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Full Moon in Leo: the MAGHA PURNIMA FEB 9TH 2020


Timings in IST: FULL MOON @ 1:03 PM 9TH Feb. Influence begins on 8th Feb from 4:01 PM

Every year we have a Full Moon in Leo so no big deal! But it’s the aspecting alignment that makes it different.

A FULL MOON MAGHA (Lion) PURNIMA is always very special as the Lion is royalty, giving rise to proud aspects within us…what are you proud of within your nature and disposition. When the emotional feminine dark unknown planet transitions the Magha Nakshatra (Lion Constellation) in the sky it naturally brings to land those associated emotions that make us feel proud of ourself. It’s a terrific Double Effect for those who have their natal Moon in Leo (as myself).

However, what we must look for is, what planets is the Moon aspecting whilst it transits the Magha Nakshatra.

1) Mars in the Galactic Center: forming a loose Trine.

2) Uranus briefly

3) Opposing Neptune

4) Mars joins the shadow of Ketu

I. Mars is passing over the Galactic Center at this time. The Galactic Center is the Central Sun of the Galaxy, the Big Black Hole. That is essentially and fundamentally the Energy of the BLUE RAY 1. Mars passing over this means Mars is lending its Fire to the Blue Fire and doubling the effects of “Trans-Mutation” of all antediluvian energies. Esp the Evil Energies. Now, as the Moon blossoms in Leo what happens: Leo is Fire of the Great Central Sun, Moon becoming full in Leo Fire and trining with Mars in the Galactic Center is ALL FIRE! What type of fire?

BLUE VIOLET FIRE Implications: MASSIVE TRANSMUTATIONS OF ALL UNDESIRABLE IMBALANCED TIME-OUT ENERGIES. Red (Mars) and Blue (CS) colour produces Violet. Therefore we the Doubling Effect of the Blue Violet Fire of the Great Central Sun pouring in from the Lion Beings in Sirius.

II. Now, the Full Moon in Leo aspects positively Uranus in the Cosmic Alignement. Uranus is the ‘Great Awakener’. The Rebel of the Zodiac. It’s the ElectroMagentic Current of the Violet Blue Fire. Its also the ‘Psychic Indicator’. Dare Devil energies of the Lion. Sudden changes. Abrupt beginnings and equally sudden endings. Uranus is the planet of the New Aquarian Age – the Violet Resurrection is happening thru the Uranian Fire.

So, Full Moon briefly Trining the Uranus means, quite obvious by now, TRIPPLE MASSIVE TRANSMUTATIONAL opportunity and action!

III. Mars joins (Saturn’s right hand) Ketu: Ketu is Lord of the 5th House along with Sun. 5th House is Leo. It is the Right open hand of Lord Saturn (shani) that bestows rewards for finishing karma. It is the positive hand of Shani, whilst Rahu is the tough/karmic disciplinary hand. Where Rahu sits in your Chart is where your lessons needs not just to be learned but you must awaken to knowing your Chart so you can study exactly what you must consciously do by self to remove its malefic shadow from your Chart.

Now, we just observed what is going to happen when Mars passes over the Galactic Center so, now what? Full Moon in the house of Ketu profoundly means a Reward for those who have mastered their Sexual Energies and have become Androgynous, or at least dedicated to reach there consciously. Westerners are seen to be absorbed in Kundalini Yoga that involves having sex with your partner to raise the Kundalini to heights of liberation. This is not the Science propagated by a Yogi. This is perverse sexuality by abusing the Technology of Shiva, termed as Tantra. Attaining Moksh is not thru sex, or soulful sex. Please stop searching for your Twin Rays or Twin Flame. That other part of you is very sacred and has nothing to do with romantic love or sexual completeness. Another Myth aspired by the Westners! Twin Rays never met on a human body level. Their work is highly sacred and holy. You can only attain that union through Androgynuity. Once you are complete, whole, fulfilled – you deserve that right of encounter. And it may not be on a 3rd dimensional plane at all.


So Ketu, the right hand of Lord Saturn, will reward those with this Full Moon as humanity is individually nearing its destination of acquiring Liberation from the Blind Maze now. This can trigger an important karmic breaking point by the end of March.

IV. Opposing Neptune: Lord of the 12th House of ‘Behind the Scenes, the ‘Spirit World’, ‘Hidden Enemies’, ‘Secrets’, ‘illusions’, ‘Drugs’.

Most challenging aspect. Needs great self-realization to deal with the issues this can bring up. Over play of imagination can cause misunderstandings. Deception can surface. Hidden agendas will surface. Secrets will unveil. Drugs acquire a stronger potency so be cautious of the dosage of your medication in this period. Darkness enters from Portal Openings (coming soon, another newsletter) as its adversely affecting the alignment. Over sensitivity, insecurity, anxiety etc to deal with but effectively.

Highlight of this Full Moon is:



AND: Charged and wired with a kind of intensity and emotional surcharge. Imbalance, exaggeration, assertion in expressions and feelings shall be the voice of many as this Moon surges ahead into full super bloom in the fiery fearless sign of the Lion. There is a floating sense of something awry, ‘can’t put a finger on it’ type of uncertainly, causing restlessness, anxiety, and depression. All a jumble-wumble of emotions tied to the Roller Coaster ride that jump-started with a bang right from the first Eclipse of the year and the powerful Conjunction…. You saw the world swirl in the loop of the roller coaster with the Iranian military and intelligence leader being murdered, the tension that immediately blanketed the nations thereafter, the Ukrainian aircraft being shot-down with all on board dead, the massive earthquakes in Iran and many other countries, the Iranian terrorist retaliation, the random loneranger shootings in the US and UK, UK getting divorced and…..the most terrifying of all events : the infamous Coronavirus that unleashed the ultimate fear in all hearts. I would say, enough to have caused the present floating unease energies of something awfully awry, a disconcerting disquiet, even twirling into spirals of rage unjustified yet tangibly undeniable.

Now, “knowing” the why always helps in dealing with this chaotic node. There is an ‘emotional overload’ present around us, people are over-charged and they don’t know why so, it calls for us (the knowing) to take charge and not add to this chaos by unleashing our inner unease. Go to the Inner Peace, stay there, meditate, pray, ignite your Rod of Power’ and alight your ‘Antahkarana’ (a technology of architecture explained in “THE AMETHYST TABLET”, link provided below, make sure you are reading the eBook regularly to make that final Ascension), stay within the present even though its unsettling with the Perfect Inner Equilibrium that never shaketh with whatever may befall outside. Practice this consciously when you deal with the outside and unbridle this Perfect Inner Balance thru your 'Rod of Power'. Now, where do you receive your Inner Perfect Equilibrium from? From the ‘Antahkarana’ you have consciously built for your Ascension. Pull it out from there by dwelling within it. Emotions are running wild on the surface now so, engage this Power when you deal with others. Others need to let-go of the building (un-dealable) stress so, let them voice….do not go about fixing it….do not judge….stay within your Power and emit only Love.

Walk gently, talk lovingly.

Stand tall in Loving Power.


Focus on the Bigger Picture – the Great Shift, as the world unfolds before your eyes, in whatever manner!

The Bigger Picture is hidden in the chaos!

See it. Find it.

It is there!

Realize it. Feel it.

MESSAGE from Apollo to Valerie: on 4th of Feb 2020

The time has come to tell the truth about everything. There are no more secrets. All of you must know that the practice to withhold will cease. The secrets and lies on your planet are about to be revealed. The truth of it will be told and many will be shocked and angry with the revelations. Get ready for some earth-shaking news that is about to come out. After the air clears, all will begin the healing but there will be a lot of uproar first.

So dear Light Holders, how are you all feeling? The energies have begun their ascent and the symptoms are rising simultaneously. Our individual grids are connected to the Grid of Gaia so the heartbeat of Gaia affects our heartbeat directly. The Schumann Resonance has been fluctuating wildly from its base of 7.8 Hz to 100 (yes, can you imagine that?) then urgently within an hour it falls to 55 and quickly as fast plummets even below 7.8 ! Shocking, it reads like a Heart Attack rather than a Heart Beat, doesn’t it! And well, the Cosmic Rays are the reason why we are on the Roller Coaster as these Rays from God and the photonic Light from the Belt are navigating our process into higher and higher planes of evolution…en-abling our exit from the Blind Maze, ultimately!

Have you seen the “Presentation of the Blind Maze” on my website? Oh, you must (better from your laptop or desktop as then you view the animations which are unfortunately not available on the cell phone):

Its an unusually animated illustration of the entire BluePrint of earth and how we entered this GamePlan or Blind Maze and got caught up in the ReIncarnation Cycle forever!

Rest as much as you can. If you can be in nature, very good, consider yourself fortunate to have nature around you. I need to take flights outside my city to get some nature. Remain centred alert and conscious of every thought emotion and emission.

Hope you read my Newsletter on the CoronaVirus and its Mass Massacre attempt that boomeranged but kick-started the prophesied event. There will be another Virus unleashed soon but if we are in the Bubble of Light, we must do our bit. Never take protection for granted. We must constantly work to deserve the Cosmic Protection. If we are in our Mission Process, we will and shall be Divinely Protected but the groundwork is ours to do.

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner February 4, 2020

We want you to have everything. Spirit wants you to have everything. Your job now is to allow your selves to live in magic and miracles. Your manifestation abilities are expanded. Test the waters. See what you can create. Clear what is no longer necessary. Be open and receptive. Allow the abundance. Rise above the mundane. Be generous and grateful. Expand your sense of self into that of a powerful master and being. Have some fun!

You are held in high regard for being on the earth at this time. We understand how anxious you are to be living in the fifth dimension and higher. We know the sacrifices and the limitations with which you have lived throughout numerous incarnations on the earth. You deserve your beautiful heaven that is in your dreams and in your visions. It is within your touch.

Reach for the stars. They are your heritage and your future. Feel at home in your heart and let your heart lead the way. Higher dimensional living is heart centered living. In you we trust. The very best is yet to come. Together we hold the keys to the new earth. Let the light shine and the truth be told. You were promised that you would inherit the earth. Your time is now.

There are many important dates this month therefore you shall receive two more NewsLetters explaining whats to come and how to deal with it soon.

Please order your copy of: THE AMETHYST TABLET from:

Namaste & Blessings from all in

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