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"During the Ascension cycle, the human body potentially undergoes the Alchemical Process that generates INTERNAL PLASMA Light”. This is what builds the “Lightbody structure” for Higher Consciousness to dwell within!
Generation of INTERNAL PLASMA Lightrequires an ‘abundance’ of energy. To receive the abundant energy, you must devote your ‘personal energy’ and direct your ‘Consciousness’, to empowering SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT!"

If you have studied this Sacred BluePrint Tablet you know what is External & Internal Plasma Light, how one augments the building of the other and exactly what is transforming within the body.

Now, based upon this know-how, you are at present aggressively “Re-Writing your Consciousness” with the overwhelming Plasma streaming thru from all sources available cosmically.

Moreover, this External Plasmic Light is 'commanding' the body to pull-in more and more of your Soul into the body. (This aspect you shall understand better if you have read and studied “THE AMETHYST TABLET” by various Ascended Masters and Hierarchy of Light, which explicitly propounds the need of the hour to transform you bioshell into a “Soul-Personality fully Integrated and Illumined Form”. It explains a Technology on how to build your "Antahkarana" to God, just as this Light Veda also unveils, thru Lord Saint Germain, a special Methodology of remotely erasing Karmic Bonds with people forever, and freeing yourself from Karmic Connection with people.)

Thereby, the EXTERNAL PLASMA Light coming thru can then create deeper recalibrations necessary to become the aforementioned “Soul-Personality Integrated and Illumined Form” - the LightBody…the new "Avatar Adam Kadmon Human Form".

Its ok to get overwhelmed by the constant upgrade streaming-in with higher, and even higher than ever before, New Light Packets of Information from Sirius and the Solar Activity from our graduated Sun along with the Higher Photon Light projectiling thru from the various shifting rungs of the Photon Belt of intense transmutation. Causing your trajectory to somersault and cartwheel radically and pedulate harshly as well.

How does one deal with this? Knowing why it is happening is the biggest battle against confusion. That by itself equips you to perform accordingly, which is to re-adjust your schedule and linear timelable to enable rest and capacitate meditation and inject prayers and contemplation into your time schedule. Your body tells you what to do, when, and when not to do anything at all. Your cells talk to you constantly as much as they hear you non-stop.

If you transform consciously, it will greatly speed up the process of alignment with higher and higher light octaves!


to the


of the New Alchemy

"The NEW BODY of the AVATAR Template thus made suitable for higher work is inevitably a sensitive one, and for that very reason it requires careful treatment if it is to be always at its best. It would wear out if it were subjected to the innumerable petty frictions of the outer world, and its constant torrent of unsympathetic vibrations. Therefore, the Great Ones (the New Avatar Race of the I AM Template) usually live in comparative seclusion, and appear but rarely in that cyclonic chaos which we call daily life. If They were to bring Their bodies into the whirl of curiosity and vehement emotion which is likely to surround the Commander-In-Chief of the New I AM Age, when He comes, there can be no doubt that the life of These bodies would be greatly shortened, and also, because of Their extreme sensitiveness, there would be much unnecessary suffering!

"DEVOTION MUST BE COMPLETE. There can be no half measures on this Path. Progress on the Path means sleepless vigilance. You must not only be always ready to serve; you must be ever watching for opportunities-- nay, making opportunities to be helpful in small things, in order that when the Greater Work comes, you may not fail to see it!

NEVER FOR A MOMENT FORGET YOUR OCCULT RELATIONSHIP. It should be an ever-present inspiration to you -- not only as a shield from the fatuous thoughts which float around you but, be a constant stimulus to Spiritual Activity. The vacuity and pettiness of ordinary life should be impossible for you, though not beyond our comprehension and compassion. The ineffable bliss of Adeptship is not yet yours, but remember that you are already one with Those who live that higher life; you are dispensers of Their sunlight in this lower world, so you, too, at your level, must be the radiant suns of love and joy. The world may be unappreciative, uncomprehending; but your duty is to shine!

DO NOT REST ON YOUR OARS. There are still higher peaks to conquer! The need of intellectual development must not be forgotten; and you must unfold within yourselves sympathy, affection, tolerance. Each must realize that there are other points of view than his own, and that they may be just as worthy of attention. All coarseness or roughness of speech, all tendency to argumentativeness, must absolutely disappear; one who is prone to it should check himself when the impulse towards it arises; he should say little, and that always with delicacy and courtesy. Never speak without first thinking whether what you are going to say is both kind and sensible.

He who tries to develop love within himself shall be saved from many mistakes

"LOVE IS THE SUPREME VIRTUE OF ALL, without which all other qualifications water but the sand. Exquisite delicacy of thought and speech is needed-- the rare aroma of perfect tact which can never jar or offend!"

The New AVATAR Race of the I AM



The complete Galactic Chronicle of earth's Akashic Record

(no man can prepare for Ascension without Knowing the true history of his playground)

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This is the only book that is required to understand the "Ascension Process" and what must be done to achieve Ascension. It is a comprehensive and detailed “road map” for Ascension into the 'higher dimensional frequencies' and freedom from the 3D matrix! It provides the techniques, understandings, and actions that will help you navigate with confidence, and some ease, the turbulence of these times.

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"not of human"

for the GREAT SHIFT occurring on earth





That saved a 3D planet from complete obliteration

That reversed the original BluePrint of earth from

Complete Dis-Connect of God to...

Complete Connection with God

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