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May I st : SAINT GERMAIN'S ASCENSION + CORONATION DAY + Official release of VIOLET RAY 7 to earth

On May Ist, 1684, Saint Germain attained (through his knowledge of alchemy and its applications on self) "Physical Ascension" (immortality and eternal youth – The 6th Initiation), at which time Francis Bacon adopted the name "Saint Germain".

Francis Bacon made it appear that he died on Easter Sunday, 9 April 1626 (and even attended his own funeral in disguise) however, he (the William Shakespeare then in disguise), if truth behold, traveled instead secretly to Transylvania (Romania) to the Rakoczy Mansion. The Violet Flame was then anchored in the mountains of Transylvania....but now it isn't (pls refer to "The Amethyst Tablet - by Sanctus Germanus) to know where is has been transferred.

The Great Being Whom we know and honor as Saint Germain made His Ascension in 1684. For many centuries He had worked to bring Freedom to mankind, taking embodiment again and again, endeavoring to stimulate the desire for Freedom in the people of the various countries of the world. His special Quality is FREEDOM, and He is the Ascended Master in charge of the next 2000 year Cycle which will be known as the ERA OF FREEDOM. Just as Jesus was in charge of the Christian Dispensation over the past 2000 years, so the Ascended Master Saint Germain has the privilege, honor and responsibility of bringing FREEDOM to every part of life, human, elemental and imprisoned Angels, during this coming Cycle of 2000 years. There will come a time when age, sickness, poverty, and distress of every kind will be no more - and even so-called death itself will disappear.

From the time of Saint Germain's Ascension in 1684, He made preparation to become Chohan of the Seventh Ray. In the year 1786, He took over that Office from the Lady Master Kwan Yin, and again from that time until May 1st, 1954, He prepared for the tremendous responsibility of becoming the Cosmic Director for the coming 2000 year Cycle.

Once every 2000 years, a New Ray strikes the Earth, and as this Cosmic Wheel turns, requiring 14000 years for one complete revolution, the Chohan Who becomes the Representative of this New Ray is crowned the Cosmic Authority for the evolution of the planet and its people during this time. The SIXTH RAY, under the supervision of the Beloved Ascended Master Jesus, completed its service on January 1st, 1954, and allowing for an over-lapping of a few months, the SEVENTH RAY officially began Its Cosmic Outpouring on May 1st, 1954. The Activity from 1930 to 1954 was a preparatory activity - a John the Baptist endeavor.

May 1st, 1954,

The great CEREMONY

of transferring the

Crown, Scepter, Sword, Vestment of the Officiating Chohan,

from the then Ascended Master Jesus,

to the new Chohan,

the Ascended Master SAINT GERMAIN, took place!

The Crown, which symbolizes this Authority, came to Earth with the first of mankind to embody - upon the Head of Archangel Michael, and every 2000 years since then it has been transferred to the Authority of the succeeding Ray. Thus, in 14000 years the Seven Presiding Chohans would each wear it for 2000 years. It is, therefore, 14000 years since a Chohan of the Seventh Ray wore this Crown, but only 2000 years since a Chohan received it from His predecessor - the Sixth Ray having received it from the Fifth Ray, and so on.

Every Member of the Hierarchy then came forward in order of rank and
knelt before the new King, Saint Germain,
and gave Allegiance and offered some specific blessing from their own life;
the Angels and Elementals doing likewise extending down through the human kingdom who knew of this Cosmic Event.

The Descension of the Cosmic Outpouring of the 7th RAY upon earth : May I, 1954
The Service of the 7th Ray is to teach men how to transmute mistakes by the VIOLET FIRE, and to inspire them with a desire to live a purer, cleaner and happier way of life. The VIOLET FIRE and Its Mighty Transmuting Power is the Divine Tool by which this can be done in a painless way.

The Seventh Ray is the Ray of Transmutation, of Sublimation, and also of Magnetization, for within the beating Flame in your heart is the power to magnetize Light, and the Light which you magnetize becomes yours to qualify and direct into the Universe for good or ill. You qualify it by your thoughts, feelings, spoken words and acts, and that Light, moving in the irrevocable Circle, sweeps out and then back to its creative center - YOU - for redemption.

Beloved Blessed SANCTUS GERMANUS has crafted a HOLY ENCYCLOPAEDIA on the VIOLET RAY 7, THE VIOLET FIRE. The first of its kind on earth. One that every human must possess in his Sacred Library and upon his Altar of Worship. One day, this mighty LIGHT VEDA shall adorn every Violet Temple and every School of Learning!




of the New Cycle of the 7th Ray


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