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“And I heard the number of the Sealed: 144,000 sealed LIGHT TRIBE”

Satan sealed all his followers, following the Sealing of 144,000 by God!

Satan then commanded: “Kill old men outright, young men and maidens, little children and women but, touch no one on whom is the mark. The Mark of the Beast!"

The Spiritual 144,000 Holders of God’s Light (on earth) bear the Seal of God upon their forehead…visibly, upon their 3rd Eye…resembles the shape of the lower eyelid. I think in “THE VOICE OF SILENCE” this Seal is described.

Each of the 144,000 Light Holders are infused into the Grid of earth. From their Heart Chakra to all the Sacred Sites upon the planet thru the lay lines. Forming a Light Grid. Each Holder has its own seal that represents one portion of the Language of Light, and you have 144,000 seals of energy that will eventually be infused within your being. Each human body carries 144 Sacred Geometric Patterns within it. Forty~four of them are in the Throat Chakra itself! The Chakra of the Blue Ray 1. Important to be noted! Today, the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra are under immense pressure of graduation.

You carry a steadfastness of power and beauty to wherever you go and you will not have to feel or be affected by the vibrations of others. But if you do buy into fear, it shall become your experience immediately, as your molecules are intelligent and respond instantly to your thoughts – more than it does in other humans, because, you are of the higher intelligence and the official Holders of the Light of God. Your energy responds well to your feelings so keep it at the level of Feelings only…not at the level of human emotions!

"Do not advertise through word of mouth. Allow the AURA of your Being speak the Language of Light! Living by your Aura is the highest state!"

Every cell of your body transforms into an “Infinity Symbol”. Symbols talk to you directly. They have the capacity to bypass the mind and go directly into your subconscious and unconscious minds.

Recite this Mantra: "I (your name) Invoke these 144 key-codes of Light to fully activate and anchor into all parts of my being. Divine alchemy occurred! New Light Codes are activated! And so it is!”

Now, please read the following articles:

144000 Clarified – Pleiadian Collective​.

“This doesn’t refer to Starseeds, or the religiously dogmatic, but activated Lightworkers.

There are millions of Starseeds but, only a small percentage are assisting.

There will only be “144,000 Lightworkers” at the moment of the Shift.

Many have already left!

The numbers are going down as souls are leaving to be present at the Shift, to welcome others or, to visit their home planet and return at the Shift.

These 144,000 are significant in holding the Light for the planet until The Shift.

Lightworkers are encoded for specific missions.

The Vibrational Frequency is carried within to feed the planet and others.

At the Shift, the 144,000 will gather from wherever they are to come together for the honor and celebration.

Some of you are Starseeds, and some of you are Starseeds encoded with Missions to see truth more clearly and help others see it too.

Previously shared – 2017 numbers:

200M: total number of starseeds incarnated 75M: total Pleiadians incarnated 50M: total Arcturians incarnated 3,850: Archangels incarnated (this part I don’t gel with as, as far as I know, Archangels never incarnate)

A message from The Galactic Federation to the Family of Light:

Aurora Ray, Ambassador of The Galactic Federation

“….We have transmitted new codes to the cells of your being while you were sleeping, dear ones.

You are empowered and have all the necessary tools to bring forth the liberation of Gaia.

We have given you the means to "beat your enemies with their own weapons" as you could say in your human language…..

This light has altered your frequency. It is now up to you to hold this frequency and become "The Keepers of Frequency" so that others may access this frequency easier. The moment a human starts questioning their reality and the motives of those who are holding the reigns, they begin ascending from the third-dimensional matrix system into 4D. The astral realm.

This process is what we call awakening.

This is what is happening to Gaia's peoples at the moment.

This is the mass awakening we have anticipated……”

Death is an infallibility until 'Ascension with body' becomes the Truth. Life is a dream. Time is an illusion. NOW is the only moment available to us and, to be dealt with as REAL! And NOW is the Door to all realities beyond!



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