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Mary, did you know, one day your baby boy would save our sons and daughters?

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Mary, did you know, when you kiss your little baby

You kiss the face of God!

Mary, did you know, your baby boy

Is Lord of all creation?

This picture is the perfect depiction of the scene that occurred 2000+ years ago when Baby Jesus Christ was born. Study it carefully. The 3 Wise Men, Mother Mary, Father Joseph, an Archangel and...guess who? All in all, there were 7 mighty Divine Beings present there in human form.

Lets begin with the

3 Wise Men: who were they?

Balthasar of Arabia, Melchior of Persia, and Caspar of India

Each of the Magi, who came to visit baby Jesus, was an incarnation of one of the Ascended Masters: Caspar, who gave the gift of Gold to Jesus, was an incarnation of Djwarl Khul; Balthasar, who gave the gift of Frankincense to Jesus, was an incarnation of Kuthumi and; Melchior, who gave the gift of Myrrh to Jesus, was an incarnation of El Morya.

Each of the royal gifts, brought by the 3 Ascended Masters of the 3 Monad Rays of God, were extremely potent and important for Lord Jesus's journey through planet earth. For His Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension.

It is no Happenstance that, all of a sudden, 3 Ascended Masters adorning the Form of 3 Kings from Asia, appeared from nowhere! They all belong to the "Great White Brotherhood of God". And, please note, they represented the 3 Monad Rays of God - the Blue Ray 1, the Golden Ray 2, the Pink Ray 3. This was akin to God Himself coming down to welcome His Son upon earth! Just by this you can imagine how supremely vital must have Lord Jesus's incarnation been!

Who was baby Jesus's

Mother and Father?

Search for a mother began in heavens when it was decided it was time for a Messiah to be born -who would be the Mother who would guide Jesus to his mission and be the eyes of the Will Power Protection, at the time of his most crucial point in life. Mary was appointed! A mother that each soul in embodiment would yearn for! The epitome of Motherhood! Bereft, totally of self. Totally sacrificial in love. Unconditional in love. Who embodies all the virtues of God, were He to embody on earth! So perfect was her dedication, devotion, and role as appointed that after this Deva incarnation she was lifted to the portfolio of an Archangel and became "Archangel Mother Mary" of the 5th emerald green Ray 5, along with Archangel Raphaël! Her Twin Ray. Mary is from the 'Angelic Host', and embodied on our planet to exemplify the 'Motherhood of God'. That was her last incarnation as she Ascended, at the final conclusion of her life, without passing through the physical change of death. Her official 'Office in Hierarchy' is of the 'Archeia' (Divine Complement to Archangel) and a 'World Mother'. And her musical note is 'Ave Maria'.

So, who was the Father of Jesus? His very own brother - "Saint Germain"! This shows clearly, how we choose our nearest and dearest to be our parents and siblings! Today, although Beloved Jesus's portfolio is officially over, and the baton has been passed onto his brother Germain, he continuous to work, as the Ascended Master Sananda, with his brother now in official charge. And, as you all know, Saint Germain is the "Commander-In-Chief" in charge of the planet and humanity. His 'Office in Hierarchy' is "Hierarch of the Aquarian Age". He is also known as - God of Freedom - Service to God in life! You may read in depth about your New Leader in his "The Amethyst Tablet" - scribed by many Divine Masters, Lords & Ladies of the Light Hierarchy, commemorating Saint Germain and his dedications.

Who was the

Angel standing behind Mary?

Need it be said? You would know by now he was none other than "Archangel Raphaël" the Twin Flame of Mother Mary. His 'Office in Hierarchy' is 'Archangel of the 5th Ray and Healing of mind body soul and spirit'. It is important to note, the name Raphael means - "God has healed!", and "The Medicine of God!". Is it any wonder, why he was present there with Mary and the new born baby Jesus? Besides of course being the Twin of Mother Mary! He was to play the most important role of "Healing Jesus's body" at the point in time of crucifixion. To ready Jesus's body for the most momentous event of Resurrection. For which, as well, the 3 Gifts of the 3 Ascended Master Magi's would come in handy - the Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh.

Who was the

last Man standing?

Look the picture one again please. On the right, the inconspicuous humble man. He was the "Maha Chohan"! The "Great Lord" of the 7 Rays. Thats why he is called the - Maha Chohan, or the Maha Sahib (an Indian term assigned to him, that which means - the Master). The Divine Glossary is incredibly filled with Hindi (Indian) language words. Maha means the great. Now, importantly, besides being the Master Leader of all the Chohans of the 7 Rays, he is the "Representative of the Holy Spirit", or the "Holy Ghost", to earth planet. He is the 4th Maha Chohan on earth; all of the 3 before him, on completion of their Office in Hierarchy, ascended and returned (merged back with) to the Heart of God. Maha Chohan's Ray or Sacred Fire is - The White Fire Core of all Rays! In one of his previous incarnation, he was a humble shepherd on the hillsides of Himalayas in India, keeping the White Core Flame for millions of humanity. This Flame is also called the 'Comfort Flame' and the Maha Chohan is thereby known as well as "The Comforter".

Jesus with His Guru - Lord Maitreya

Lord Maitreya was the Teacher and Guru of not just Jesus Christ but also Saint Germain and the Great Divine Director of Authority (the Chieftain Lord of Karma). He was Lord Krishna, the God of Krishna Consciousness who lived in India. He was also Melchizedek. Moreover, Lord Maitreya's greatest attainment was his embodiment as Lord Himalaya. Yes, he is Lord Himalaya and his retreat is above the Himalayas. His 'Office in Hierarchy' is the "Office of the Cosmic Christ" and, he works under Lord Gautama Buddha (The Lord Logos of Earth). He was the 'Initiator' of Jesus, as Jesus lived his last embodiment as the Individualization of Christ. Lord Maitreya was a Teacher and Guru to Jesus and therefore Jesus called him 'Father' - as he symbolized God the Father! He is outstanding in appearance; he has violet eyes, silver hair and adorns a white robe. He guided and advised the Ministry of Jesus but did not overshadow him, as some believe. There wasn't one body with two souls in Jesus. Lord Maitreya enfolded Jesus in his Cosmic Christ Flame to assist Jesus in manifesting the Christ Consciousness. He initially entered earth, from Venus, with Lord Sanat Kumara, by responding to Sanat Kumara's call to descend and save humanity from extinction. Lord Buddha was also one of the beings who accompanied Lord Sanat Kumara down to planet Earth, as Thoth.

At the point of Crucifixion, Jesus Christ underwent the 4th Initiation, which is the 'Initiation of Crucifixion and Renunciation' (Light Quotient - 80% to 82%). According to Alice A. Bailey, for most people at the Fourth Initiation -crucifixion is symbolic as a severe life-test of renunciation, but for Jesus - it was Literal!!! On its completion one becomes 'The Perfected One' - an 'Arhat' or, 'ParamHamsa' with complete mastery over the Buddhic Body thereby, entering then the 'Atmic Plane of Nirvana'.

The next Initiation is when Ascension occurs, which Jesus achieved thereafter in 40 days. That's the 5th level Initiation, which is called 'Reaching The Source". Herein one becomes the Avatar or Ascended Master - 83% to 92% Light Quotient.

It is believed in the Ascended Master Teachings that when Jesus ascended, 40 days after his Resurrection in Judaea, he levitated as an Ascended Master to Kashmir in the Himalayas of India. Where he lived until he was 81, and then, ascended to Shamballah to be with the Lord of the World, Lord Sanat Kumara.

Activities between the ages of

12 to 30 years

To prepare for his ministry, Jesus first studied at the Brotherhood of Luxor (a mystery school in Egypt), and then went to India (to the Himalayas) to study under the Great Divine Director, Maitreya (who was also Lord Himalaya), as well as with the then Lord Manu of the 4th Root Race.

Present Times

Jesus, Lord Sananda, handed over his post as the Chohan of the Ruby 6th Ray to his Twin - Lady Nada (Mary Magdalene) on Dec 31st, 1955. And since Jan 1st 1956, Jesus adorned the mantle of 'Word Teacher', along with Lord Kuthumi - a portfolio earlier held by Lord Maitreya. His official 'Office in Hierarchy' now is of the "Cosmic Christ" - and he is the "Director of the Immortal Power of the Cosmic Christ".

Mary, did you know,

Mary, did you know that your baby boy

Would one day walk on water?

Mary, did you know that your baby boy

Would save our sons and daughters?

Did you know that your baby boy

Has come to make you new?

This child that you delivered, will soon deliver you

Mary, did you know that your baby boy

Will give sight to a blind man?

Mary, did you know that your baby boy

Will calm the storm with his hand?

Oh Mary Did you Know?

Its a night of Silence, Contemplation, Meditation, & immense Gratitude

for a LORD that suffered our karma

went onto the cross and beared the pain

so we may be


one day, soon!




(to Honour the MOTHER who immaculately conceived our LORD)




wishes all its patrons


(enjoy the photos below, as the Train is arriving with Lord Sananda and Lord Saint Germain)



our Commander-In-Chief

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Mulțumesc cu iubire și recunoștință 🤗💜🙏☀️


Dec 27, 2023
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So beautiful this message. Thnx So much dearest Sangeeta and Love and Light to everyone ❣️


Dec 27, 2023
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So beautiful this message. Thnx So much dearest Sangeeta and Love and Light to everyone ❣️


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Merry Christmas, Thanks for the wonderful article💖


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Dearest Sangeeta, Merry Christmas!.Love you and thank you for all you do. A wonderful Article, it has filled in some gaps for me. Big Hug Priya

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