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FAMILY is no longer from a Blood-Tie but from the BloodLine

For awakened humans, the blood tie no longer ascertains a Family feeling. Its the BLOODLINE - the Meta-Physical Connection that makes you feel at home, makes you feel comfortable, makes you feel understood. Makes you feel Loved!

Family members no longer resonate the same way they did when your consciousness was dimmer. This can be disconcerting., in fact quite hurtful, because it makes you feel an outsider whilst the others club together and face you with questionable glares...maybe even disgust and reproach, calling you the "Black Sheep" of the family! Even if you are aware of why this is happening yet it hurts...and hurts deep! Being energetically aware of your rising consciousness doesn't take away the stabbing pain. However much it hurts please do not try to fit-in again. Do not attempt to reclaim what is a denser energy of consciousness. Never attempt to hold onto (or return to) some 'past state of consciousness' only to make you feel one with the other members of the blood family again.

Blood no longer determines your true family. Its a Myth that "Blood is thicker and that blood tie is the overriding bond between people". The feeling of "belongingness" and therefore the "security" that stems from it is what ties families together. This is true of the 3D octave of existence where separation is the theme. Not when you are evolving out of this lowest plane! As you graduate, you move out of the laws that bind a lower density of life. As you clear the old programming and move past the Karmic Issue aligned with the reason why you chose the family, you move out of the Blood Bond and connect with the Blood Line.

What is a Blood Line Family?

This is a META-PHYSICAL CONNECTION with your original Ancestral Lineage. Your original Monadic and Soul Family in the higher realms.

Your Graduation will open up the Recall Process. As you rise higher and higher in consciousness, your energetic resonance will guide you into remembering who you truly are! BloodLine stems from your Monad Ray and the Soul Ray. This is your RAY EQUIPMENT CHART - your MONADIC BLUEPRINT ( )

Once you have surrendered to the WILL of GOD, you have let-gone of Free Will, of the plotting planning scheming you became so accustomed to. You are now "No longer playing the Game"; you are now "In the Process" as I call the path of surrender and reconstruction. FAITH is the highlighted ingredient, as much as SURRENDER is. Allow to be guided!

You will discover your BloodLine and then the Love that will envelop you will be like none other you have ever received! Look forward to this if you haven't yet felt it. It's more than worth its wait!

This time of the year is when the Light Beings on earth feel the most alone. This is because its Now that you can find your MetaPhysical Connection. You are deliberately taken to this feeling of aloneness so that the acute non-alignement with this antediluvian energy will push you to go within wherein lies the Real Connection and Discovery to your Ancestral Lineage. You can only find it from within!

Instead of blogging a 2020 Prophecy this time I was guided to scribe this note on BloodLine MetaPhysical Connection. You will figure why! Most evolving souls now need this Connection to push forward in individual ascensions.

Wishing you a Joyous 2020 of great pathway breaking Ascension opportunities!

Sangeeta Handa


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