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MELTDOWN catches speed as the GREAT SHIFT marathons forward to the BEGINNING of the End of KALIYUGA


CHANGE first happens on a Macro Level and slowly the Micro begins to feel it. At first the planetary biggies then, each nation shall rise to the occasion. Economic slowdowns, financial crunch, recession, consumer non-buying scenario, supply exceeding demand, lowering of per capita-income, fall in GDP, unemployment rise, lack, loss are a few of the many Micro Changes that shall surface from Dec, 2019...if they haven't already begun!

1) Forests on earth carry within themselves Carbon Dioxide. They absorb carbon and release Oxygen.

With the Amazon on fire, all the carbon held within its elements is now being liberated into our environment.

With the Amazon on fire, Oxygen release is reduced. There is now much much less oxygen available in the air on planet Gaia

2) Glaciers have embodied within themselves Sulphur Dioxide.

Sulphur Dioxide is a toxic, colourless, water-soluble gas. It has a strong suffocating odor. Industries use it as a bleaching agent, a preservative, a fumigant, and a primary source material for making sulfuric acid, a necessary chemical in many industries. It is a gas that reacts easily with other substances to produce harmful compounds, such as sulfuric acid, sulfurous acid and sulfate particles. Moreover, points you need to know in case of an emergency: it is a COMPRESSED GAS. Contains gas under pressure. May explode if heated. Will not burn. VERY TOXIC. Fatal if inhaled. Corrosive to the "respiratory tract". A severe, short-term exposure may cause long-term "respiratory effects" (e.g., Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome (RADS)). CORROSIVE. Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. May cause frostbite. SUSPECT MUTAGEN. Suspected of causing genetic defects.

Thus, with the Glaciers melting away, Oxygen Supply gets further reduced as Sulphur Dioxide gets released in the air; alongwith Carbon Dioxide from the Amazon Fires. So, whats getting affected? The LUNGS of the human race. The Respiratory System. Life!

Please refer to this link for emergency situation awareness:

Now. To understand how Sulphur Dioxide came to be retained in our Glaciers please read the following passage: -

"Earth absorbed karma from the Arcturian ascension. About 600,000 years ago, Arcturian scientists sought a place to store a certain chemical compound known as sulfur dioxide within another solar system. There was too much of this compound in the Arcturian solar system, and it was understood that Arcturus could not ascend with its ongoing presence above a certain threshold. Earth became the chosen place to store this excess compound.
Arcturian scientists first perceived that Earth was too warm in temperature to be useful as storage for sulfur dioxide. For if the compound was infused into the warm atmosphere at Earth’s then current temperature, it would diffuse so rapidly that a toxic overload upon the entire solar system that Earth was a part of would be manifest. This would incur more karma for Arcturus preventing her ascension in full. So Arcturian scientists cooled Earth first by altering the orbit of another nearby planet blocking the sun for a one-year period from radiating upon Earth’s surface. In so doing, Earth fell into a major ice age. Then Arcturus infused Earth’s atmosphere with massive amounts of sulfur dioxide, which rapidly froze into glaciers upon Earth’s surface. It was estimated that as Earth warmed, the excess sulfur dioxide would gradually release and not cause harm to Earth’s kingdoms nor your solar system.
Inherent in the sulfur dioxide was warfare karma and fractured souls whom shattered during many wars between Arcturus and neighboring star systems. In so absorbing the chemical, Earth also absorbed the karma as all karma is held in the fracturing of the experience particularly in the experience of war. Arcturus likewise did not process all of its warfare karma in their own respective ascension as large numbers of such records were left upon Earth within the sulfur dioxide. In so doing, Arcturus like Sirius created an incomplete ascension." ( Cosmic © 2018, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth )

So, its quite obvious now, isnt it, what the scenario is presenting before us:

1) Amazon Forests burning away: Oxygen reduced in the air

2) Glaciers melting away : Oxygen in the air is reduced even further

Oxygen is the element or substance that keeps us alive. Life Expectancy Rate has been reduced worldwide now! Mother Gaia is definitely shifting out of this 3D hangar. Life on 3D is very clearly ending. The cutting off of "Oxygen Supply" for the entire planet is akin to how when Atlantis was to fall, Lord Sanat Kumara was instructed by the Divine to "Shut - Off" the Crystal Supply. To know abt this please read: THE VOICE OF SILENCE (available on this website, link below). This is the by far the strongest indicator of the times to come with the Great Shift. Not to fear, the Purpose is Divine. We are honoured to be here and participate in this Mighty Shift!

An Extract from THE VOICE OF SILENCE that provides a subtle explanation regarding the importance of the Amazonia Belt on earth (page 188)

" Moreover, the concentration of the '7th Root Race' will be established in South America. This great Race is due to come forth for the most part in the South American Continent, and this is because all across Brazil and through that country which is now jungle, the Earth has had some time to rest. Within Earth itself, down to about fifteen feet below its surface, all through and across from Peru to where the Amazon flows out to Rio de Janeiro, the "Activity" of the Violet Fire has already been established....."

We are soon entering the December Eclipse and the year of 2020 when destruction shall peak and cut across the karmic Ceiling as KalYug hits its maximum bar of darkness and the lowest quotient of light percentage. Only 5 years left for KalYug to end but, the worst ever 5 years. However, we have come prepared for this Event - this is the GREAT SHIFT!

THE LIGHT SPEAKS : "You are in the midst of the Dance of Ascension on earth. Observe and learn as things unfold with Love in your heart and have NO FEAR of the outcome. Participate in the Global Ascension of Gaia by ascending yourself. Without you, this Complete Ascension of the entire Milky Way Galaxy, would not be possible. Can you therefore see Your Importance in this Dance of Ascension? Please continue to honour your commitment and know, You are privileged indeed to be here, at this grand time of epic change!"


Sangeeta Handa

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