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2020 marked the

“Beginning of the End of KaliYuga”

We now have a “New BC and AD(life BEFORE COVID & life AFTER COVID)
And So, 2020 marked a TURNING POINT in the history of humanity on planet Gaia

Now. The year 2020, the major Marker of life on earth, ends just as it began – with a Bang ! The GRAND CONJUNCTION sets the tone for the coming years of the “New Aquarian Age”. Unlike what many authors have written, this Age doesn’t begin now, we entered the 'New Aquarian Age' some years ago (please read “The Amethyst Tablet” to know exactly when we made the magnificent entry into the new era) but, the very transition itself takes nearly 50 years. That doesn’t mean, the Permanent 7th Golden Age shall commence after that! I have scribed many times when that shall commence and much more so you are already well versed into the knowledge of this. So, what does this Father of all Conjunctions do then?

I'm sure you can google and research after how many millenniums this particular kind of Conjunction is taking place and its far far reaching effects so without getting into the general information available to all, lets move ahead into the Bigger Picture of this extra-ordinary inter-planetary phenomenon.

In Vedic astrology, this mighty event takes place in Capricorn but in Western astro it occurs in Aquarius, causing consequently only confusion, therefore, lets stay away from the constellations and see beyond the Confucius duality and into the Oneness occurring with the Conjunction!

The Fires of Saturn shall collide with the Fire of Jupiter and create a "FUSION FIRE". The former planet is restrictive and latter is an expansive one. So what happens when opposing opposites collide? A tug-o-war. A war-like scenario is generated with formidable power and everlasting impact. This is what the Vedic Astrology foresees! However...

If 2 fires combine to make 1 Fire then, wont the struggle of pull-and-push end instead? Yes! Paradoxical isn’t it?

One planet (Jupiter) is a Giver whilst the other (Saturn) is here to take. If unison is to occur then a Support Energy must emerge. Saturn is Karma. Jupiter is Dharma. We came to this planet and created a Balance Sheet of actions (debts/credits). We have held duties and responsibility for our actions that determined our actions. Today, Saturn has been at our door demanding payment to settle dues. But, with the Conjunction and the Fusion Fire, what we shall experience and witness now is - we shall be rewarded and awarded immediately. Rewarded gifts for our dharma well serviced and Awarded punishment for our dharma of debt accumulated.

I see this as the beginning of a "JUDGMENT PERIOD"! Synonymous, in a way, to when we receive our Salary at the end of a long arduous day of hard labour. If we truly labored, rewards shall be abundant. If we faked and were deceiving, retribution shall be awarded accordingly. It is now KARMA based upon DHARMA time.


What is the FUSION FIRE that is created thru the collision?


This indeed is the


Now, what do we do as the ZERO DEGREE POINT is approached, where the collision of the two most powerful planets of our Solar System takes place? We anchor the VIOLET RAY into the planet and spread it across humanity. We pray everyone “awakens” by this most formidable sacred “I AM Activity of the Violet Consuming Flame”. We then affirm the firm lodging of the ASCENSION TIMELINE on earth so the awakened enter this TimeLine consciously to ascend victoriously out of the Game, finally and eternally! The firm, affixing and securing of the ASCENSION TIMELINE is our Dharma, our duty and responsibility, in order to end the Darkness Era of the KalYug upon earth, that we all created and participated in. This the Great Shift – shift in dimension from the 3rd to the 5th onwards thru ASCENSION!

How do we anchor the ASCENSION TIMELINE undeterred upon earth? By pulling in the LIGHT of GOD, directly from GOD into our bodies, mind, brain, cells, DNA, energy, consciousness, vibration, soul, spirit, and spark. Then spread it outward, sharing our Light with all lifeforms on earth, and with earth. See yourself as the Pillar of Light, thru which the Light enters, fills, and then spreads outward from every pore of the body. See yourself as the LIGHTHOUSE of GOD’S LIGHT that has the Light switched on within so it beams it brightly all around – lighting up everything and everyone in its path.

Use and engage the “Collision Fusion Fire” of the two planets in this way. It is not about yourself in this moment of collision and fusion but about why you are here on earth at this time, in this last lifetime, as earth is winding-up and returning to the Light”.

This is DHARMA fusing with KARMA to bring the final end to the Kalyug Era of highest density and lowest light!

Jupiter is Light

Saturn is Density!

This is what happens when Light enters Density fully, and at Zero Degree of God’s Creative Light! All Density, Darkness, disappears as – there is no space in Zero-Point Energy for any duality to exist. This is UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS – GOD CONSCIOUSNESS!

What really doesn’t matter is whether the Collision occurs in the earth element or in the air element. Concentrate on ending all Duality and anchoring only UNITY. This is returning Home, Home back to Light!

The Collision of the two most commanding potent muscular robust crushing planets is affording us the Golden Opportunity to be of Service in the Great Shift.


That in Collision, in Conjunction, create not just a Fusion Fire but a New STAR in our skies –


For the first time on earth since Jesus’s birth

This is an OMEN of the re-birthing of


Lets participate in this event

Timing when the Collison occurs:

Monday, December 21, 2020: 10:22 am PST in Los Angeles 11:22 am MST in Denver 12:22 pm CST in Chicago 1:22 pm EST in New York 6:22 pm GMT in London 7:22 pm CET in Paris 8:22 pm EET in Cairo ​9:22 pm MSK in Moscow ​10:22 pm GST in Dubai and 11:52pm IST in New Delhi Tuesday, December 22nd 2:22 am CST in Taipei and Beijing, 3:22 am JST in Tokyo and ​5:22 am AEDT in Sydney.​


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