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May 1 : Beloved SAINT GERMAIN'S Ascension Day!

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Extract from Sanit Germain's 'Sacred Violet Book' : THE AMETHYST TABLET

Saint Germain speaks to the 144,000 Light Being Heroes on earth: “The human race turns to YOU, my beloved sacred family; they turn to you not necessarily to lead the way, but most certainly to ‘show the way’! You walk with the people, side by side, hand in hand, and live amongst the masses within the cemented tar of darkness. I send my Violet Ring around you to fall like gentle rain, entering into the crown of your being, into your heart and into the solar plexus of your body that you may awaken all who even merely touch the hem of your garment. May your footprints release the light of the ‘Violet Fire’ as you tread through the planet! May your aura sprinkle the love of God wherever you dwell! May the light you hold deluge the planet and humanity with such soothing power and a plethora of peace! And, in that awakening, my beloved friends, know - they turn to YOU! You are upon planet the strongest … and, the bravest of all! You are the Light! You are the Love of God! And never ever forget that! I AM here with You! Call on me!~~~ Your Beloved Brother, Saint Germain!
Lord EL MORYA (Lord of the Blue Ray 1)speaks on Saint Germian: "“The Secret Flame was reserved for the privileged few, up until the time when Saint Germain came before the Creator and the Lords of Karma for earth with the proposal, to make the knowledge and use of the Violet Flame available to all mankind. He boldly stated before the Court of the Sacred Fire, arguing as the advocate for earth's evolutions, that the Violet Flame would revolutionize the human race and make of that race, a ‘Divine Tribe’ of God’s free beings! “Truly Saint Germain envisioned an "I AM RACE" of earthly human beings, raised up as the Forerunners of the 7th Root Race under the guardianship of the Great Divine Director of Authority (He is the Head Karmic Lord of the 7 lords of karma for earth)! This blessed master of freedom - Saint Germain, who’d sponsored the birth of the nation called the United States of America; this guardian of the Christ Consciousness, who walked the earth as the protector of Mary and Jesus; this Saint Joseph, foresaw the emergence of a new empowered, fully liberated ‘Race of the I AM’, which would victoriously end the experiment of duality with much aplomb and success to the very surprise of the ‘expected prophesied end-times’, and begin a new ‘Self-Sovereign World of light’ beyond the principle of duality into the Principle of Oneness! “Inasmuch as he is destined to be the Master of the Aquarian age and the God of Freedom to earth, the Lords of Karma agreed to the master plan with the following stipulation: First they would release the Violet Flame to a certain nucleus of devotees in embodiment, who would vow at inner levels to use the Secret Flame honourably for the blessing and the freedom of all life. If this experiment proved successful, they would allow the knowledge of the Secret Flame to be made available to the masses! “I am here to tell you that the Dispensation could never, never, have been granted for chelas to invoke this Flame outside the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, had it not been for the fact that Saint Germain offered, upon the altar of humanity, the ‘collateral’ of his own personal momentum, of the energies of Freedom and Victory garnered within his soul for thousands and thousands of years! He deposited an indemnity of his entire soul evolution as a surety, a warranty, a security, to the Lords of Karma, to the Brotherhood of Light, before God! For you see, when the Creator and the Lords of Karma granted the Dispensation, through the intercession (the mediation) of this anointed one, they were fully aware that, given free-will and given mankind’s propensity to ‘misuse’ that free-will, it was altogether possible that certain numbers among mankind would misuse these sacred energies as they had done in the past, in the days of the ancient Lemuria and Atlantis. Were this to occur, someone would have to make up the difference!"
Saint Germain speaks to the 7th Ray Violet Fire Beings on earth: “I AM the Chohan of the Seventh Ray and it is to those of you - the Violet Beings - that I look for the inception of the ‘7th Permanent Golden Age of SatYug’ upon earth! And in your lives, in your home, in your work and in your own sanctuary! “Do not ever be mistaken, you are a powerful magnet, drawing to you the masses. You are a role model to them, whether you know it or not! “At first you maybe more interested in the fruit of your endeavour than in the Process by which you have attained your victory in the Light. However, you must come into your full Power now as we require an ‘Army of Light’ to bring this assignment to completion! “To you, my Violet Fire Beings, I give the assignment to initiate “now” the full anchoring of the 7th Golden Age of harmony, peace, beauty, abundance, perfection, manifestation and true Brotherhood --- through the Pathway of the Violet Ray and the Violet Fire from your own heart! Remember, every great thing has had a humble beginning! “I AM Saint Germain, your brother and friend. I have come to claim your soul and the fires of your heart for the establishment of the victorious “Aquarian New Age”! I have set the patterns for your soul’s initiations. “I AM the Path of Freedom, and I AM the God of Freedom! Take this Path and you shall find me there. I AM your Teacher, if you will have me! “From the ‘Ashram of the great Violet Temple’ I send you blessings of joy through the miracles of the Violet Flame of Transmutation and Freedom!”
Lord Jesus Christ speaks: "Finally the Great Shift is in motion! And so, I Bless onward to fulfil its mission to spread The Violet Fire throughout the nations of this world and raise Gaia and its civilization out of the Blind Maze into the glorious permanent 7th Golden Age of Satya Yuga with 100% light quotient for eternity.
No one has descended upon earth this time with any other purpose than to Ascend and be of service to others! ~~~ Lord Sananda



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In HIS Honour!


Sangeeta Handa

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