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NAMASTE to all patrons of The Temple!

As you already know, we are suspended in the Blue Ray 1 month - the most powerful and pivotal annual period for earth and humanity when "Higher Light Packets of Information" are emitted from the Great Central Sun (in Sirius) via the Central Sun (Alcyone in Pleiades), Sun (our physical sun), the mental plane of the Logos of the planet (Lord Buddha) down vide the Planetary Hierarchy to humanity. This year has been different however as, August was superseded by the mighty formidable Triple 7 Portal (once in every decade) just as we are approaching, perhaps, the end of a Yuga (the worst yuga in suffering and pain with minimalistic light and maximum density) that has reigned sovereign for thousands of years. 'Time' is where all mediums and psychics go wrong as the yardstick for measurement of Time is different here and above. We are linear and the Spirit World, as we know, is Circular. For the Light, all has already happened and is at rest in peace. Where as, in our dualistic illusionary reality, we are sinking in a chaotic dark sinkhole of quicksand or speeding across on a roller coaster without tracks and no safety belt. Well, call that dramatic but, that's 3D for us - drama density disease destruction death! :-)

Now, you must all be feeling and sensing the energies heightening as we roll onto the LionsGate Portal of 88. Let's peruse the star alignments for August:

Firstly, August is to be an unforgettable experience with 2 Super Full Moons, and the second being a Blue Super Full Moon - all in the month of the Sirian Blue Ray 1. Creating magik that shall not occur for another 14 years. Enjoy the celestial magik of this supernatural month! Moreover, an Aquarius Full Moon, ruled by Uranus? Wow, that portends the Coming New Age with Uranus being the core planet of the Blue Ray 1.

Moreover: (a post from my FB page)

"Sun in Leo, Mars in Leo, Venus in Leo, Mercury in Leo! - Amazing LionsGate event for sure!

Venus Retrograde, Mercury Retrograde, Saturn Retrograde!

Saturn is retro in a Nakshatra of which Rahu is the ruler and is already aspecting Rahu (or will be very soon) transiting Aries.

Saturn is aspecting most of the planets.

Tough month.....karmically! Loaded with enforced Transformations. With focus upon the 8888:8888 coming Year - 2024!

Death of all that was! Covid changed totally the life trajectory on earth! Swiped and Cleaned the slate of Life on 3D planet completely; leaving humanity suspended in a limbo .... though it has had different effects on people. Loss of money has made people, markets, industry, everything more money--minded now. Also everything has become much more expensive as the industry is out to make up for loss and, protect itself from such future episodes. People too are in an aimless flap; focusing now singularly upon "making money".... so the attitude is cut-throat, selfish and material! As if Nothing matters at present but to make-up for the loss that has increased the lack. For the awakeners, drama fell out, external life departed, it's indeed a confusing time as the Split (between 3D and the higher D's) hurts bad!"

Now. The Cosmic Fire of the Zep Tepi is alive on earth! The Sirian Blue Ray 1 is streaming thru with its throbbing new codings penetrating the heart and body of all.

Remember, nothing changes until the Light changes!

And that is happening now with faster speed than the speed of light itself! We also have the Violet Blue Light blasting earth from the M87 galaxy - a lot of Black Hole energies entering earth!

This mix of Photonic, Plasma, Gamma, X-Ray, Black-Hole energies hitting earth/humanity is bringing up varied symptoms that may not be common to all. Its a deep deep cellular molecular DNA and a LightLine purge. This Grand Purge is gathering speed as we head into the Yuga End of Kali - a much debated and controversial topic indeed!

I was shown a "New Sacred Geometry" that shall be seeded at the next Triple 888 Portal of 2024. An inclusion of a New Shape that turns the Peg in the Circle ( quadrature of the circle) and opens the Door to Freedom. Its like injecting an ANTIDOTE to the Poison or, negating the negative that produces a positive (2 negatives equal to a positive). 'Squaring the Circle' is a problem by itself (in geometry) and now, to remove the Square (the quadrature of the circle) imposes the requirement for an addition in the Quadrature of the circle. Its to be seen, as I receive further Intel, when it shall be implanted - next year? When The Door of KalYuga closes? Or in 2025! Would it first unleash destruction in order to decode the code? Appears so. Then I was inspired by COBRA's latest post where he spoke of the shift in concentration of Central Sun's Light from the Great Pyramid of Giza to....not permitted to talk about this right now. Would the Door of the KaliYug shut from the Giza Pyramid or this new place where the New Sacred Geometry is to be included into the Circle. I know you all must be quite confused by now as I'm not explaining many aspects left to your imagination for now ... patience, and the New Picture shall unveil soon!

Furthermore, I was delighted when someone wrote to me that he had read COBRA's post (in April) where he had mentioned my article on The Return of Buddha (every Wesak) once a year for 8 mins. I resonate with Cobra immensely as our Divine Messages (the non-classified ones of course) are similar. Which is rare for me, to find a semblance of similarity with humans receiving messages, so it surely delighted me!

I hope you have read COBRA's latest message on his website, and viewed his second interview. It shocked me that the Shift accomplishment (which he calls the Event) is sooo near. But then, he hasn't received it from the Light (as yet); it is his hypothesis based upon the Star Alignments of 2024 - which he talks about in his interview. Next year, Uranus Neptune Pluto all three Outer Planets reach 1 Degree in a new sign and COBRA deduces from this alignment shall emerge the Event in a sequence of 3.

In any case, it coincides with my Divine Intel of the end of Kali Yuga starting from 2024 - have written about this many a times. The Obliteration Period begins thereafter for which there is no Divine Intel as yet. So lets see - but COBRA's intel has inspired new passion that the END of 3D is very close! At last! Hopefully!

Shall repost the Article on 88 nearer to the date, till then - Enjoy the Joy of this temporary extraordinary experience of 3D that is about to abort soon. After which, no soul (attained freedom) shall have the choice to re-enter any 3D Star Program, only those still immersed in the tar shall continue their journey till they decide to awaken and abort!

Imagine Heaven so beautiful upon Earth



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