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MIRACLES happen when you hit Rock Bottom

Few days ago I asked God Source about some distraught condition in my life and was told: "Allow it to Hit Rock Bottom!: I was dumbfounded and inquired : Why God, why? Cant it be granted now? Cannot the situation be corrected before being obliterated? To which I was unarguably told: "Miracle is what you need and, Miracles occur only from the Rock Bottom." That's it.

I studied deeply this Godly Comment to fully grasp its complete and wholesome understanding - not just the crux of it, or its essence.

Why does a Miracle need to occur from the rock-bottom? Rock bottom implies when all is lost - when there is nothing more you can do - when no action of self can salvage the situation - or, when nothing you do can make the thing move, or get an event to occur - total immobility - Zero! Nothing.

Then, from that level of the Zero (remember zero is emptiness, nothing (ness)) only God can save you. And How? By performing, what we call The MIRACLE!

Definition of MIRACLE:

An extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency. An extraordinary event taken as a sign of the supernatural power of God.

Now, there is one extreme of the pendulum which is Rock Bottom and at the other end lies the Peak. Keeping this in mind - furthermore, you are regularly bombarded with the advise to LET GO & FORGET. Both are given hand-n-glove.


WHEN AT THE BOTTOM: you LET - GO of all!

Now you see, why the two advise are always rendered together? FORGIVE and LET - GO!

When at the TOP, its so convenient to FORGET anything you don't have time for. You forget people who helped you along the way, you forget what led you to the PeaK, you forget to be Grateful! You Forget to even Thank God, sincerely, taking time to do so properly and with meaning. You overlook to thank people. You forget to introspect when having reached the Peak. Introspection makes you Humble, illumined and connects you with God. You Forget to retrospect. Retrospection makes you understand all that it took to reach the place of glory. Retrospection gives you grace and gratitude. And the attitude of gratitude makes you Noble, Dignified, Respectful, Loving, Humble, Illumined, Graceful and Royal. Reaching the Peak is the journey where all the lessons are learned, and the momentum occurs.

However. Reaching the Peak makes most arrogant instead! You become lost in the illusion of self worth and all the BS attached to one's self. Here you are holding onto all of the false glamour and false glory of self. This is Pride and that's, when the Fall begins!

Now. When all is lost and gone - you have reached ROCK BOTTOM. There is nothing left to hold onto. Not even your self! In fact, herein, the self evaporates first. This is the place where you begin to LET GO (and for once, its easy to do so). You hold onto things when its hard to give up! But when you have nothing, Letting Go is more like being on autopilot. lETTING gO becomes automatic.

That's when you reach out to God, you pray .... and Pray now to God only! But, this is the most dicey part. As here you can learn to lean on God, by developing Absolutes Faith or, you can also lose faith completely and become depressed and vulnerable to the Dark Forces that who then make the rock bottom seem like sinking sands.

Now, when all is burnt and all becomes ashes and ambers ... the Phoenix rises - and that is a Manifestation of a MIRACLE. AN EXTRAORDINARY SUPERNATURAL PROVIDENCE BY GOD! When nothing can create the event and yet, all of a sudden, it mysteriously appears from thin air, it is then from GOD and - that's The Miracle of God!

And this is what God meant, when He said to me: "Miracle is what you need and, Miracles occur only from the Rock Bottom."


occur from



Nothing(ness) and Empty(ness)



at Rock Bottom

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