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The deluge is here and the waters are upon us. The waters which will destroy and the waters which will give life The waters that will drown and the waters which will cleanse

Man needs shelter from the Storm

Humanity is unconsciously on the verge of committing global suicide.

Noah is a Consciousness that consciously follows the WILL of God, irrespective of how the outcome looks - one that is prepared to believe in and to follow Divine guidance. As Noah did by building the Boat when there was no sign of any flood. But when the skies suddenly blackened and the waters brought down everything, people rushed to his Boat to be saved. He began letting in animals and birds long before the skies revealed the Sign as the animal kingdom knew what mankind remained blinded to…Such is the Noah we are meant to be at present times.

At that time the Omen indicated doom thru floods and now its thru Vaccines. At both times, the present failed to show the ultimate Outcome as it was a Test (then and now) for mankind to assess their Faith and Obeisance to the Voice of Will. The collective consciousness needs to Shift from Freewill to God’s WILL. And, once again, we are being tested on our evolution.

Now, thru my Article of Dec 2020, the fate of the vaccines would be revealed by this Dec 2021 Solar Eclipse. Although time is a dicey measurement by the Universe where everything has already occurred and done with. This Lunar Eclipse of Nov 19th has opened the Gate to this Revelation to surge and gather momentum now. Protests, and Voices for Truth Revelation shall summit or spike, with reference to the composition of the vaccines and the harm it does to to the human body, irrespective of the name or patterning of virus.

It is believed that the evil ET’s and our govts made a contract, long ago, to remove a particular percentage of the human population from Gaia by a certain time frame for purposes of planetary take-over and that these leaders (the US govt and Cabal) promised something in exchange for their assistance in making this happen. This Contract has now come due! This is true and so the Pandemic is actually a Planed-demic! They also know, the end of Kali Yuga has an ascertained time-meter ticking away, which has now just a these few years left – and so the panic to play-out their Contract to the fullest (right away). They know no time is left! Plus, they feel there shall be food shortages, lack of monies … so? Remove chunks of population fast! Therefore, the “2 Evil Bullets” were fired in sync with each other. First the POISON and then, the ENFORCEMENT of POISON, just in case one doesn’t do the needful. Their plan has played out perfectly!

And so our Test began! Remember, the Divine Will shall not interfere with those operating from Freewill but, shall protect the ones engaging His WILL for sure. Decisions made from fear and pressure are Freewill Operatives. THE WILL Operatives fear not even termination! This is “NOAH CONSCIOUSNESS” – to follow the Divine …only, and fully!

Now, this Lunar Eclipse has brought all these issues of the 1st and 2nd Bullet and its aftermath to center stage. The present Lunatic Energy, augmented by the Solar Activity, shall push the tidal wave into becoming a Tsunami! Furthermore, the Solar Eclipse shall bring forth a Drama that shall lift us, and engine our evolution, into the new year of 2022 – the year of 666 (June 6th, 2022 Portal of Peaked Evil, the Annual Portal Date this time shall be a 666 – to understand this 666 Carbon Atom Structure I kindly advise you to refer to your copies of THE BLUE SAPPHIRE TABELT – page 87 onwards …. This is the ‘Base “666” Carbon Atom’ (of a Carbon-based human body) The Mark of the Beast…. In other words, a ‘Maximum Distortion Percentage’ of 66.6% was ascertained!....”)

Nothing is going to get better for a long while. Everything is going to spike, accelerating the journey thru this End Times of Kali Yuga. This is why not all can make it across. You need to be of NOAH CONSCIOUSNESS to withstand the onslaughts of these times as energy becomes unbearable, quite intolerable indeed! Do NOT give up, nor give-in and get thrown out of the flight that is crashing nose down in the year 2022. The year 2022 is no longer a Roller-Coaster ride but a Flight crashing nose down! And so, the issue is do not give up living as life gets tougher and even tougher! We knew this were to transpire…just didn’t know ‘how tough’ it would be! And we still don’t know…

Slowly and slowly most countries shall lockdown the non-vaccinated and life within us shall experience a full throttle of the Test. Do NOT panic at that moment. Remember, God looks after those who surrender to Him. He is then wholly responsible for our wellbeing. Divine Protection is powerful and complete for all who are faithful to their Mission! If the Mission is thwarted (for whatever and any reason) Protection is immediately withdrawn. And then you are on your own!

A sign of Protection is: our planet’s magnetosphere is glowing bright, with pulsating External Plasma pushing-in and around it! If you have read – THE BLUE SAPPHIRE TABLET by Lord Shiva (the Blue Ray 1), page 84 onwards, you understand fully well the Importance of the 2 Plasma’s that are responsible (and a pre-requisite) for our Final Ascension out of the planet. This knowledge is so important, it cannot be stressed enough – pls imbibe this information so it becomes Wisdom and doesn’t remain a knowledge yet to be integrated. I shall soon post a video of the Tablet, as it looks so vibrant and alive with Energy of Shiva. Re-read the Tablet constantly.

Continue, at this time, to pray chant meditate regularly to increase your Internal Plasma and allow the External Plasma to augment your inside sufficiently to not just survive the Flood of times but lift you into higher and higher ascension. Fill yourselves with the FLOOD of LIGHT. Become GODFILLED and GODFULFILLED!

If you are the NOAH’S CONSCIOUSNESS and living within your self-built NOAH’S ARK, then the waters are calm, restful, serene and deep, despite the deluge and destruction beneath and around. There is no imbalance of Flood but only the Flood of Light! From this Noah’s Ark within, you do not need to disembark but - only ride the outside waves into higher and higher dimensions of Light.

You need to be balanced and centred in the coming months and years to deal with the progressively powerful energies that shall continue to come to earth from our graduated Sun (refer kindly to “THE BLUE SAPPHIRE TABLET”) thru solar activity of CME, solar storms, solar winds, solar flashes and solar spots. Moreover, Cosmic Rays, Photon Rays, Plasma Energies, the Higher Light Packets of Information shall (and are) streaming forth from the Photon Belt, our Galactic Center, the Central Sun and the Great Central Sun.

Now. Most people are becoming very agitated in this period (already, and we still are not even at the halfway mark of the End of Kali Yuga) and, inter communications between humans is getting increasingly challenging and disconcerting for all. We know what’s happening and why but others are not in realization of this so lets be kind and make an extra effort to take some mins to stop and speak lovingly and personally with others when we have any kind of exchange with them, no matter however brief. It is very important to guard against temptations now and not to yield to the provocative actions of those around us and the System which will undoubtedly test our strength in these coming fateful days. And every time we feel that we are losing our balance and are ready to fall off the narrowed slippery one-way lane, or get flung off the roller coaster seated upon (unbelted) remember, the Wave of Divine Plasma carrying us into the fifth dimension! Let us remember that we are woven from the vibrations of the 5D, and it does not cost us anything just to fly over this Tsunami (since we are Eagles now, explained in the next paragraph), barely touching it with our feet. Then we simply cannot fall-off it nor drown in it for sure!

To build, one must first destroy To be born, one must first die
For the new to come, the old must go
The coming storms may bring chaos, but it is only out of a breakdown into chaos that a breakthrough may arise.

You are the Eagles in this Shift who soar above the chaos and mayhem on ground level. Eagle is a symbol of those who are aware of their Soul and have the insight and wisdom to see the overall panorama of profound change taking place. You are the Phoenix who rose above the ashes of Change and, Transformed into an Eagle! You have separated yourself from the 3D energies of intense density and thru much self-work, and self-mastery, have succeeded in rising above, and riding beyond, as an Eagle now. You did not reach where you are today without at first fully experiencing the anger, the sadness, that whirlpooled you below to the depths of confusion and mayhem, very much prevalent today at ground level. You rose as a Phoenix and took flight as an Eagle by Letting-Go and learning to De-Tach and develop compassion at the same time. From compassion you evolved further and higher into aspects of Dis-Passion which came about as a result from letting go even of compassion! In the Spirit World there is no compassion, only LOVE.

We live as an example of SILENCE within the noise STILLNESS within frenetic activity, and ORDER within dis-order and chaos!

The KINGDOM of HEAVEN lies in the midst of apparent Hell!

All who vibrate at the frequencies of the 3D will find themselves in conditions that will get tougher every year. The time shall come when external conditions (that shall occur from 2022 thru natural calamities and its consequential aftermath effects) will push them into realizing that they have wasted so much time in a direction that’s leading them into nowhere…from which they will awaken to such desperate situations of self that living will become unbearable for them. In such conditions, people will either commit suicide thru sheer helpless feelings of despondency or, become very very negative if they cannot see the Path to Light. This will FORCE people clinging to 3D to wake up for survival. They shall cry for help and either begin to crowd temples of worship and sacred spaces outside or begin to search for the Path to Source direct.