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Rarely ever a reading of 110 Hz Schumann Resonance

Before RAHU leaves its transit home of Ardha Nakshatra (pls read my article on below), like Saturn, it shall blast its mightiest blow...and it is! Just look above, and at the photo below, to know we are resonating at the highest ever-progressive graph! Yes, there has been a rarity when the SR did record higher (I believe it peaked at 153 Hz near about last Dec's eclipse).

Notwithstanding. Rahu and Ketu (the left and right hand of Saturn) have 3 more days in the deadliest ever Nakshatra of Ardha and Mula so expect the highest peak ever reached, with regards to both the Light blast and the Virus.

Like you know already, alll Solar Activity has stopped...allowing the Cosmic Light, the Rays, and Photonic Plasma to take center stage! By us staying home, indoors, we are given the opportunity to connect with Self, invest in Inner Work, building of the Antahkarana, strengthening the Inner Guidance System and, above all and most importantly, connect and align with our Creator of All That Is (GOD)! This is giving the Planetary Hierarchy the chance to dismantle the outside - in whatever form (pls dont concentrate on mass arrests, ET disclosures etc as that may not be the drama Light indulges in).

This is an extremely formidable time and Passage of Time for the Great Shift to impact its Shift upon human mass consciousness in order to Shift dimensions now! Engage fruitfully and opportunistically this ATOM BOMB of Light to resurrect all life and ascend higher and higher in God Consciousness.

The GREAT SHIFT has indeed become physical, palpable, tangible, and visible! Can anyone now deny this is happening? This is a quantum leap and requires just that from all of us to reach for the highest possible trajectory at this time.

Like explained in my 4444 article, we have till the 22nd to take full advantage of this Cosmic Mightiest Fiery Christ Consciousness raining upon us!

As my last newsletter ( had said: April 18th not so good a day - is when the Schumann Resonance touched 110. Next not so good day is April 22nd - the last day of Rahu and Ketu in their powerful tranists and also begins the Moonless 24 hours...more in that newsletter of yesterday. Why is it said 'not so good days' when the Light is most powerful and explosive? Because, its not good for any outer activity other than going within. When the Blast is so fierce, first and physically, we must take complete physical body rest to enable and capacitate the absorption of light-codings, only if we still our bioshells can the physical body cells get to work. And its a lot lot of work for the bodily systems, organs, glands, cells, blood, bones, chakras, etc to take in the light, integrate it, then distribute the new codings to the entire biology. Therefore rest is the order of the day! Plus, once the body has successfully absorbed all the light that it can, the DNA then gets down to shifting its energies and compositions accordingly, after which, a 'new optimal potential' is set up for the body that thereafter manifests thru a Consciousness Shift. Secondly, its not a good day because outside the Virus is peaking at tantamount levels...outside roams not a good day to be outside. The Universe needs to destruct the 3D systems and therefore needs you to be no way near it! This SHIFT is physical!

Ascension Symptoms are in the plenty! Did you feel the awesome headache yesterday? This is when the blast rose to 110 Hz. But, what is causing dizzy spells, ungroundedness, trance-like state, vivid dreams is the "Zero-Point Energy" of the Light but also its dynamic pendulations. The SR goes up to 60 one moment then falls low to the 20's in the next instance, then rises again only to subsequently fall in drastic sequences....consequently, we are caught riding a violent see-saw or as I say: Roller Coaster with deadly loops and spirals....without seat belts. Thus, you can only hold-on and tight if you "Go Within" or else, will be flung out thru the loops!

Mother Gaia too is shifting her consciousness and therefore we are encountering earthquakes, volcanic activity! Be safe dear ones.


Sangeeta Handa

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