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"MAHA MA LAKSHMI" SPEAKS: It is Her FULL MOON & Sharad Purnima. She is coming...get ready!

" I AM your Maha Ma Lakshmi Mataa! And here I AM scribing to you my special Note":

"Are you ready to receive Me? Because I AM coming! Yes, it is Me and I AM coming to you - inside you. You do not need to go outside to receive Me. Please be comfortable in your sacred space of your Temple that you have created to pay homage to Me and you shall feel Me.

"Now ... India is filled with won-derful and one-derfilled stories of us. It's amusing to us but, because you have so endearingly created these lovely fables we are inspired to mostly fulfill them, to honour your devotion towards us. Yes, myths and mythology have the potential of manifesting truly because of your singular focus upon it which en-livens the Flame of Manifestation. It empowers us, the Creator in all its aspects, to make them come true. Love and belief, when singular and concentrated, creates the environment for Manifestation. Your LOVE precipitates its manifestation ... into your lives! Love is Feeling not emotion. Rise above emotions so you enter the Divine Space of Feelings. Feelings are non-dual whereas, emotions have the dual side.

"So, you can imagine the Power generated by Indians ( a community of maximum souls incarnate as Indians across your beautiful planet ) when they all focus their LOVE upon Me! I COME! Your LOVE is what is needed for us to come!

"And so, just before you purify your beautiful forms and environment to officially receive Me on Diwali, I Come personally on this Full Moon and Sharad Purnima as My GIFT to your devotion of Me! Diwali is a "Grand Celebration of Me" by you - I honour this and so, I wish to Gift you in return for this Love by appearing Myself through the Silver Light of the mystical planet Moon when this goddess blooms into her fullest glory raining the Divine Light (of us) upon your lovely Gaia, also our blessed daughter!

Sharad Purnima tithi timing - Oct 13, 12:36 pm Sunday

"On the night of October 13th (in India, IST timing) at 2:37 am (Oct 14th), when Lady Moon flowers into her full blossom, I MATA LAKSHMI and your SAFFRON VISHNU NARAYAN shall together appear to Bless you! We honour your Love and can see your focused devotion! We wish to Gift you too with our Love! I AM the GOD-Aspect of LIGHT & ABUNDANCES! My Consort VISHNU is the PRESERVER-ASPECT of all creations. Once God creates a manifestation it must thereafter be preserved in all its glory! Saffron Vishnu Bhagwan is the Preserver to whom you pray when you need anything in your life so you can live your life well in GOD's creation and fulfil your purpose for taking birth. HE, answers your Prayers! He, hears your Prayers! No Prayer is ever gone unheard! Never! Then I step in, on His Command, to bring that wish into fruition for you!

"When Sharad Purnima starts (timing mentioned in the caption above) the sacred space is created by you to receive Me. You may fast, pray, but know this : its the Flame from your heart and soul that is seen by us! Only pure Feelings reach us. This is why I say: You dont need to go to any outside place to pray. You create the Temple in your space, within. The Flame of your Devotion, filled with Love, comes only from "within" you. And that's where WE receive you!

"Be in this Space to receive Me and Narayan. You dont need to ask for anything either; WE are coming to GIVE you! Your reward!

"Yes, do keep a bowl of water, and sweet milk, before you or at your Altar of worship at home. And it shall be blessed by us! Drink it then as OUR NECTAR, ELIXIR, AMRIT, through which your body shall strengthen to face the energies showering-in as per the Divine Plan to trans-mutate and change the very atomic structure of your Form so you can be the Miracle no universe has yet experienced! We 'Know' what you deserve and you shall receive it but, be worthy of our GIFT is all that is needed because, though it shall be given to all - your 'karmic record' will ascertain how much you can receive in your life! The more space you have empty - the more of our Gift can be accommodated!

"Drink your "Moon Drink" charged by Me & Narayan through the silvery Light of the Moon goddess and be-come Powerful, Complete, Whole, & Fulfilled! You are ONE not half! You are rich and empowered, see it, live it!

"Be empty to Receive ME & Narayan! See you in your space!"


"Om Shreem Hreem Shreem, Maha Lakshmi Narayan Namahe"

PS: and now this is me (sangeeta) speaking: copied from the Newsletter, in case you havent read it -

"We have just passed the Celestial Portal of 10:10 and didn't it go unexpectedly smooth? Not much discomfort. The Schumann Resonance was at its lowest ever too. But today I awoke to a swollen body...and whola, guess what? The Schumann Resonance was on its rapid ascent, once again. No wonder! Then on making my morning tea as I opened the inbox, discovered the reason why the Influx of Cosmic Light had speeded up! Wow, boom!

 SHE Is coming!!! HE Is coming!!!

And the ground was being readied to receive the Lord God of Abundances and Life Preservation! No wonder!!! Delighted....THEN .... She so sweetly asked me to write HER NOTE to all life on planet Gaia. Now, before I go there, two days ago Maha Mummy (as I call Her) Lakshmi Ma instructed me:

"Dear child, in our latest LIGHT VEDA (THE AMETHYST TABLET) We wish to include the Tantric Symbols of Wealth on separate pages, at the very end of the Book. Empower them, on Sharad Purnima and OUR Full Moon now, then post them within the eBook. Instruct the buyers about the Sacred Geometry included and inform them to keep a print-out of the Yantras (with the original colours and laminate them) on their Altar of worship, where also their Money should be physically kept. The direction doesn't matter as all is One with us. These Powerful Yantras, empowered by you and us, shall move the energy in their lives in such a way that Money becomes a regular flow in their lives. Lord God (us in composite energy) has already spoken in-depth about Money, given His Mantra too, in the LIGHT VEDA. Wherein it has been explained why the flow is limited or even absent altogether in many lives of the human race. They must read that note very consciously and make the changes needed to make sacred space available for Money In-Flow Infinity!"

This Special Dispensation is so special! I sat up the entire night and included the Divine Geometry, These very very special Yantras were given to me last year in the Himalayas of Kashmir. I had printed them and placed them as directed (different from what SHE has instructed you) and - MAGIC would be an underestimated word to describe what happened, all of this year! No one would understand the "how" of it as it is astounding! Same Sacred Divine Designs are now being gifted to all the buyers. If you have bought the LIGHT VEDA please email me and i shall prepare your pdf and email back. Do as SHE instructed above. But, as Her Article says, you must be ready for the Gift. Follow Her Words, Her Message in the article (scribed above).


  If you haven't bought the LIGHT VEDA - click here:

PS: I have just received the first Printed HardCover copy! It shall be placed in the Altar for receiving Maha Mata Lakshmi & Saffron VishnuJi's Blessings tomorrow on Sharad Purnima and Full Moon. Thereafter, on Their Instructions, I shall know if it can be sold as a Hard Copy. This is a big achievement to finally acquire the "right printer" to do the needful! She told me today to go and get it printed and, be ready with Book for Her and His Blessings on Their arrival. And bingo, the printer's name was given! I have supervised the printout and now, its night here, im now going back to bring Home the first original Edition MasterPiece of THE LIGHT VEDA in hardcopy!

So, NAMASTE, and next we speak I shall have the Sacred Violet Book with me, blessed by God Vishnu & Lakshmi! With the Divine Geometry activated within!

Sangeeta Handa

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