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May I : "ASCENSION DAY" of SANCTUS GERMANUS, the Commander-In-Chief of the New Earth, Satya Yuga

"On May 1, 1954, Saint Germain received from Sanat Kumara (the Regent Lord of planet Gaia), and from Lord Buddha (the God of planet Gaia) the ‘SCEPTRE OF POWER ’. And, from the last Hierarch Jesus Christ, the ‘CROWN of AUTHORITY ’ to direct the consciousness of mankind for this two thousand year period. Saint Germain was crowned as “DIRECTOR for the coming cycle of the 7th Ray”. Freedom (Saint Germain) and Justice (Lady Portia) are the yin and yang of the Seventh Ray of Aquarius, and together with Mercy, they provide the foundation for all other attributes of God to be out-pictured in this seventh dispensation.

"SANCTUS GERMANUS is the Chohan of the Seventh Ray. The name Saint Germain comes from the Latin word Sanctus Germanus, meaning simply "Holy Brother". He is the KNIGHT COMMANDERof the Torch Bearers and Keepers of the Violet Flame and of all the Light Bearers. Saint Germain delivers to the people of God theDispensation for the Seventh Age and the Seventh Ray- the Philosophers Gold – the Violet Ray of freedom, justice, mercy, alchemy and sacred ritual—a new lifewave, a new civilization, a new energy! He is the 'Hierarch of the New Aquarian Age' and the great 'Sponsor of the Freedom's Flame'.

"Born again is the Resurrection of Life and Ascension into the Light. He must be Spiritually Born Again! The Divine Way! Without passing through the portal of physical Death! With the human bioshell of carbon matter transmogrifying into the crystalline new Form without mortal death of body. This is the GREAT SHIFT! And now the time has come!

"It is - the “Resurrection of Violet Consciousness” upon earth!

"Therefore, the release of the New Holy Scripture –– THE AMETHYST TABLET – the New Earth Bible, a Holy Encyclopaedia, an Altar-Table Study Book, the Sacred Violet Book --- to understand and employ the Technology well so that the Great Shift can occur, within and outside. On a Micro and Macro level!

"SAINT GERMAIN speaks to the 144,000 Light Being Heroes on earth:

"The human race turns to YOU, my beloved sacred family; they turn to you not necessarily to lead the way, but most certainly to 'show the way’! You walk with the people, side by side, hand in hand, and live amongst the masses within the cemented tar of darkness. I send my Violet Ring around you to fall like gentle rain, entering into the crown of your being, into your heart and into the solar plexus of your body, that you may awaken all who even merely touch the hem of your garment. May your footprints release the light of the ‘Violet Fire’ as you tread through the planet! May your aura sprinkle the love of God wherever you dwell! May the Light you hold, deluge the planet and humanity with such soothing power and a plethora of peace! And, in that awakening, my beloved friends, know - they turn to YOU! You are upon this planet as the strongest … and ... the bravest of all! You are the Light! You are the Love of God! And never ever forget that! I AM here with You! Call on me! ~~~ Your Beloved Brother, Saint Germain!"

~~~~ extracts from THE AMETHYST TABLET ~~~~

LORD EL MORYA (Chohan of the 1st BLUE Ray) speaks from the above Sacred Violet Amethyst Tablet: “I am here to tell you that the Dispensation could never, never, have been granted for chelas to invoke this Flame outside the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, had it not been for the fact that Saint Germain offered, upon the altar of humanity, the ‘collateral’ of his own personal momentum, of the energies of Freedom and Victory garnered within his soul for thousands and thousands of years! He deposited an indemnity of his entire soul evolution as a surety, a warranty, a security, to the Lords of Karma, to the Brotherhood of Light, before God! For you see, when the Creator and the Lords of Karma granted the Dispensation, through the intercession (the mediation) of this anointed one, they were fully aware that, given free-will and given mankind’s propensity to ‘misuse’ that free-will, it was altogether possible that certain numbers among mankind would misuse these sacred energies as they had done in the past, in the days of the ancient Lemuria and Atlantis. Were this to occur, someone would have to make up the difference!

“Saint Germain understood the principle of the Cosmic Law only too well! For the sake of the few and eventually the many who would make resplendent use of the Violet Flame, he was willing to forego and to sacrifice that portion of his momentum that could be misused, and chalk up (write up) that misuse as a necessary expenditure in the laboratory of mankind’s consciousness! He was thereby, in effect, underwriting the experiments not only of the alchemists of the sacred fire, with whom he had worked personally through the centuries, but also of the populace who would both use and misuse the Alchemical Fires. He knew which focus was of greater importance – the loss of his evolution through the misuse of the Power or, the rising into the Enlightenment of the ‘Christ mind’ by the masses of the human race, for which is necessary the responsible use of the Violet Flame!"

LORD JESUS speaks (from the above Tablet): "Saint Germain is an Ascended Master, the great glorious being who, in one of his former embodiments on earth was my father, Joseph! He has laboured throughout the centuries for the upliftment, protection, and illumination of mankind. He made the ascension just like me and is now the Great Master; the Lord of the Seventh Ray; the Maha Chohan; the Lord of the Civilization; who has the charge of lifting the planet into the Permanent Golden Aquarian Age or, the I AM Age for your earth. Beloved Saint Germain and I, both love each other very deeply and have worked together for humanity through the centuries. My blessed one, Saint Germain is the Divine One, who has been your Guide on earth! He has watched over you through your many incarnations on this planet. He has unquestionably loved you, invincibly protected and, even wilfully lighted your passage through life! You are extremely fortunate to have received His service of love. He is indeed your Benefactor! I, Jesus Christ, stand beside my most adored Brother - Saint Germain - with great pride and immense pleasure to declare that you are Blessed to have received the Divine Knowledge of "The Violet Fire". This Wisdom was not formally permitted to be released to mankind, en masse! It was available only to those who qualified and secured entrance to the Retreats of the Masters. I, myself, underwent rigorous training to acquire this Instruction before embodying on earth. But today, this Cosmic Secret has been gifted to you freely through a Special Dispensation granted to a Great Cosmic Being, my Beloved Brother, Saint Germain! Who sacrificed and laboured profusely to secure this for your joy and freedom. I stand here in absolute certification of this Truth!

"Finally the Great Shift is in motion! And so, I Bless "THE AMETHYST TABLET" onward to fulfil its mission to spread The Violet Fire throughout the nations of this world and raise Gaia and its civilization out of the Blind Maze into the glorious permanent 7th Golden Age of Satya Yuga with 100% Light Quotient for eternity!

"No one has descended upon earth this time with any other purpose

than -


and be of service to others!"

~~~ Lord Sananda ~~~

Beloved Blessed SAINT GERMAIN has scribed 2 Tablets with me

1. (

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2. (

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Extracts from THE EARTH TABLET (Your Final Appointment with Destiny)

SAINT GERMAIN speaks: ―"This was indeed the Corner-Stone that Naina had pre-determined before descending. We kept a close watch on her, nudging her where necessary, in ways unseen, to ensure she accepted the proposal. She had huge karma with this person and marriage was the way she chose to take back her power from this cause. Her logical mind led her to the rightful decision, but what is important here is that even the logical facts existed because they were placed there by her soul as support system to enable her decision. The threat that Naina perceives in her gut is not of a wrong choice or any approaching doom but, the intensity of the 'energy' connected to the karma from a previous lifetime. Sometimes choices that you make might appear to be inappropriate but, examine deeper and look for clues whether it is a Corner-stone in your life. Such choices are actually not choices but imperative routes that must be taken to keep "YOUR FINAL APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY"....

"A 'wedding' is said to be always an event but,

'marriage' is believed to be an achievement.

It is only when the ego is dead,

can a marriage become a Sacred Union of two Souls!