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Updated: May 14, 2020

*On opening Lockdowns countries are getting re-infected with the Virus. China's Wuhan and other districts are reporting the return of Virus.

*No evidence on "Virus Immunity" as yet. Virus recovered patients return with the Virus again.

*Virus mutating hugely into different and newer will any vaccine be ever created to prevent the virus?

*No signs of a cure!

I am awaiting the Lord's Final Fiat for our civilization. As my article (under articles at had explained, Lord is deciding about how the 4 Years of the End of KaliYuga on planet Gaia should play out! Why the re-consideration? That too the article has explained. Pls re-read it.

Evil has 'full hand at play permission' and its very first Bullet struck bulls-eye what now? Will the previous Decision stand good? Or will a new Command be issued for the Awakened Beings and the Non-Awakening ones? For the non-aligning ones, I feel Hell has already opened its 'prior invisible subtle doors' into Full Visibility now.

Awakened Pillars of Light took this very incarnation to Hold the LIGHT at this very Hour of Damnation to enable the SHIFT to eventuate successfully. So, dont look at the world outside as the non-aligned are! Their reality may appear to be the same, thru external appearance, but yours is with a very specific Purpose - you are HOLDING the LIGHT PILLAR. YOU ARE THE PILLAR! YOU ARE THE LIGHT!

So, do not get disheartened or disturbed as things outside worsen. Keep your Mission in the forefront! You Knew this is The MOMENT ! You descended for this MOMENT! Keep 'Focus' on Your participation in this MOMENT!

The Shift is occurring. Some part of it is visible and there is an infinite amount yet Invisible. DonDon'tt get scared. Fear is not in your Ray Chart. Clear out the fogs regularly. This website was created last year for this MOMENT when the Shift gets tangible and you are "Called" upon to now hold the STAFF firmly! Guidance from "The Temple Of God's Will", the HOME of the LIGHT & HIERARCHY, is here now continually, to keep your 'Focus' upon the Staff, on being the Holder of Light for the Shift. You cannot ever waver. This Shift, however mighty powerful solid it is, is notwithstandingly as delicate as a house of pack-of-cards. One slight out-of-breath and it can collapse. Therefore, each one of YOU is the most important HOLDER OF LIGHT. Your participation in Holding this Light is that paramount!

Remember, dear Light Beings on earth, your FOCUS, your MISSION, your PARTICIPATION! The Light and the Hierarchy are wholly dependent on YOU for the success of this Shift! The Shift must be accomplished on time! And ONLY you can make it a success. Each card in the 'house of card' is so pivotal! One, if just one, falls ... and all is gone! Do you want to be responsible for that?

HOLD THE LIGHT IN YOUR BODY, MIND, ENERGY, VIBRATION, CONSCIOUSNESS WITH THE POWER & WILL OF GOD! You are the 144,000 Blue Ray 1 Light Holders under the immediate stewardship of the Lord of your planet - Lord BUDDHA! Under the Higher Command of the Regent God of Gaia - Lord Sanat Kumara ( hope you have read the eBook - "The Voice of Silence" available on the website only). Knowledge is the platform you require to build your Antahkarana. What is the "Antahkarana", "SutraAtma"? Read 'The Light Veda - THE AMETHYST TABLET'. Turn Knowledge into Wisdom by applying it. Get working to participate and not survive the Grandest Shift of all times! Build your Ascension Column. Learn to harbour max. light in your bodies to be the Holder of Light!


Ps: Updates shall only be posted from the Website and shared on social mediums. Please do the same as I can't reach everyone, so your participation is required to help inform the people you know. Please share to keep the House of Cards erect! And fuel the Light Holders!



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Lovely article Darkness and light are the two opposing forces and one doesn't exist without the other. And darkness can only be eliminated as the mind body and soul are illumined by a true transformation it is only when falsehood is replaced bu truth , evil is replaced by goodness and inconsciejnce is replaced by conscious realizations of a higher truth that light will descend and I do believe that collectively we can bring down the divine light

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