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Closing of “The TRIPLE ECLIPSE CORRIDOR” thru the LUNAR ECLIPSE of July4th/5th, 2020


An Occult Fracture in the skies that opens "The GOD’S PORTAL"

This is a significant FULL MOON ECLIPSE for the West and the East! In the West it’s the American 4th of July INDEPENDENCE DAY (and the Full Moon Eclipse falls on the 4th night ), whereas for the East (India) it is a GURU PURNIMA.

The “Triple Eclipse Corridor” began with the Lunar Eclipse focused in the East and its closing with a Lunar Eclipse visible in the West. We in the East have endured two eclipses in this corridor however, the beginning and ending of the corridor has seen a balance in terms of covering all countries on earth, with its visibility impact and consequent ‘consequences in-effect’ that shall be felt till the next eclipse occurs in November. A Lunar Eclipse effect lasts until the next Lunar Eclipse takes over and cancels the impact of the previous. Same with the Solar Eclipse, so the June 5th Lunar Eclipse influence shall be cancelled by tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse. And tomorrows (July 4th/5th) Lunar Eclipse shall be rescinded by the next eclipse occurring on the 29th/30th of November this year. Similarly, the impression of the Solar Eclipse, experienced on 21/22nd June, will subsequently be annulled by the last eclipse of the year on December14/15th – a Total Solar Eclipse.

Another tenet highlighted by the sequence of the three concurrent eclipses is the number and its placement. A Solar Eclipse in the middle cradled by two Lunar Eclipses. The ‘Feminine’ energy of nurturing, fostering, cultivating is in the forefront. This is another balancing factor of the Triple Eclipse Corridor. Up until now humanity was sieged by the ‘Masculine’ patriarchal force that subjugated the feminine however, since 2012 a new force wavelength visibly penetrated the web of control – the dismissed and buried Feminine Force. Ever since it has been rearing its crowned angelic head and refusing to be stumped-out. The Resurrection of the Violet Consciousness was accurately visible with the initiation of the Aquarian New Cycle in Jan of 2016, which activated the prominent #metoo movement and the arrests of various criminals in our societies, still continuing in action. And now, the Triple Corridor of Eclipses has just proficiently indorsed the Balance between the Feminine and the Masculine energies. Farther, it has also exhibited; thru cradling the masculine; that the Feminine doesn’t reprimand the corrupter nor subjugate its oppressor ,rather it; thru nurturing; enhances the balance between the two where, both must co-exist in equilibrium before merging back into One when, Completion occurs. This is the mysterious power of the Feminine that wont allow subjugation nor subjugate, it however commands Balance and Unity! This is the year of 2020 which significantly implies the union of divisive energies into becoming Androgynous. Ascension is the next step after Androgynuity!

The Triple Eclipse Corridor has with adept subtlety brought the entire diverse world into one fold of Unity and unified the divisive energies into One! This has been a great expression to observe and experience. This is Occultism at its optimum display!

Now, we have two celebrations on the map:

The Independence Day of USA (and America is still the most important/pivotal nation for all countries on earth) however, is it ‘independent’ of the Deep State (Homeland Security, National Security, Pentagon, State Dept, Treasury, Wall StreeT, Corporate America, Banks, Media…). Just going back to the last President (Obama) he prove to be very much a part of the Deep State. In fact, its taken - the Democrats are the Deep State. However, then came along an outsider …no political affiliations….but, from Corporate America! Yet, we thought he would do as he said – break the Molds that are imprisoning US. Notwithstanding, he is Corporate America! He held the Hand of Light for sometime, breaking some important Molds but then, struck a deal with the Corporates: Raise the employment numbers (decrease unemployment) and push Depression to the next tenure and, I shall lower taxation for you rich guys. Yes, he struck this deal with the Deep State and thereafter there was no longer a mention of Hillary Clinton – no jail for Hillary slogan anymore! He has begun this same rhetoric once again in his re-election campaign. Yes, one major Mold he cracked is China however, he couldn’t handle that powerfully and efficiently to take it to its end. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the awakened consciousness to hold the Light! And now he is attempting to quickly fulfill his promises so he can hold-on to his seat of world power. Wasn’t re-building the infrastructure a part of his campaign? Wasn’t strengthening the tinkertoy Power Grid his earlier alleged promise? Was encouraging coal-mining an appropriate action? Pulling out of climate change – great! Did he know it’s the Divine Shift causing the climate changes, weakening the Magnetosphere so that the Photon Plasmic Light, the Cosmic Rays, the Solar Flares can enter? Of course not! But he allowed the Divine Hand, somewhat, to do the work. Did he reveal the 9/11 Truth? Nope. Wasn’t he supposed to, as enlisted in one of his election debates? This event was part of the Deep State. Yes, he did suck-back large volumes of money that were misplaced by earlier political parties (this turned the Deep State against him totally), sufficient to make his voters sit-up and take notice. And that more than worked successfully in his favour, as the masses who didn’t approve of him during the first election now are supporting him. When I first started to campaign for him in early 2015, Americans were wholly against my stand. I received major flak! But, as ordained he won! And how! I recall the sight, viewing mass-protestors on streets of USA against the election of Trump….all supporting Hillary Clinton. Some of these protestors are now wanting Trump to be re-elected along with the spirit(d)ualists of America - who incidentally supported Hillary in the 2016 election! Quite a dichotomy at play :-)

Its difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon not understanding it! The Wall street and Silicon Valley make sure of it!

Notwithstanding, Trump’s actions and endeavour-ments are geared for personal gain. He has no doubt worked hard, as a President should for his country but: Is he a leader who thinks for his people’s betterment only? Is he a role model leader for crises? A leader of SuperPower needed for the world change? But then you may argue - who is?

Remember, he has not broken the Major Mold - the Deep State (a promise he made at his campaigns) instead, struck a deal with them! The Deep State is not the left-wing or the right, not the Democrats nor the Republicans…therefore the Deep State has been appropriately termed the Cabal, a syndicate of the less than 1%. It’s the Govt within the govt, a hybrid state, that operates off the visible govt, off the taxpayers but, is not constrained (in a constitutional sense) by the govt.

Now, if he doesn’t return (so far that’s the Fiat of God) the Democrats will…and, they are largely members of the Deep State consortium! So, where does that leave the true Independence of America?

In the attempt to now see beyond the illusion, the pendulum has taken the Americans to the other extreme of dis-believing everything visible. No balance here, which evades then the ability to see the Truth and be the Truth! I see America going onto another trajectory altogether – from the Cabal imposed deep-slumber to a new extreme of conflict and chaos in rejecting all and everything , including not being able to discern a natural occurrence from the illusioned projection of chicaneric trickery. The pendulum moves from one extreme to the other before arriving at a Balance.

Hopefully, this Eclipse shall usher in a hope of Balance for America. The people of US of A are waking up but will they hone their ability to rightfully discriminate between Truth and deceit, is yet questionable truly! The weight actually rests upon the Light Holders living in that nation. If they are (all) awake now; and raise their Light Quotient sufficiently, enter their mission of holding the Light for their nation; then there is Hope for America! So, more than a celebration of July the 4th it is a Hope that the eclipse shall ignite within the Americans the Truth of reality beyond, the Will to bring down the Deep State and, be the Executioners of duality (that Trump was initially anointed to do) in order to usher in the Divine State eventually!

Now, the true celebration of the Lunar Eclipse is the Guru Purnima - the Honouring of God as our Guru, our Ultimate Guide with no agent in between! God is the LIGHT! One translation of the word guru is ‘dispeller of darkness’ and only, only and only, can LIGHT dispel all darkness, everywhere!

The OCCULT FRACTURE in the skies

Eclipse, by definition means hidden, concealed. Occult too implies hidden but, ‘supernaturally’ hidden from view and physically beyond comprehension. An eclipse, therefore, is an “Occult Fracture” in the skies. Now, if the eclipse is occurring on Guru Purnima what does it mean?

The full moon/lunar eclipse shall occur in the area of the sky called Purva Ashadha, a star of Lord Ganesha, the Hindu elephant god who has the ability to destroy the most stubborn obstacles. Lord Ganesh is known for removing all obstacles in the path. Isn’t this highly symbolic of the Occultism happening with the eclipse? Between you and God is an obstruction – could be an incarnate human agent you are worshiping instead of God, could also mean you don’t believe there is a God! Find your obstacle and remove it by allowing Lord Ganesha to intervene and help you. Ask Lord Ganesh, on this Eclipse Full Moon timing of climax and prior during its build-up to the climax, to please help you remove the ‘obstacle/s’ in your direct connection with the Creator/Preserver/Destroyer – GOD.

For those who have the direct contact, it shall be a major Visitation from God. Stay in meditation during the eclipse and receive God’s divine Blessings and Abundances you so deserve. It’s a day you pay Homage to God and express your appreciation and gratefulness.

Guru Purnima is indeed GOD’s DAYjust as we have a ‘fathers day’ or ‘thanksgiving day’ etc.

The Occult Fracture in the Cosmos opens the Portal to allow One-to-One communication and reception with GOD….direct! Receive the Maha Atma on this day!

Timings: IST (am) The eclipse will last for 2 hours and 45 mins.

Penumbral Eclipse begins

5 Jul, 08:37:23

Maximum Eclipse

5 Jul, 09:59:51

Penumbral Eclipse ends

5 Jul, 11:22:21

The Lunar Eclipse will be visible from 4 continents. All of the Latin American countries will be able to view it along with Mexico, Cuba, the Caribbean islands, USA, Canada in North America. Most of the African countries will be able to view it. Western European countries like UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy and others will be able to view it.

Saturn and Jupiter shall be watching the Eclipse, from above the horizon! This is important.

For the God Portal meditation, you may want to listen to the 3 music tracks of - "Music of God" on my website -


Sangeeta Handa

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