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Lack of 'Romantic Love' in a 3D Matrix is a "Fable of True Tragedy"

Just finished watching "Spencer", the film. I know how the world thinks of Diana...but you my Light Tribe, what do you think of her life and her as a human? The movie Spencer, delicately portrayed her highly self-dramatized life in one short(est) span of a Christmas weekend....

A Fable of a true tragedy

The question, the world individually should ask themselves is: We all chose tragedy in our lives however....isn't there a reason we so chose it?

To dwell in it?

To be victimized by it?

To focus exclusively upon such a life as a Tragedy?

A suffering that juiced all love from us?

Broke us completely and reduced us to a dwarf bioshell bereft of a Soul?

Did we choose tragedy so that we experience 'love conditional' as all that there is and, if we don't have such a love then we are unloved, unlovable, all alone?


Did we choose Tragedy as an Opportunity to evolve higher and beyond!

A loveless marriage, artificial lifestyle, an 'other woman', betrayal, unfaithfulness, cold environment....but, beautiful and doting children, beautiful temple of the soul (body and looks), abundances in luxury, wealth, royalty, fame, fortune, love from the entire world, queen of hearts title, opportunities to ample charity and ample opportunities with means to truly "make a difference" in the world, be of service to humanity....all that verily makes Life worth Living with Joy and immense Gratitude for all that one has Contracted afore birth and received to the fullest in effortless manifestation upon earth. Yes, such was the wonderful Contract Plan conceived by Diana. She gave herself the Perfect Environment for the coming lifetime to "Make a Dent" in the heartless, soulless Matrix by injecting Love Beautiful into the hearts and life's of hungry bioshells who need a Role Model to emulate; whilst she would immaculately play her Love Magic upon the psyches of mankind leading them away from Victimization and Blame-Game; and be inspired to rise above the Matrix of pain into the Octave of Love and Light.

She Contracted, in consonance with this mission, all the ingredients that would be needed to become a "Queen of Hearts" and raise the vibrations of the sufferers, and the dwellers in suffering, to such glorious heights of freedom and joy. She chose her Beauty very carefully, knowing, humankind are swayed heavily by the density of physical beauty. She chose Royalty as her carriage to opportunities for service, charity, fame, and mass reach. She chose a Materially Wealthy life, by birth and thru marriage, to capacitate the completion of her Mission with ease. Lastly, but most importantly, she chose Lack of Romantic Love deliberately and meticulously, to 'ensure' she does not stray away from her Cause. Why, you may ask? Because fulfillment of 'requital love' is the breeding ground for complacency and Mission Abortment! Think about this! Most Light Tribers have not received completion in Romantic Love upon earth, this time. Nor in family love. Both of which serve as - "Some Acts of Kindness can be Crippling instead of Charity!" This is explained well in "Your Final Appointment With Destiny" - as that is the Earth Tablet which explains the anguish of Romantic Love thru a Spiritual Narrative, leading the reader into an evolution of Higher Love and Freedom. Thats why its called - "The Earth Tablet".

Having this background information, would you then label such a life as - "A Fable of a True Tragedy"?

Romantic Love is a 3D Matrix construct

She was assigned "Divine Protection" if she were to fulfil her Grand Mission upon descent. She suffered lack of love from family and marriage. As Contracted! But received all the ingredients necessary to fulfill her Mission - royalty, monies infinite, luxury, beauty, immense fame, instant fame, magnetic powers to attract hypnotically the hearts of the masses....all ingredients to bake her cake to perfection! As Contracted! Then came along, somewhere in between, the (Forbidden) Fruit, for the fruit cake. By adding this ingredient, the cake was to develop its ultimate flavour that titled it as a Fruit Cake! This was the Golden Opportunity, which thru its loss and immense pain, would enforce the human to Awaken to its Mission. This was added as the Flavour to ensure the Mission was not aborted! But! Here, the unfortunate occured!

This most important ingredient, when injected, caused the opposite reaction! Instead of Awakening the bioshell and allowing its Soul to be integrated, necessary to fire-up and kick-start the Contracted Mission, the injection poisoned the body and mind of the human. It contaminated the vibration and pulled it down to its lowest possible denominator. The potential was to lift the mind and body to an Awakening, but sadly it became the core and cause of Devolution and Involution. She fell into victimhood, revengefulness, spitefulness, constant weeping, self-pitying, chasing astrologers and mediums, increasing her despondency and dependency to pathetic levels of ugliness and mental incapacitation ... as well as manipulation (of media especially) and enactments of selfish pursuits where even her children were left to watch their mother break into pieces. The movie Spencer quietly reveals this aspect that is shocking to watch!

The 'Contracted Lack' led to

an UnContracted Divorce

Remember the environment of 'Royalty' and 'Prosperity' was the mandatory platform from which she was to execute her Mission with ease. The 'Lack of Romantic Love' was necessary platform for her to focus exclusively upon spreading the Love Vibration of God's Light efficiently. Her immense beauty of Form was the tool that would magnetize the hearts of humanity toward her irrevocably. But what happened? She took the Wrong Turn! She fought for all things UnContracted to revoke her Contract! She fought for Divorce...she fought to get out of Royalty....she fought tooth and nail for a love she had 'not contracted to receive'.... she even abused her tool of beauty and .... suffered indescribable emotional pain that, instead of lifting her to positivity drove her into a highly toxic and undesirable space from which there was only one way out .... read more to know.

As she turned to loves' uncontracted, flesh satiations, manipulations, retaliations, revenge, her vibration became increasingly consumed by Darkness irreversible! At this point, the Divine Protection was no longer deserved .... and so, was withdrawn!

Mission Aborted

Divine Protection Aborted

When this point is reached, where the Protection of a person with a 'Higher Light Mission' is withdrawn, the Dark Legions rush in to capture the Soul that has generic higher strands of Light.

And that is exactly what happened that Fated night!

The driver was at the very last minute changed....a car was sent to derail the vehicle carrying the 'aborted mission bioshell'.....the Fatal Accident occurred ....and, the Lifetime of a Soul was terminated at an instant!

On earth, the masses continue to be hypnotically mesmerized by the Persona that came to Capture...enmeshed are they yet in the vibration of physicality....even the spirit(d)ual tribe....and see only the remnants of what she came here for!

This was a mighty Soul that Contracted confidently a Grand Plan!

Descended into the Deadly Matrix of Illusions

but ...

the minute, the biggest Challenge was injected into her life ...

Heaven's lost Entry

and ....

Illusion took over!

There was then only one way out, and that was through ...


This is why the BluePrint of Gaia is known infamously as

the most Deadly Fatal BluePrint of the


Upon entry into this chosen entropy and cabal made 3D Matrix

even the most advanced of souls

Go to Sleep!

And go to sleep this Queen of Hearts did!



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