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Beings with High Light Missions are constant targets by the Dark and subject to "PSYCHIC ATTACKS"

For those who understand and have experienced "Psychic Attacks"! This is what it really looks like!

Only beings of great mission and much Light are attacked by the Dark Lodge and its members, and by the mighty Dark One.

Lord Krishna right from birth, or before, was hunted by the Dark to be eliminated as the Dark knew who was coming and was threatened by him.

Lord Jesus all along was shadowed by the Dark who tried to misguide him, deter him, kill him.

And then, in subtle ways I say this (I have subtly mentioned this in my last article, links provided below) a certain "BEING" was born on earth who was either from the Dark or became influenced or possessed by the Dark and, acted in ways that a Light Being would ne'er do! The life choices of a human reflect the quotient percentage of Dark or Light within them. He led a strange life that contradicted his peachings and went further - changed and altered his preachings (which he proclaimed were Messages of God) when he wanted to do just what he propounded "wasn't allowed by God". His teachings became a new religion on earth and is the most widespread across the globe today. When a religion, overtly or covertly, inscibes inspires and aspires violence all thru history and continues to exert violence, cannot simply be written off as 'a misinterpretation by a few'. It cannot be just a 'minor sect mistranslating it'. Unfortunately, not many have bothered to go deeper and meta to KNOW the Truth. Everyone re-acts to simply the visible and it becomes a political appeasement action, as is today, a fad to say positive things about it, be balanced about it, not to generalize it, not to incite it. Really? Are people scared of those who instil violence? Are we scared we shall be targeted (as Nupur Sharma, the Indian BJP politician has been in India, for citing a True fact)? Are all politicians wary of public opinion that could unseat their position and eliminate their political career? Is the mainstream media just desiring to be (falsely) 'balanced' without inciting the necessary ripples (of Truth)? Yes, this religion is most widespread and its nations have much in terms of resource to offer the other needy nations so we keep quiet and suddenly decide toke a 'more balanced approach'. Isnt that Appeasement Politics? India did just that, though quietly it is not secular at all - that is coz of the govt's (esp the leader's) private disposition based upon his nature. The less said here is better!

Therefore, the overall revelation is : no one is really bothered to admit the Truth nor does anyone (esp the political people and leaders) have any motivational material gain to cite the Truth and take the bold stance that which requires Herculean Courage of standing in the Light of the Will of God. Politics, Media, are not Light Platforms!

Returning to "Psychic Attacks". So, on earth there are a few Light Beings that are a constant target for the Dark. There is a bipolar reason to it. Firstly, the Dark seeks fodder to revitalize itself and paradoxically, it cannot feed on external darkness to replenish - it Needs LIGHT. So, humans with higher light are hunted for their luminosity and attacked 'vampirically and parasitically'. Secondly, these same humans of greater light have greater missions too, and so, ironically, they are hunted and attacked as well to be 'eliminated from their soul', so that these high light souls can be captured (when separated from the body upon physical death) then imprisoned in the lower astral Dark hubs where their souls are then harvested to continually feed the Dark, without any threat of mission.

Therefore, as Saint Germain states (its in "The Amethyst Tablet"): No Psychic Activity by humans will be tolerated! What He means by that is humans are not to indulge in any acts of black magic, nor in activities of the tarot cards, Ouija boards, visits to mediums and psychics etc as these are Portals thru which the Dark enters most easily.

Divine Protection is awarded to those 'only' who are Honourable to Honour and Obey the Divine. They have mighty missions and great potential for holding and anchoring High Frequencies! But. It can also be removed in an instant if, the human takes it for granted or casually thinks he has the protection so can do anything and wouldn't be affected. Or. If he fails to walk the Path contracted toward the fulfillment of his pre-ordained Great Mission. I have seen many a famous soul succumb to the Dark Attack as they made choices away from their Mission and shifted trajectories that thwarted the Contracted Mission.

These High Light and High Mission beings on earth, unlike the masses, are subjected to 'Latest Highest-Frequency Energies' that are being passed through them in waves, for several hours a day and several times a day, and even while sleeping. What they are experiencing is not what other awakening are encountering. This New Higher Freq feels like acute lazers of ultra-high-freqs, with completely new sensations. Previously, there were no such energies on earth, and our body is not familiar with them. The main receiving centers are the Heart Chakra, the Crown Chakra, the Forehead Chakra, the Third Eye (incl the physical eyes), and the Meridian thru which the Light of God passes (the Spinal cord) as well as thru the Rod of Power (The Amethyst Tablet). Including some more areas which the New Tablet shall soon unveil. This is why you are experiencing increased Heart Beats, Palpitations, Headaches. immense Eye Pressure! Activate and light-up your Antahkarana and the activate your Rod of Power each day (pls refer to "The Amethyst Tablet" for this).

The current situation on earth is extremely dangerous and tense, and will only escalate. It is necessary to be ready for surprises of all kinds. We are under physical and meta attacks and are being constantly tracked. Its exhaustive for the Light Hierarchy too to be on a 24 hours vigilance. So please do not take your Protection for granted and help the Hierarchy of Light by being alert and in obeisance at all times. This is a Shift that has never occured afore and we descended to be Active Participants by raising our Light and then allowing this Light to do the work.

Do not lose Higher Sight of your Mission, your Contracted Path. Be in Obeisance to the Will of God. Be in constant Surrender. Be alert to the Dark's existence. Be conscious you are yet in polarity. Know you are the Light Being with invisible Wings of Flight into Light!

"Future Medicine shall be the Medicine of Frequency"

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