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God and His Team now enter thru this Lunar Eclipse to battle the Dark Lodge

The End of KalYug began with the Total Solar Eclipse of Dec 2019 when the Dark shot its very 1st Evil Bullet - covid the Virus. For the virginal first time, the entire Planet was SHUT DOWN. This was followed in heel by the next Total Solar Eclipse of Dec 2020 when the Dark shot its 2nd Evil Bullet - the Vaccine. And it didn't end there...very quickly, by the June Total Solar Eclipse of 2021 the Dark shot its 3rd Evil Bullet - the creation of a Black Sun (article on my website) close to earth, that was to swallow up the planet like a black hole. Herein, since it was a shot in the cosmos the Hierarchy of Light could intervene and it urgently eliminated this Bullet.

That was the history of the "Beginning of the End of KalYug" since its inception and down 2 years, the midpoint. Now. There is a Twist in this entire Great Shift! I'm going to be succinct as time is less and we are approaching fast the 2022's first Lunar Blood Eclipse, the Tryst with Destiny. Until now, every Total Solar Eclipse Portal was engaged by the Dark Lodge to establish or re-capture its hold on humanity. As it knew it was losing its grip, it kept raising "its bar of attack" on humanity and earth thru miscreations that entered the planet from the Eclipsed Portal of the darkening Sun. However, the Light has decided to stem this unlimited siege by the Dark and is entering the battle with the Dark thru the "TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE PORTAL" of a Blood Full Moon on May 15/16th (timings are already mentioned in the prior article of Lord Buddha - the Wesak Full Moon).

God in its two aspects along with the Planetary Hierarchy enters the Greatest Shift occurring on Gaia. So lets quickly begin to outline the scenario.

"In ancient times, astrologers of the court were Beheaded for not alerting the Emperor in advance about the oncoming Eclipse"

This is a Blood Full Moon. It is said, when the Moon changes its colour - its a Bad Omen!

"In the history of the Chinese Civilization, for thousands of years, the term 'BLOOD MOON' represented the pronoun - unknown"

"When there is a 'BLOOD FULL MOON' in the sky, disaster is approaching"

Colours have a meaning and Red means: war, fighting, arms, and soldiers. It also denotes fire.

This Eclipse is more than a Prophecy, as it wasn't written before. This Eclipse is a Bad Omen for the Dark Lodge!

The Full Moon occurs in the nakshatra of Vishakha. Now follow me closely...

The Nakshatra of Vishakha is the Vedic Star of purpose, clarity and one-pointed focus. At this point in time, it points toward Ascension – as the one pointed singular focus that all should be engaged in by now.

Vishakha is symbolized by an Occult Gateway, covered with leaves. Vishakha means forked or branched, as depicted in the picture. You may wonder, why is it forked in symbology as a Gateway Portal when it portends one pointed singular focus of attention? Look once again at the see the Circle? That is the Light, Source or God of all that is. From God is emerging the forked light beam.

Now. The deity that rules Vishakha is Indra -Agni, two lords in one body. Lord Indra and Lord Agni are the forked beams emerging from the One God Source. They are the two aspects of the Light. They are considered by the Vedas to be twin brothers. Indra is the king of the gods. Agni is deified fire. They are a dimorphic pair, with their bodies joined up to the waist and separated from the waist up.

Let's first look at LORD INDRA – if you have read “The Blue Sapphire Tablet of the Blue Ray 1” by Lord Maha Kaal Ishwar (Shiva) you know who is Lord Indra. He is an aspect of Lord Shiva - the lord of thunder, lightning, stormy seas, and water; he is all powerful, and the aroused angried facet of Lord Shiva who causes storms in the rough seas and strikes bolts of lightning, rocking the boat of mankind’s balance. The 'shift' in the Tides of Change and, only those living from the Core of God's Light shall withstand his thunder and rocky seas and hold the stern undeterred! He who stirs the ship steady over stormy waters, shalt survive! Remember, he is the Lord of the toughest ray ever – the WILL and POWER of God.

So, this Eclipse occurs in His House of stormy seas, thunder and lightning. Water element is highlighted here.

If you recall, my prophecy for this year was Water Water Water….and? That takes us to the next highlight of this Eclipse.

The Vishakha Nakshatra is also ruled by LORD AGNI - the Fire aspect of Lord Shiva. So, who is he? Have a look ….

According to our Sanskrit ancient Indian scriptures, Lord Agni is the twin-brother of Indra. They together are half and half. Lord Agni is one of the most important Vedic gods. Agni is the god of fire, the messenger of gods. He sanctifies the Fires of Purification (necessary for Ascension – what we are encountering since a while now) and the earth element of fire. This is the second element of the Prophecy I had written about – Water and Fire. Both are in extremes that earth is already experiencing since the onset of this year – when it rains, it overwhelmingly floods and drowns all in its pathway. And when it's hot, fires rage in anger and consume all forms of life on earth. Both extremes are playing out before us already.

He has two heads – the two Fires explained above (Fire of Purification and earth element of fire).

Moreover, if you notice closely, he rides a Ram - the sign of the zodiac Aries. Blue Ray 1 beings are essentially Fire or Water signs that which explains the format of their temperament and the portfolio accorded to them, based fundamentally on this composition of energy element. Aries is the sign the Fire Beings of the BLue Ray 1 are generally birthed into. Lord of the Blue Ray 1 El Morya was last born as an Aries (April 4th)…it is believed Jesus too was born in the month of the Aries - April 6th.

Moreover, we are already in Mercury Retrograde period with Jupiter entering a new house – Aries (pls note) for another 12 years. Adding and enhancing this overall vibrational background is the energy of Mars, the ruler of Aries (again). The Mars-Jupiter connection in Aries (and again) opens another 12-year cycle of global transformation – strengthening and expanding international blocs and alliances, borders and strategic military facilities. On a personal level – it shall increase the strength of the Spirit and the ability to be the master of fate and control one’s own reality. The exact date of the Mars and Jupiter Conjunction is May 29 at 10:31 UTC in the 4th degree of Aries; the time of the strongest impact is May 24-June 7. Jupiter can strengthen the lower energies of Aries as well: hatred, anger, aggression, cruelty, and violence, provoking and escalating wars, transferring local military conflicts to the global level.

The Dark Forces are making their main bet on this now. What the Dark Lodge doesnt know is -

Light and its Planetary Hierarchy are now entering the picture.

Its not an ordinary Full Moon Eclipse!


And with Him enter Jesus, Saint Germain, El Morya, Manu, Lord Sanat Kumara, Mother Quan Yin

The Planetary Hierarchy of Light for earth



God (Lord Indra and Lord Agni) and His Team enter....

Now the real WAR between

the LIGHT & the DARK begins....

the Stage is set for 15/16th PORTAL to OPEN!

A violent storm is approaching … winds are picking up speed….sun is blasting Flares of X Class, multi times a day, every day…earth is heating up in temperature, bodies are under Fire….bolts of fierce lightning begin flashing as the seas rise up in storm with lashing waves…Fire of Purification is blasting and exploding down upon human bodies, demanding CHANGE….wars are raging, new one’s are emerging in the horizon…the Dark Lodge knows its countdown is underway…its blasting its Evil Bullets one after another….food shortages are becoming evident…fuel prices have blasted the ceiling....inflation is rising…earth is no longer a vacation spot!

And. It is the “INDRAAGNI”, "LORD BUDDHA (the God of planet earth) & PLANETARY HIERARCHY's Total Lunar Eclipse of Total Darkness that is signaling what's coming

However, im also getting feelers that the Nuclear Plants might be in danger....unless the Light intercedes....though it is said that one Bolt of Lightning from Lord INDRA can eliminate like no nuclear bomb can....of course! But, the war in Ukraine cld unintentionally hit a nuclear plant....or any natural disaster from the ocean and fire could....Indra and Agni are coming and we must wait and watch what happens.

Water of the oceans will rise, storms will blow, lightening shall strike, tsunamis might occur as the seas swallow up the land mass, fires will blaze and consume all in its path BUT … the Fires are also for Purification and Ascension and that is the highlight of the Great Shift. Lord Indra stirs everything violently and brings it up as a storm of destruction so that, Lord Agni can consume all that’s impure and imperfect enabling the final "Freedom of the Soul" from the bondage of the limiting body and the imprisoning BluePrint of “Total Severance from God and all memory” adopted by earth, into which we descended voluntarily to experience THE I AM NOT!

whilst INDRA is the cause for the Change,

AGNI is the effect of the Change

By shifting attention from the 'Dark Portal of the Solar Eclipses' to the Light entering thru the Lunar Eclipse, from this year – there is Hope that the Change is on track and irrespective of the barnacles laid before it, Freedom can no longer be delayed. We are at midpoint of the Beginning of the End of Kaliyuga. There is much to come as yet. Lets pray and raise our Vibration to GOD CONSCIOUSNESS and Hold this Light to support the Greatest Shift of the galaxy!

Are you feeling the Heat Lightning flashing thru your body, since the Eclipse Corridor opened? That's the power of the God's Indra-Agni and Buddha's Hierarchy Team entering the Portal!


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