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It is the SELFISH HUMAN who evolves the fastest! And, the "Maha Atma" of Gandhiji speaks from across

It is the SELFISH who evolve the fastest! And the "Maha Atma" of Gandhiji speaks from the Spirit World.
The KINGDOM of GOD lies on route HighWay O WITHIN

If you make Spirituality your livelihood then you get caught up in the "Antediluvian Energy", exactly what needs to be annihilated and purified.

No one is your teacher on earth in form! Do not think you need classes & workshops to awaken! As a student, you remain in that 'waiting room'! To "Know" you have all the information around you that can trigger you. Yes, let's talk first of information available physically around you. Here you get free information all the time. On the internet, you can google and get a lot of duality so, you need discernment powers and discriminatory intelligence, therefore, be careful! Books you can buy worldwide. That's when you pay! You need NO HUMAN GURU to feed you! You are simply too conditioned to being fed rather than hunting by yourself!

Yes, earth is a Graduation School! But, here you are posited to "UN-learn" in order to graduate! Not learn. So you see - you need no classes! Teachers, leave us kids alone!

Thus, by making spirituality your business, upon whose shoulders you are enjoying wealth, you are being of dis-service to humanity. Esp, at this time of THE GREAT SHIFT! When we must guide all to go only WITHIN!

Someone just wrote on my post (in FB): You need a teacher to guide you to your Light! Ok, if you "need" that (really?) even at this stage of the very last incarnation after hundreds of rebirths then, knock on God's Door to allow Him to give you an Ascended Master or a Spirit Guide. NO HUMAN! Most teachers here have paused their growth by making spirituality their regular money platform. The FIRST RULE in uncovering and unlearning is: NO OUTSIDE SOURCE! When you attain certificates from classes and courses in spirituality, where you have especially received the Teachers Certificate, you begin to think now you can 'more than recover your cost' thru teaching (and this is what the human teachers tell you again and again) so you start a class. One more added to the mess of crowded 'Antideluvian Energy'. Instead of purging this energy, you have added to it!

This teacher has had no time to absorb, integrate, reflect, imbibe, become the Knowledge; which thru experience, over time and much self-application, turns into Wisdom. So, this teacher is "NOT awakened" but, in 'want' of money, goes out to teach other "like-positioned energies in slumber". NO ONE LESS THAN AN "ASCENDED MASTER" CAN TEACH YOU! Why are you paying to gain zero? When the Real Teachers are in plenty within you! An Ascended Master lies within! That's where you find your Teacher! This is when your payment is in Kind only! Self Mastery. Self Investment. Self Application. Self Effort.

But this is far "tooo much" for most to do therefore they think taking a class is a short-cut to Moksh! Really? If it were that easy, all would be ascended masters on earth and, moreover, earth would not be a Graduation School but a Retreat of Leisure.

How many of you, after taking any class have consistently applied the techniques to a Kundalini Awakening? None, you jump to another new class. So all that most are doing here on earth is: Taking classes after classes, spending money and more money, and then complaining they don't have the riches promised!

The Sacred Geometry of Abundance Infinite I gave to all who bought THE LIGHT VEDA, also included a disclaimer: Only if you have been working diligently on emptying your baggage will the Yantras of Tantric Supreme Power of Instantaneous Manifestation work its Miracle. Otherwise, they will present themselves as sheer pretty pictures.

The ones to lose FAITH before God are who have invested in "quick fixes"! They expected a lot from the "outside", into which they laid their faith but, got nothing! Promises remained empty noises made by human teachers. Mis-allurement indeed!
Faith is held by a true adept. He has earned money that is infinite! He has realized the Source of this sheer material paper and adopted a new rightful perspective to ensure the supply is in-finite! He has AWAKENED to Within and turned the intangible wealth first into Wisdom that in turn turned his supply medium into infinite. This money-energy never never never leaves you!

When I was in communication with the Energy that once birthed as our Maha Atama Gandhi, he told me: "I wish I had made time to be within when on earth! I lost the biggest one opportunity to attain Moksh in that energy incarnate. No one's mission on earth is more important than to "Awaken himself first" and thereafter, be of piercing effective service to all. But Freedom of India positioned itself before me, before I could attain my own freedom, and I chose the outside as my priority. I became a "Maha Atma" on earth but in truth, my followers went further and farther in evolution than I! They climbed the ladder of Moksh whilst I remained embroiled in resolving the struggle and conflict energy. And finally, that conflict energy ended my life! India got its Freedom and crowned me as its saviour. I attained my trophy here, as most humans strive for but, my true Trophy was lost in choice!"

Well, it looks to us like a sensible choice or no choice at all but, I understand when one is in spirit form and retrospects the whole picture appears quite different! But to hear GandhiJi say this highlights the "non-dual importance of making the choice for self-investment first"! This is why the one big-time Wisdom Pearl says: "It is the selfish who attain Freedom!" As it is imperative to make YOU your focus first then and only then can you be of true service to another. A beggar cannot give alms! Maybe Gandhiji's service to the Freedom of India would have adorned a whole new energy had he attained his moksh first. Maybe he would not have been shot and so lived longer to restore India to its rightful path. We know now where Gandhiji went wrong. Coz of some of his decisions then - we are suffering greatly as a nation. This was coz his decisions came not from a perfected human and so mistakes are inevitable. Man is short-sighted when not wholly awakened. And such mighty decisions, of the greatest magnitude concerning a whole nation and its New change in Form, carry an everlasting effect on the masses. And we are experiencing that! Though the masses aren't aware and the politicians make politics of it so the blame-game energy advances, and the family of Gandhiji is more interested in carrying fwd the Name and its glory. But Gandhiji's Maha Atma knows and has taken cognizance of it. Thank you, Gandhiji!

Conclusion: All that I have written shall create a ripple as a lot of the people are in this spiritual business but I am not moved by such criticism as I create the environment that brings up such energy. It's good as it purges and makes even the most hardened led astray human 'teacher' to go within with the Truth, and reflect! Perhaps, he or she might stop this business finally and concentrate on Self Evolution!

~~~ Sangeeta Handa ~~~

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