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Pluto enters the FATED DEGREE of 29

There is a mystery that surrounds this Occult Number of 29 Degrees. For instance, our Galactic Center is at 29 degrees of Sagittarius. The royal star Regulus stands at 29 degrees of Leo. Our Central Sun (Alcyone) and the Pleiades stands tall at 29 degrees Taurus.

Generally speaking, though shrouded in mystery, 29 degrees is considered rather unfortunate, difficult, and in a Hamletian way – tragic. There is a mystique of apparent Finality attached to this near last degree.

This is the degree that is considered the “Critical Degree” is “29” because, as a planet or a luminary moves through this degree with only one more to go—the “30th”—its energetics become very powerful in their unleashing. Herein the energies manifest with utmost power and formidable force. But that’s not all! Energies that manifest here are uniquely different from energies at any other degree. So, one they are at strongest, then most difficult, and lastly very different.

In astrology, there are some important triggers that when sparked, bring important events in our lives. There are 30 degrees to each sign and the planets continuously spin in and out of each degree however, when they reach a 29th Degree, you can be rest assured something very important, special, and impactful will unfold.

29th Degree is also known as the Anaretic Degree“, or the “Fated Degree”. Now Pluto moves very slowly, as do all outer large planets, and has been in Capricorn since 2008. However, its reaching the end of this phase and will be at 29 Degree of Capricorn on Feb 11th/12th till March 23rd before ingressing into Aquarius. What shall manifest in this period will be ‘extra potent’ in terms of what Pluto stands for: the 3D’s of the 3rd D (dimension). Namely – Destruction Disease Death – which means CHANGE. Major changes in earth. Removal of Toxic's thru Earthquakes. Major one has just occurred in Turkey / Syria and more are in the queue.

The last time Pluto was at 29th D was in 1777 and 1778. Putting it into perspective of how big a deal this is when you come to know what transpired in that time period – the American Revolution (the most important geopolitical event in American history that totally re-shaped the history for the entire world).

Now we are living in a very powerful historic time of the Great Shift when records are being erased but, and at the same time, new seeds are also being laid for far reaching results.

Pluto in this Degree shall summon an end to all Karmic Contracts. The ‘Old’ shall now collapse rapidly. Destruction of old and past, thru Death (earthquakes and other natural calamities). Highlighting the 2 major qualities of Pluto.

Nonetheless. This shall lead us to an “Awakening of Psychic Intuitive Abilities” for all on the Path – because of permission now granted, celestially, that becomes a reality with the impact of the 29th Degree transit of Pluto from Feb 11th /12th till March 23rd when, the New Permanent “Causal Matrix” of the Planetary Logos shall be laid to replace the old draconian luciferin matrix of the Dark Lodge. So, when the 29th Degree (of Pluto) ends in Capricorn and Pluto ingresses into Aquarius thereafter, on March 23rd 2023 (till 2044), is when at last earth shall receive Freedom from the slavery-imposed imprisoning 3D Matrix and the New Programs of the 5D and its New Infrastructures shall be uploaded. This shall finally bring in “Abundance” from the Universe thru the Trinity Frequency of the 369! Can you now see how systematically we are heading toward the END of the “Beginning of End of Kalyug” by 2024? More on this shall be inscribed nearer to the Equinox Portal of March 21st/22nd that opens the Doorway to the New Casual Matrix.

The False Masks shall be removed completely and rapidly now and we shall be seen Shapeshifting into a transparency reality. Interesting times are being summoned by this mystery shrouded degree of the highest occultation indeed!

With this transition from 29 Degree into Aquarius, where Pluto then meets up with Saturn, both together then speed up the Transformation out-of-the density of 3D however, pls note Change is not comfortable nor pretty. And till at least June (seen only upto there for now) the process of Death Destruction and Disease together with Balancing of Credit Debt karmic contracts will be hugely terrifying and depressing. But now that you know, its not all bad since, the New Permanent “Causal Matrix” of the Planetary Logos shall be uploaded soon, and Spiritual Progression is assured and rewards are around the corner with the Abundance Manifestation soon to be made tangible and easily accessible. The ride therefore, however rough and nerve-wrecking is endurable, as you have been given a peep into the bright future ahead. You have been shown the Dawn that is coming for sure soon after the darkest hour of despair that you all are yet travelling through. You are taking back your Power, visible to all by now, and that is the route to the ultimate Freedom (soon). Just as you are doing your bit (by continuing to tread forward despite having to walk on broken glass with bleeding feet in deep deep pain) without deterring off-course (exhibiting your endurance spirit, commitment to the cause, and readiness for freedom) we the Universe too are working hard on building the New Infrastructure for you when you arrive, toward which you are treading progressively! As you approach the New Marker of 2024 (August) the ground will be ready to receive you. This is the Change you shall experience after a long dreadful endurance.

This last mile out of the Blind Maze is not going to be easy, not all shall survive it, some may even retreat but, in the end – all shall reach the destination. Alone must you walk now, but with the Universe watching over you. Help is everywhere, but may not be visible. Faith is your weapon. Endurance is your passion. Wisdom is the foresight that feeds your Faith. Connection is with God and all of the Light Hierarchy. Darkness is everywhere on the Path and temptation is visible. Freewill or WILL is no longer a choice. There is no choice as you are already on the Path. With every footfall you are dissipating the Darkness and eliminating the old Karmic Contracts. In fact, with every karmic contract you eliminate you are creating New karma-free Contracts for your future. The Stars are alighting your path with their alignments, conjunctions, squaring and trining. This is a Magical Last Mile Home as it has never been trodden before and, the Universe is applauding your every footfall on the path as it is getting you closer and closer to unimagined and unexpected Victory! You have made this Experiment successful, victorious indeed!

So now both Light and You are walking toward each other! Alas, the Dawn is becoming visible even though the Darkness grows in proportion to abort the progression. Now clarity is mandatory.

Furthermore, the “Critical Degree” point of Pluto in Capricorn at 29 degrees will be between February 11th and June 11th of 2023 as once again on June 11th Pluto re-enters 29 Degree (owing to its retrograde in between).

So, the “Non-Stop Flight” to clearing, cleansing, and transformation is zooming at high speed. Tighten your seatbelts. Re-construction cannot occur without destruction, and in some areas, the tectonic plates are intensely pushing and pressing against each other which is the case in very ancient parts of the world such as in Turkey and Syria. However, the plates are also sliding along (powerfully thrashing and tearing apart), through other parts of the world too, even in places where no earthquakes have occurred before. And so, in this event of the 29 Degree Pluto transition, the phenomenon is earthquakes. Major earthquakes in the higher magnitudes of over “6.0”, “7.0”, and “8.0” could happen.

During these months, global situations could be explosive emotionally and literally. Remember, Pluto is explosive, and Capricorn—among other things listed above—governs the planetary material realm because it is an “earth” element sign.

It is the end of the world as we know it—the end of an age, an era, an eon in the space/time continuum. We are approaching the End of “Kali Yuga”, and its end phase is most chaotic. We are still traveling through Darkness but, prepare for “landing” in the LIGHT!

If you use a Rosary (mala of 108 beads) to pray, wear the same rosary around your neck at all times. And the Mantra, recommended at this time when Pluto is about to soon reach its “29th” degree is the powerful “OM “recited as described in “The Amethyst Tablet”.

Prepare for the “29th” degree of Pluto, and prepare for other strong cosmic energetics.



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Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Feb 11, 2023

Thank you Marcia Mariscal for your kind words and encouragement!

"Thank You dear Sangeeta for sharing this Golden Information and Wisdom. You are a Bright Guiding Light, I bow gratefully. Love and Joy Marcia"


Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Feb 11, 2023

Thank you Mary Jane, once again and with pleasure, for your delightful expressions of appreciation and gratitude! The TEMPLE OF GOD'S WILL Blesses you, dearest soul💙💜


Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Feb 11, 2023

From Kaye Wong: thru email

Dear Sangeeta, I can't thank you enough for sharing this information. Thank you so much 🙏Wishing all a safe journey 🙏 ❤️ With much love & gratitude,


Much appreciated Kaye for you gratitude!



Feb 10, 2023

Dearest and Beloved Sangeeta,

How powerful your words of wisdom and clarity! I have read just this first time but as always will come back, and read your prose again and again. I am most grateful and humbled to know you through your website and I cherish your vision and wisdom beyond. I can never be more grateful to you for your posts! I get so exited when I see it pop up in my in basket! I am like a school girl saying "oh goodie!!" Your pearls and gems of wisdom and clarity and vision are so very profound to me and I am again, so very grateful! Mary-Jane

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