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Opening up of the Dyson Sphere has increased the Plasma Influx of the Solar Activity

The Solar Hierarchy, the Planetary Hierarchy, the Hosts of Ascended Masters have now shifted FULL FOCUS upon this Solar System for the FINAL FREEDOM of this planet, and the neighbouring planets! As it has already achieved a relative cleansing of all negative entities and energies from other Universes.

Please note: this is as per Cobra, however and although, I have slowly paused my convictions about this source (since a few statements made by him do not corroborate with what I hear from the Light and, have proven to be false), I yet present this Intel from Cobra because it makes a whole load of sense and is being confirmed by the Temple of God's Will.

We know, that the magnetosphere of earth has been reduced immensely to allow the Solar Flares CME's, Solar Winds etc to seep thru to the planet with all its intended intensity. This is coz, these are the 'Sacred Fire Ultraviolet Radiations' being emitted thru the Sun via the sacred route of the Great Central Sun - the Central Sun - the Solar Sun - thru the Logos of the planet and His Planetary Hierarchy - Earth (please refer to "The Voice of Silence" Tablet no. 2 and the Earth-Sirius Connection page on website, links provided below). And they carry the "Higher Light Packets of Information" from Sirius (refer to the Tablets available of website for the meaning of this) and, at this time, of the activated Primary Ascension Timeline (refer to the 4th Tablet of the Blue Ray 1 by Lord Shiva) such codings are necessary to lift us into Ascension, and out of the Blind Maze (webpage on website).

Now, we have another diminished activity occurring to be considered! This is the activity of the Dyson Sphere. Similar to what's happening to the Magnetosphere of earth, this Solar Dyson Sphere too has been diminished or, has opened up to allow the radiations of the Sun to progressively reach the intended planets of its system, as per the Cosmic Allowance. The Dyson Sphere is a protective shield around the Sun that inhibits the full power of its releases to spill out into the solar system as it could be/would be fatal for the existence of its planets, as per their individual BluePrints.

We have experienced an unusual influx of the highest "X - CLASS" SOLAR FLARES starting from January 1st (when the massive Japan earthquake occurred) right thru to the present. However, the month of May (which has been the ASCENSION MONTH of the 3 Ascended Masters holding the most powerful Portfolios for the Liberation of earth) has been extraordinary in receiving a constant flow of the highest M Class and X Class flare activity, esp around the dates of the 2 Ascension Portals of Saint Germain and Lord Jesus Sananda. Last week saw a nearly daily influx of the Solar Plasma of the X kind.

This has been explained by Cobra as the diminished activity of the Dyson Sphere around the Sun and because the Light Hierarchy has now turned its Full Attention upon the Ascension of the Solar System and particularly upon our planet.

Quoting Cobra: Now the full focus is on this Solar System, and on the final liberation of planet Earth. In the last few weeks, a huge amount of subquantum anomaly has been removed from the Solar System.
As a result of this, one part of the Pleiadian fleet is about to return to this Solar System and they will resume liberation operations. Details need to remain classified, but extremely powerful astrological configurations are supporting this move.
The main aspect is Sedna conjuncting Alcyone on May 25th. This aspect happens once every 20,000 years, and its astrological meaning is the return of Pleiadians to Earth at the completion of the cosmic cycle. This aspect will start exhibiting its full power one week before May 25th, and will remain in full force until one week after. It will be reactivated again in December 2024 and in April 2025.
Within that time frame, other conjunctions with Alcyone will support this process:
Sun conjunct Alcyone on May 20th at 10 am UTC
Venus conjunct Alcyone on May 24th at 2:30 am UTC
Jupiter conjunct Alcyone on May 27th at noon UTC
Light Forces have begun to decrease the activity of the multidimensional Dyson sphere around the Sun in order to allow more Solar activity to occur since the beginning of May, producing a huge solar storm last week.

Now, please Understand, if you have read "The Voice of Silence", and the webpage on the website you know why Alcyone is important - what it is. So assuming you all have at least reached the understanding of this basic knowledge. The above dates of Conjunctions reveal that the Alignment of the planets in our Solar System with Alcyone means Ascension is in absolute transition now at the first level with the Central Sun. So far, Venus Jupiter Sun are joining the Central Sun in Perfect Alignment to receive Direct the Radiation of the "Highest Light Information Codings" from the second on the Sacred Route, which is: THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN (HQ of GOD"S LIGHT for this galaxy) - The CENTRAL SUN - and now straight to certain planets of the Solar System. So, ASCENSION of our SOLAR SYSTEM is now in full blast. Soon, it shall be with earth too.

Earlier Cobra had revealed that Pleiades would not be involved in the First Encounter with Earthlings .... but now he has said Pleiadians are returning to Liberate earth so, not sure, why this change. However we welcome it. We are changing and so are the Cosmic Decisions regarding us.

So get ready now with these New Conjunctary Alignments with Alcyone as we approach the 3rd Ascension Portal on the 23rd. Significant huh, as these coincide with the 3rd Portal bang on. New development, different development around the 3rd Portal.

What is the 3rd ASCENSION PORTAL? It is our tryst with the 3rd Ascended Master - the LOGOS of planet Earth - LORD BUDDHA! His Date of Birth-Death-Enlightenment. His Ascension. All rolled into one date - the Full Moon date in May. The BUDDH PURNIMA - WESAK!

A separate Article shall be released on the 22nd from this Temple site to commemorate Lord Buddha and receive Him for the Holy 8 minutes when He descends to Bless humanity on earth, each year, once! He is the Coronated God of Gaia, coronated by Lord Sanat Kumara when Sanat departed from earth for Shamballah, for the last time, and gave Lord Buddha His throne to govern Gaia. It is wonderfully elucidated in : THE VOICE OF SILENCE penned by Lord Buddha. The 2nd Tablet.

Finally. I advise you all to follow me on Facebook as We (the Temple of God's Will) post regularly on updates and breaking news for ascension, including words and sayings of Divine Wisdom and Guidance to help us along the Path to Ascension. Accompanied by some humour thrown in, now and then, to lighten and en-lighten the severity. Along with some political and world news. So, if you are on FB do send me a request with a message. If not, then you need to strongly consider it.

In the meanwhile, you can read this Article on Wesak:

Furthermore, acc to Cobra, this intense Activity of the Sun, with its full throttle Super Solar Storms, has the power and ability to dismantle the Covid Vaccinations' nanotechnology. This is superb news as those of you, endangered by the second V (remember the 2nd Evil Bullet), injected mostly in America with the nanotechnology chip, will now be out-of-danger with the increased Solar Flares influxing the planet. Read about it here:

Though, I wouldn't risk being out in the Sun for long, as suggested by the link. Pls engage your Discernment acumen.

Quoting Cobra:  More solar activity will be allowed to occur, and lately we are getting at least one X-class solar flare per day.
As a result of Dyson sphere recalibrations, the volume of Mjolnir technology has increased and is now oscillating between 15% and 30% of full capacity.
At this volume, another multidimensional quantum technology of the Light Forces has been activated since May 1st, and it is called Gungnir:
Gungnir is an advanced planetary Ascension technology that is now directing immense amount of Electric fire towards this planet:
These energies are being distributed by the Solar Logos (the cosmic being that is our Sun), utilizing the Rod of Initiation, effectively starting the process of Ascension of this planet into its fourth planetary initiation:

Link to all the Sacred Tablets on the website, that you should have studied by now, if you are "On the Path":

Link to The Earth-Sirius Connection:

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May 20
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Dear Sangeeta, OK I have read this post four times now and the links you provided (works of Alice Bailey) and I am compelled to say to you and The Temple a huge thanks!! It is very difficult to put in words what you convey so eloquently. Bailey as well says this. Yet if read over and over the text starts to "seep in" so to speak. It is akin to reading a book wherein the scene described becomes your scene; you are in the scene, you can feel it touch it smell it sense its essence - absorb it. How great the creator is. Reading these various posts and esp. the links you provided above here, I can …


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

❤️...with many thanks and love...❤️


May 19
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Dearest Sangeeta, Incredible! amount of information to absorb. Especially in the links you provided for further information. Thank you as always, most grateful for all you do! Blessings, MJ


May 19
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

With thanks Sangeeta. Alayne.

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