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Behind every Free woman is Herself! In a 3D matrix, if a woman Free's herself by herself, and, she stands truly physically without anyone (no husband, no family), she has moved past the 3D matrix, through the sheer Will to extricate, as she has called upon her Soul and Guides for help and is being helped by the Universe. And. She has Plunged into the seas of the Unknown, the Uncharted, thru sheer Faith in God!


For a woman (and here we are talking only about women, being Women's Day today) extricating with a husband (and children) its a different connotation...a different scenario. She is then simply jumping within the 3D...the picture attached depicts quite succinctly - liken to jumping from one pan to another but remaining yet within the confines of the 3D construct. Yes, I am referring to the present drama being played out in the public - fodder for entertainment to most! Harry and Meghan's exit from one drama into another as they haven't extricated from the Matrix at all! Jumping or changing scenarios within the matrix is not considered to be Freedom! There is a Big difference between the two scenarios!

Fear not the Unknown....that is our major test before the ultimate "Leap of Faith". Isn't it ironical, the Tarot Card - the Fool -in reality, truly depicts the Leap of Faith?

For in our 3D world ... ... such a Soul is called a fool!

And this is exactly why ... ... You need to be BRAVE to be a FOOL!


Become an ANDROGYNOUS Fool!

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