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Planet Earth celebrates (each year) its Birthday on July 26th, when our Sun is in the 'Constellation of Leo'. At this junction, the Leo Constellation aligns with the "Pyramid Complex at Giza". But that's not all, a major Connection occurs on this day that which bears the greatest significance for our planet.


The Royal LION'S GATEWAY is the "VIOLET FIRE PATHWAY" between Sirius and Earth

To know all about the Sirius Star System and its connection with earth please read "THE EMERALD TABLET - THE VOICE OF SILENCE" by Thoth, Saint Germain, and Buddha. The link is provided at the end.

Some of the most powerful 'Sirian Masters', who descended upon our planet to help guide & teach humanity throughout Earth’s history and evolution, are from Sirius: Lord Buddha (the god of our planet Gaia), Lord Sananda (known to us as Jesus), Lord Kuthoomi, even Lucifer, Lord El Morya, Lord Manu, the Great Director of Authority (Chieftain Lord of Karma for earth), Lord Sanat Kumara, Thoth, Seshata, etc.

It were the Sirians who first taught us about the "Christ Consciousness" and introduced the Technology of "33rd Degree of Ascension into Christ Consciousness". And this 'Golden Light' emanates from the GREAT CENTRAL SUN. Whilst the 'Blue Light' from Sirius is the "God Consciousness" of the Zero-Point Frequency.


“Sirius has played a large role in the history of Earth and its human civilization, not just at its seeding stage, or during the settlements of Lemuria and Atlantis, but its influence and presence has been felt evidentially during the Egyptian and Inca civilizations. The Sirians visited both the Egyptian and the Mayan societies and gave much advanced astronomical and medical information. They helped to build the Pyramidal network system that originates in Egypt and extends through the Mayan civilization to the rest of our planet. Moreover, they guided the construction of temples in Egypt and Peru along with the many tunnels and pathways to the inner Earth. In the future, they will be involved in establishing the new Golden Age on Earth.”

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Now, in this corridor of 'July 26th up to August 12th', both Christ and God Consciousness are showered upon earth and its human race, as a Gift from the Source. So those interested in awakening, are supported fully and immediately by the Consciousness. This indeed is the Gateway that serves as a major opportunity for mankind to end their dualistic blueprint of the 'I AM NOT'; the Gameplan mankind entered into millions and millions of decades ago; and, rise into the higher frequency of their 'Monadic BluePrint' of the "I AM"!


So throughout the history of human evolution, the Sirian Masters have descended to teach us the process of ascension, the science of ascension, the pathway to ascension, the technology of the 33rd degree of ascension. The last of who walked in Form amongst us (in the early period of the Egyptian Pharaohs) were: Thoth as the god of Khem (ancient Egypt) who introduced writing along with his partner Seshata - who introduced language, as well as the medium of measurement and mathematics (necessary for the construction of the Pyramids - the sacred holographic geometry), followed by the hugely famous Akhenaton and his much oblivious mysterious second wife Kiya (whose very name and existence was completely obliterated by the demonic energy of the famous Nefertiti).

KIYA - KAIA the second unknown wife of Akhenaton

This last famous Pharaoh introduced the "Principle of Oneness - the One God" and the worship of the Sun God – ATON, who is the "I AM Presence" of the 'Great Central Sun'. AKHEN-ATON introduced and popularized the Emblem of Sirius – the Ankh! Ankh is the "Gematrian Sirian Symbol" of the Infinity Consciousness of the Creator God !

On July 26th the "Gateway from Sirius" opens allowing the highly coded Sirian Energies to permeate onto Earth until August 12th. In between we have the Sacred 8:8 Lion's Portal. I shall pen a separate note on this nearer to the date.


"The best time for connecting closely with the energies of Sirius is when the Moon is full in the House of Leo. The Leonine Sirian Full Moon is the time for a 'Close Encounter' of the paranormal kind with the Sirian Forces.”

And we have just experienced this exceptional SIRIAN FULL MOON! Hope you may have received some wonderful sensations on this SuperNormal day. If not, do not sweat as sometimes, it takes time for us to consciously become aware of something that transpired earlier or of a message delivered earlier but the sign of which we felt, saw, or heard later. Be observant of anything, however minuscule, that manifests unexpectedly in your life.

The PATHWAY to SIRIUS is via the Power of the "VIOLET FIRE" with its leading Gematrian number at 7 whilst, the POWER of SIRIUS (with its Gematrian number 0) is the "BLUE FIRE" of the Zero-Point Frequency, also known as the ...

Blue Fire

of the

Lion Consciousness

“I AM the Power of 7 - TIMES - 7”

“I AM the Power of Instantaneous TRANSMUTATION”