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LIGHT is becoming STRONGER

The inlet of the Plasma External Light, in 2022, the year of the TRANSITIONAL SPLIT (for the already ascending human beings) has been inexplicably stepped up. Way beyond human fathomability!

The reason for which is actually two-fold. First being the defiant energies of the collective who obstinately remain in the 3D Matrix and disallow Light to be absorbed. And the second being, the 'advancing humans' require higher and higher Codes of Light Activation to move ahead. They are progressing at rapid speeds of evolution and, for them to move fully from the Transitional Split into the 5D+ Crystalline Form, there is a constant requirement for upgrades in Light Codings. Their Internal Plasma is building potently and demands the External Plasma keep in-step with their transmutation. To comprehend this fully, please ensure you have read and re-read “The Blue Sapphire Tablet of the Blue Ray 1” (link provided at the end). The Tablet expounds the Quantum Physics in lay language, necessary for all to understand and imbibe well the mechanics of change.

Now, if you are ‘on the Path’ know you shall experience severe “Ascension Symptoms”, unlike what many are propounding, coz the carbon-based Template (the 666 carbon-atom template) wasn’t readied to change into the Light Crystal-based Form without undergoing the normal norm of physical death. This process of the Ascension, is first time ever ... with physical bodies to New Golden Age (the Satya Yuga or SatYug) of 5D reality! The resultant twisting of Form (physical body) into accepting, absorbing, integrating, upgrading to the highest potential unprecedented is the biggest experiment being undertaken. Therefore, do not depress on experiencing the onslaught of Light’s side effects. It is comforting to know the reason why its occuring, and that others are undergoing it as well so, you don't feel alone. This is the purpose of my sharing information with you all, thru website and more frequently thru FB, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Do join me there as well for regular updates.

Moreover. Be not mistaken, everyone verily is receiving the gift of the Upgraded Light but the evolution of one determines whether, Light enters one’s body or shall be denied entry. What comes in the way of stopping it, is Free-Will! The human will is being applied by consciously evolving humans too…and still! The Vaccines was the Test! However, much about this has already been written on this website, and thru my daily posts on social media therefore, more needn’t be mentioned! And so, some shall be Blessed for surrendering to the WILL and others, unfortunately will be made to face the Lord of Karma’s (Shani or Saturn's) renderings and consequences.

The Great Shift is rapidly underway and nothing can stop it. Not even the fraying attempts of the Dark, anymore! The Dark managed to delay the Process but cannot stop it, nor pause it. These past two years, the Dark has been aggressively dictating and controlling almost every aspect of human life and, continuously trying to tell - what is right and what is wrong. The Darkness doesn’t want to accept that the TRUTH is only ONE! SatNaam! Truth is the Name of GOD! And. God is transforming, changing its creations and so shall it be!

Antique is no longer priceless

Old wine is no longer more valuable

Antique is indeed being antiquated!

The 3D Matrix is now antiqued!

That is the old wine of the False Reality, the hypnotic state of zombiness of the collective by the aggressive manipulative dictatorial Dark with its Darkest Agenda of human slavery, depravation, disease and eventual debauched ugly termination of the masses in the most inconceivable degradable degenerate immoral merciless manner. But no longer! This Planetary Lockdown (though effectively manipulated by the Dark) had a reverse and uplifting effect on the collective, enough to not just awaken the many to the fake veil but, energize them into taking stock and breaking the chain of hypnotic subliminal (and blatant) control and subjugation. The Domino is falling down, and nothing can stop it now! This planet has suffered long enough to become liberated and finally experience and feel, what is a true Joy Freedom and Equanimity! Humankind is winning over the Darkness. And. Indeed, God is changing its Creations and Divine Intervention is upon us! It's time now to Stay the Path! Hold on and march forward with the Great Shift!

Fulfil your Destiny

Now. Solar Activity is above and beyond the precedence. This month of the number 2 shall see much in completion for the Transitionally Splitting humans. Many of you must well be anchored in the 5D+ bubble and experiencing its silence, emptiness, stillness. Even getting bored, bereft of all drama. When you go out of the Bubble pls wear your Protective Gear of masks etc so not to get rattled by the vastly diverse and greatly divisive energies of the 3D Matrix. The Virus is an Evil Bullet and you don’t need to experience its wrath. You don’t need the experience of the Bullet invading your purifying healing upgrading Form. It would certainly pull down your upgrades and make you start all over again.

This month of February is a potent month of many Portals that relate to number 2, with this being a triple 2 number year. Today, 02:02:2022, then 20:02:2022, and finally 22:02:2022. Please keep in mind the 0, Shuniya (in Sanskrit), is the Number of GOD and the Zero (0) makes all other numbers, it comes in contact with, more powerful and impactful. Thereby, amplifying the power and potency of 222. Keep these Power Dates in mind, as they are Portals for Ascension into 5D+ octave of Satya Yuga.

Now, returning to the Sun’s Activity - the Sun is currently sheltering Sun Spots which are sizzling with impending further “M-Class” flares and the possibility of the most powerful of flares—the “X-Class” Flares. If stronger “M-Class” flares or a potent “X-Class” flare occurs, the planetary activations will certainly register at “STORM” level. The ranges of the “KP Index” can be either “quiet”, “unsettled”, “storm”, or “severe”. So get ready to brace! Last 2 days have been intolerable with the Light streaming in thru the Sun. You must be experiencing severe symptoms of terrible headaches, tremendous eye pressure (even swelling of eyes), temple pressure, indigestion, burps, farts, loose motions or constipation, rapid heart palpitations, nausea, dizziness, lethargy etc. Therefore, this timely knowing of the Sun Activity shall serve as your meridian of understanding and release all fears. Know your body is accepting absorbing integrating and distributing the Light well and consequently, causing the 'transmutation' for upgrading your body. So, the symptoms are welcome, aren’t they?

Therefore, relax, take time off major activity and involvements. Indulge however in the celebration of your evolution garnering speed!

With God’s Speed may we move onward and forward, up the ladder of Ascension!

Life on earth (a 3D Matrix) is like a Coin

You win on one side only. However, if you make it One (holding the coin vertically and viewing from the between two sides), you win tails and heads.

To make it One (non-dual) you need to attain Freedom.

To attain Freedom you need to Ascend out of the 3rd Dimension.

A prerequisite to Ascension is attainment of Androgyneity!

A state where your Kundalini has fully risen, sexual organs are no longer needed for gratification, you are not any gender, you are in fact No Division within nor outside. You have mastered the lower 3 chakras, merged from the Heart Chakra up into the Higher Chakras. You have collapsed the divisional bodies (physical, mental emotional body) and merged into One White Body (one White Flame) of Ascension.

You have become ANDROGYNOUS

You have become SHIVA!

Life then is a winner, whether it be tails or heads

Because ... you are no longer a coin!

Lord Shiva in the picture is creating Universes and thru His right hand He is about to dispatch one planet into His Multi-Universes.

The symbology you know well, if you have read His "Blue Sapphire Tablet".


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