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Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Indeed, a "High Vibration Being" in embodiment stands out and (mostly) alone because it is a "rare quality" to have your SOUL integrated wholly into the body! These are Invisible humans on earth!

Our Sacred Holy Tablet (THE AMETHYST TABLET) explains well the "Integrated Illumined Soul Personality".

Because only such a human can "see" the TRUTH.

It's the SOUL that sees the Truth

Indeed, it is the SOUL that sees the Truth!

These persons are so rare, as rare as the Blue Ray entry upon earth. These extra-ordinary, inter-planetary, High Vibrational Beings, attain this level of Graduation thru sheer Self-Mastery. With the emphasis on Self. No outside source can teach you what lies within! You must discover it yourself!

When you can "see" the TRUTH you know in what to invest your TRUST. Otherwise, trust is blind!

Truth begets Trust

True Trust is a UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS word with no flip side duality distrust accompanying it.

This quality does not exist in the "world of Soul-less people"

as they trust blindly not consciously

Humans trust from fear (another pronounced quality of the 3D world of life). "THE BLUE SAPPHIRE TABLET, thru Lord SHIVA expands the authentic understanding of Fear vs Fearlessness. Fear creates a matrix field around the human that anchors him deeper and deeper into the world of illusion. Please attempt to read the Sacred Blue Tablet to understand this.

Today, vaccines are being taken by people who fear they will suffer or die if they do not. They have bought into the fear of the 3D world of illusion and lies, deceit and manipulation. They blindly and unintelligibly trust the propaganda, broadcasting people in ICUs proclaiming their plight is due to not being vaccinated. Many I have seen rushed to get jabbed after seeing these advertisements relayed on tv and the internet. This is ...

Fear Consciousness

These are humans that have "denied entry to their Souls" - SOUL-LESS BODIES

You can see a true "Awakened Being" only if you are awakened yourself! They live on a grid, no one other than an Integral Soul Personality can enter. They are not visible to those of lesser Integrity. You of course can see their human body but not their Soul; not their Integrity! Though you can feel something different with them but, most humans endeavour to pull such High Vibrational Beings down to their level of evolution. The reason why such extraordinary beings stand alone, apart from the human ensemble. Away from the milieu of density and flesh. They are Androgynous and Soul Integrated!

Now, you shall notice there are, on the other hand, several thousand who are protesting against the Illusions and Mirages of the manipulators. But these are not to be confused with the High Vibrational Humans. This is very important to know well:

The protestors and activists are humans who have

"jumped on the same Timeline"

from one end to the other!

They have "Not Graduated" from the Timeline of Duplicity to the TimeLine of Unity. They have simply 'shifted ' their illusion from one extreme of the see-saw to the other extreme. These are rightly titled "Conspiracy Theorists".

Conspiracy is a 'quality' assigned to the Duplicity Timeline

Whilst the Conscious High Vibrational Beings have jumped the low dimensional timeline to the "ASCENSION PRIMARY TIMELINE

These are the "Integrated Illumined Soul Personalities" (explained in THE AMETHYST TABLET). If you study the Light Veda well, you shall understand how important it is to build this Quality by tapping into it.

Yes, it requires Total Focus, Infinite Time, great Self-Effort.

Integrity, like Courage, is built thru self-investment only!

And Profit lies within, invisible! This Profit 'does not' translate into paper money (immediately). And this is a reason why such an investment is ignored...completely. This is considered an 'unprofitable investment' on a 3D planet wherein - highest density, ignorance, duality, impermanence, paper money, false glamour, bodybuilding are qualities appreciated and invested into.

On earth, the Waiting Room is considered home

In this GamePlan, the earth is a WAITING ROOM

All are sitting in it, without realizing it's only a Waiting Room ....

herein Drama is enacted like in the Big Brother (or Bigg Boss)

In actuality, each one enters this Room - like you enter an Examination Hall

But in reality its a railway station, with each one waiting for its train to come and get him

And only one human at a time gets onto their train, bearing its name exclusively!

Only those who have cleared sufficient drama Awaken from the illusion and see the Waiting Room, the Railway Station for what it truly is! They shift and go sit separately from the drama. They let-go of all investment in the mirage of the body, paper-money, ambition, vocation, greed, attachment, and conditional love. They build the most important Bridge out of the Waiting Room. They are no longer in wait of their train. No longer is a train, with their name on it, going to roll in. So, they construct a Divine Passage Way for themselves that leads them into Connection with the Real Home and the Source, with its Divine Family!

Make a Conscious Informed Choice at the time your stay on this planet has nearly ended...forever! Exit Victoriously from this GamePlan! Build your Passage Way to the Real World! Your life here on the 3D planet of Gaia is practically over!

"Souls are now being shifted according to their graduation levels

A mass exodus is already in way

Mammoth Portals and Airport Hubs are being assembled now

to cater to this "Mass Exodus" of unawakened, unwilling to ascend souls

Protection Plans as well are underway for such souls, as they exit from the Waiting Room

so their soul is not hijacked by the Evil Dark Lodge

which is ready and waiting for the Mass Exodus!

They snatch such unawakened and defiant souls on passage from earth

Their soul provides the Dark with light and life that it needs to empower itself!"


You have the Divine Power to ascertain which World you would like to dwell in now! So, when you reach there, know it's the 'Consequence of the Final Choice' you made consciously as you were given all the knowledge, all the information, and the Technology of the Violet Fire imported from the Heavens, to make that Final Decision of Life.

Therefore ...

"Indeed, a "High Vibration Being" in embodiment stands out

and, is mostly alone

because ...

it is a "Rare Quality" to have

the SOUL, fully integrated into your body and personality!

These are truly, the Extraordinary


on earth




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1. Maria Mariscal: Extraordinary again dear Sangeeta, congratulations! I love your wording; and especially I love how you tell the Truth, forthright. Thanks for expanding your beautiful Wisdom. May your Light expand and awaken all to make the right choice. ( I Trust! ) Much Love, Peace, and Joy. I Am hearing the word ‘Impactful'. Congrats

2. Linda Aronsen: Fantastic article, dear Sangeeta Gratitude

3. Dave F Ryan: There are those who will be taken. Is this the meaning of those words? I felt a long while ago, they would be on a higher body frequency and not been seen by those of a lower frequency.

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