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A new page has been created with 3 exclusive Music pieces! Link is posted at the end of this post.

You can listen to all three during your meditations on the 4th of April, 2020. We have two 4444 Portal highlights on the 4th, one at 4 AM and the other at 4 PM, pertaining to our individual time zones. Here there is no conversion of time zones. The Portal is opening in a few hours from now!

However, for the "MOTHER of all CONJUNCTIONS" on April 4th/5th do meditate on the 3rd piece as its specially created and represented by the Hathors to open our HEART CHAKRA. And, on reading my last article on 4444 you must know how the star alignments and Corona is affecting the Heart Chakra that hosts the Respiratory System of our lungs. Description of this music piece is on CloudSound once you click on the link.

All 3 Music pieces are soul-touching. I shall gradually add more with different events and special dates, that's why I have created this additional page on my website. I have a wonderful repository of Spirit Music from all parts of the world.

May these Sounds help us tide through this challenging time!

Please keep in mind - the 4th/5th Jupiter Pluto Conjunction is actually a Quadruple Mother of all Conjunctions (explained in the Article, the link shall once again be provided below). Laying the foundation for the "FATHER OF ALL CONJUNCTIONS" in Dec.2020.

An extract from my FB page: "After much deliberation, contemplation with the Light, We came up with a subtle article without overtly articulating the undercurrent (behind the scenes) prophetic apocalypse thru many dates other than the immediate Portal Opening and its inter-planetary alignment. But those who walk the un-beaten Path, will understand quite well what lies ahead. Because, the Wisdom of what does truly lie ahead is a particular High Road that most shall not walk. Prophecy is for those who are striving to live upward - on the Ascension TimeLine! I think all shall gain from the words of the Creator in this note - they are from the Light itself as It decides- how to align His creation to impact with optimum potential to bring into fruition the Great Shift upon us!"

The 4:4:4:4/4:4:4:4 Portal is initiating God's 4 Year Plan of Destruction of complete 3D infrastructure on earth! Stay with patience and by remaining Within....we are in this for a long long haul! Only the ones with a strong Inner Guidance System and a strong Inner Infrastructure of the Antahkarana/Sutratma (THE AMETHYST TABLET ebook) shall endure and rise in resonance!

Amen! And so it is!


For those who have bought the above mentioned LIGHT VEDA are entitled to Special Guidance emails during these years of the Beginning of the End of KalYug! This is a special Gift from the Light, along with 5 Sacred Geometric Yantras to attract Prosperity in their lives!


Sangeeta Handa

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