insane and inane theory of 'Vaccines being the safety-net'! Once again, my Article on Vaccines was by far the virginal's still present on my website @: It revealed how the two mRNA vaccines were engineered to Remove all Absorption of Light and thereby, Eliminating Evolution totally. After which I scribed many posts on FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, and thru Newsletters from here, revealing the FATALITY of all CoronaVirus Vaccines. No amount of teenie-weenie Virus should penetrate the human biology thru any of the Vaccines produced to tackle the Virus. The Dark Lodge had indeed generated a TOXIC-DOTE (not Anti-Dote) to its Virus, in an attempt to annihilate all who aren't being affected by the Virus, so it covers the entire human race. And so, today, we only hear and see all TV channels spitting out false propaganda on Freedom thru Vaccines. In comparison, just a handful of videos are being circulated on "Deaths through Vaccination". The real numbers of Deaths are suppressed and erased. But, fortunately, many (not in comparison though) are protesting against the 2nd EVIL BULLET. And there is a numerical absolute rising in Non-Vaccinated humans on earth. This is very important in the battle being waged between the Dark and the Light!

Now the Dark Lodge didn't expect humans to rise as Truth-Seers in even their second attempt! So, what did it do?

Since April 2021 I was being shown that the 'June 10th Solar Eclipse' was not to be a normal Portal Opening. I began writing on FB that we may face a 3rd EVIL BULLET with the coming Solar Eclipse. But it wasn't after the Solar Eclipse of the 10th that I was given the complete Dossier on what happened. So let's start from how we were feeling at the period post the Eclipse.

I was scribing about the progressive intensity in the Light streaming through the "Eclipse to Eclipse Tunnel". 10th of June came and went, I thought "Oh Thank God, nothing unruly transpired!" There was no roaring thunder in human grids nor in Gaia's body. However, just when all seemed peaceful, we entered the "ECLIPSE to ECLIPSE to SOLSTICE PASSAGEWAY". June 21st arrived and human bodies collapsed like a pack-of-cards. Extreme inexplicable exhaustion, rapid draining of all life-force, severe non-stoppable headache, fever-feeling, indigestion, shoulder and neck pain...etc etc. Did you all feel it? I wrote on FB: How are you feeling? The massive response ignited the Information I thereafter received. And here it goes, in brief though, as not permitted to reveal much.

As the Sun eclipsed on June 10th, a "DARK HOLE" emerged next to the Sun, physically. As always, it is the 'Solar' eclipse that the Dark use to enter our domain - why? I don't know, perhaps coz for the longest earth time the Light of our LifeForce Giving Medium - the Sun is blacked out and it's a Portal Opening when both sides of the dual-energy can seep through. The Dark chose this time period to enter as it knew we were aware of the December Solar Eclipse being its routine entry point. The Darkness entered thru the Portal and built its Dark Hole right next to the periphery of our Sun, in order to vacuum out all Solar Light that is radiated from the Sun to earth. Our Sun has recently been graduated....its explained in THE BLUE SAPPHIRE TABLET by Lord Shiva (pls read it) and so its Activity and Delivery to earth planet is extremely important for Ascension. This activity if stopped, or refracted, would retard evolution. The Darkness had tried to 'Devolutionalize' the human race and planet thru two previous attempts and, the same intent was the motivation for this event. To stop Ascension! To stop Freedom endeavours by the Light! And so, this DARK HOLE was engineered to vampire all Light Information from the Sun, detour the radiation, re-route the emissions, and harness the Sun's energy to ignite its own engine of LIGHT DESTRUCTION.

Immediately the Higher Light Hierarchy was alerted into action. Ground Light Forces were stationed and immobilized to direct their human energies for the combined task of DESTROYING THE DARK HOLE. Additional Galactic Help was summoned. Star Ships urgently answered the Distress Call from the Solar System and Gaia, and collectively beamed their Destructive Rays at the DARK HOLE. The war ensued for days (from the Solar Eclipse of the 10th to the 21st of June), and on the 11th day, the "Battle of the DARK HOLE" was victoriously won by the Light Hierarchy and the Ground Light Forces! Number 11, pls note, is the Ascended Master number!

With today's beautiful last SuperMoon of the year, the Healing has begun! The Hierarchy is streaming soft emerald Green Ray upon earth and humanity. As I had written on FB today, call upon the Hierarchy of the Ray 5 to heal your bodies: Archangel Raphael of Ray 5 (also Mother Mary the Goddess counter Archeia), Master Chohan Hilarion of Ray 5 and, Elohim of Ray 5 - Cyclopea and Virginia (Elohim and Eloha of Healing) to plz come and HEAL US!

Moreover, Ray Five is THE GOD's "All-Seeing Eye" and if you have read "The Blue Sapphire Tablet" you now know who is "THE GOD" and HIS TRIMURTHY, His Mantra, and His Symbol. And so understand this wholly. Keep Wisdom in the forefront as you then have the foundation (the Language, the vocabulary, the glossary) to receive advanced Information and Messages from the Divine World! You are to be totally SELF-SUFFICIENT. Into SELF MASTERY. No need for any earth Guru, Teacher, School, Workshop, Class! Make the Cosmic Masters and Lords and Godesses your personal Trainers! You Appoint Them!

The Light and Hierarchy blesses all who were put to work in this period.

Take it easy. Great work has been accomplished and you all played your part to perfection! It's our battle with the Dark and we must fight it ourselves. And we did! But with the entire Galaxy coming in to join forces and add to our power and armament! Earth and the Human Race of the Adam Kadmon Template (as explained in THE AMETHYST TABLET) must be that important for the Darkness to continue its relentless attack! Three more years to endure the Roller Coaster Ride, without seat belts, and sometimes even without a running track, flying off into the air before catching up somewhere with the track down below. We have not just survived till now but, are fighting our way up the ladder of Evolution!

Phew! Whoever said Mount Everest is the toughest climb to the summit!

Relax dear ones, we have a Solar Eclipse coming up soon on December 4th. This shall "Unveil" the Vaccination results, perhaps! But then, who knows the mind, the devious conniving mind, of the evil Dark Lodge. Lets get Powerful in the meanwhile. Lets get knowledgable. Lets get equipped! Invest in your Inner Machinery of Armament because that's what's needed to fight the Dark! Raise the LIGHT QUOTIENT within! And as Lord Shiva said in THE SACRED BLUE BOOK: Increase your Inner Plasma Light so that the Outer Plasma Light can be put to good use!

Get your two PHD Doctorate Encyclopaedia's: THE AMETHYST TABLET & THE BLUE SAPPHIRE TABLET.

Raise your knowledge of the true His-story of Earth by reading and integrating THE EMERALD TABLET. To ascend out of this Blind Maze, you must know and remember your History of the House you have embodied for millions and millions of years! Trigger that memory!

REST REST REST! When you start to feel better, is Not the time to become active! Remember this. Feeling better means now you have begun to Heal. And HEALING needs? REST!



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