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When you reach the Finishing Line of this embodiment, and are presented to your Guide, pray the Book of this life isn’t as thin a menu card folder. That would be the most embarrassing moment of your existence! You can stop that from happening now…here, whilst you still have years in time on earth.

May your first words standing before the Lord be:

“I have fought the good fight

I have Finished the Race

I have kept the Faith!

Now there is in store for me

The Crown of Righteousness!”

Time is running out! We are in the last leg of the most important run. Anyone can be called out of the race at any time. Keep running … within!

If you walk in the Spirit, the Spirit will light your path….guide your every breath thru this last leg of 4 years…help you climb over and past all hurdles…monitor your fuel… and, just when you’re going to give-up, push your body past the endurance,…thrust you just enough to continue running the Path within….make you get-up-and-go….motivate your desire to continue … wipe your tears of exhaustion … be the impetus, to Finish the Race!

His Voice shalt Guide you thru the journey!

He knows the course. He wants to Guide you!

All you need is to Surrender, to His Will! Obey His Call to Purity of Purpose! Never get tempted by the flesh! Know when to say No…and when to run away from temptations!

Our Father wants to Guide us thru the Holy Spirit! If we listen, we shalt run at the right pace…we shall know what to do when…and what not to do…we shall be led, in which direction to move…and, how to avoid the pitfalls!

If we Surrender and Obey His WILL , we shall win the Race!

He shalt indeed give us His Power to Stay the Course!

Let us forsake All that hinders our Race, and say 'No' to temptations that so entangle us easily! And let us Run with Perseverance the Race marked out for us!

And so, when we stand before the Lord in His Home, as He welcomes us with open arms, the Book of our Life handed over to Him, is immensely heavy upon the arms of the Bearer! Impressively heavy and loaded with much ado about everything!

And then we can say, with humble pride:

"I have fought the good fight.

I have Finished the Race.

I have kept the Faith!

Now there is in store for me the Crown of Righteousness!”


Sangeeta Handa

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