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An UPDATE on my journey to the Pakistan Kartarpur Gurudwara on Nov 12th, '19 & Indian Golden Temple!

Whenever I have visited a Sacred Temple or unknown Holy Space, anywhere in the world, on a general average I have been riveted, bolted, shaken-up, by thunderous Vibrations of the Light...and much more!

Egypt, the ancient Khem, of course, takes the icing on the cake: The Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt), Tel El Amarna (Egypt), Konarak Temple (Egypt), Temple of Thoth (Egypt), even the Museum in Cairo, Luxor and ancient structures in all major cities of Egypt (Cairo, Thebes, Tel El, Luxor, Sinai), yes, esp Sinai - the sacred walk up (very high) to the mountain top and at the very very top there is a Holy Spot of Light.

India - naturally, as it is the dwelling space of most Ascended Masters, most of them ascended from within the latitude and longitude of India. There are so many places and temples in India that carry the Light of God and the Hierarchy. The ones I have visited and are rivetting with voluminous light are: Kedarnath, Badrinath, Manali in the Himalayas (Spot of the Solar Disc), Mussourie in the Himalayas (The Cave of Light of Director of Authority, Chieftain Karmic Lord on the board of Karma for earth), South India where the Nagas (serpents) of Shiva dwell, Pelling (nearest to Mt Everest of Himalayas), Kashmir (Srinagar - Chashme Shahi (Ray 2 with Lord Kuthumi) / Pahalgam in the Kashmiri Himalayan Mts / and now the "Sacred Route of the Flame of Freedom" (the Violet Fire's new place of anchor - described in my eBook of "THE AMETHYST TABLET), the Samadhi of Sri Aurobindo (Pondichery India), Osho's glass meditation room (Pune, India), Shirdi Sai Baba Temple - His Samadhi (Shirdi, India)...and some more places that I can't recall right away. I have yet to visit Lord El Morya's (Blue Ray 1) space in India where His Blue Ray 1 Retreat is positioned in the Himalayas - Darjeeling!

In Europe, there are many Occult Templar Power spots where the portals open and timelines jump. The ones visited by me - the Charles Bridge (Prague), Strasbourg Bridge and surrounding area and under the bridge prisons (France), Logrono's ancient church of Spanish Inquisition (Spain), Heiliglenblut Church where the Vial of Jesus's liquid Blood is kept (Austria) etc etc


In this pilgrimage, I was dumbstruck! Left totally dumbfounded!

Photo: Pakistan Gurudwara of Kartarpur

No Presence of Guru Nanak Ji nor any Hierarchical Member of the Light in either Gurudwara's in both countries. How come? I have yet to integrate this....

Photo - India's Golden Temple at Amritsar


And now I can reveal safely. My mission (along with my powerful Light Knights Team from FB) was not to simply visit the 'Pakistan Corridor' as a common pilgrim. It was an OCCULT MISSION from the Light & Hierarchy. One of the many I have ventured for 29 years!

It was a tough challenge - especially a physically challenged one - but was successfully accomplished. All of my attention was on the Divine Plan for which I was physically sent into Pakistan; backed by my "Power Team" who left their work for that day and sat at home, in their sacred altar, stayed up late into their nights, were not well yet worked on this Mission for 2 weeks prior to the Event (November 12th, 2019 on Guru Nanak Dev Ji's 550th celebration) each day, twice a day; and sent their "momentum" thru waves into me and down me into the land of "THE DARK LODGE" anchored in Pakistan. To destroy the Head Quarters of Evil on earth; to bring to "stop" the terror activities on earth!

My feet caught fire, blistered, filled with water, swelled up, inflamed but some Outer Higher Power (and we all know who that is) helped to make me walk the 6+5=11 kilometres into Pakistan thru the Corridor, which includes the 14 acres Gurudwara, where I continued to walk...walk...and walk. As thru the footprints, the Blue Ray 1 and the Violet Ray 7 was being sprayed, in cascading volumes, into THE DARK LODGE. Moreover, it was released in the Indian news that Pakistan had shifted its Terror Training Camps near and under the Gurudwara, once the Corridor was being constructed so - for me and our Power Team, it was perfect as it revealed to us why the venue of the Mission was so accurately and precisely positioned!

IMPACT OF OUR WORK DURING AND AFTER THE MISSION: My big toenails are blackened by the blood that has coagulated thru the bleeding of my feet. I wore no socks so my touch could be as close as possible to the ground...I didn't risk walking barefoot owing to unnecessary injury that could end my work whilst in process. There were just 4 people walking, at far distances, whereas all the other hundreds boarded buses to travel the Corridor since there would be excessive walking required once in the Temple premises.

The diagram photo above says 4 KMs + 2KMs = 6 KMs

My feet are the validation that the Mission was fulfilled. The Big Toe (just in case you don't know) carries the spots of all top 3 Chakras - The Crown Chakra (Ray 2), The 3rd Shiva's Eye Chakra (Ray 5 of Ray 1), and the Throat Chakra (Blue Ray 1). Not only did the blood leak and collect within the nails of my Big Toes but my nails went inward, into the sides of my toe skin, and blisters developed behind the toes and filled up with water and inflamed. The next day I couldn't put down my feet, and thereafter couldn't wear shoes or socks at all, still can't. But in this midst (within the first two days) my father fell very very sick and the family was called. I couldn't walk but had to take a fresh flight from Amritsar to Delhi and be at service in the hospital for a few days. After which I came home. The events may not be connected but, the physical and emotional ordeal was severe nonetheless!

I have climbed mountains on earth to be at the Sacred Spots, to meet Light thru portals and have undergone huge and severe strain on my body under extreme weather conditions and thru very tough terrains so this was not unique but, the exact and only area of impact was startling and reassuring at the same time!

I met many locals of Pakistan and many several Indians during this unique journey on the Auspicious Sacred Day of Nov. 12th and our exchanges were soulful, loving, heartfelt. Very deep. Politics however entered every exchange with Pakistani's however both sides agreed to drop it and forget about it eventually. However, I must admit I did have a strange encounter with some blue-uniformed Pakistanis from some police or military force on a bike who passed me by on the Walk thru the Corridor, reversed came back and assertively conveyed a succinct message (kinda brainwashing endeavour i would surmise) but were aggressively shooed-off by me. Figured I guess Indian women are strong, independent, and way too smart to even try a turn-around impact! They were actually in admiration that a lady came 'alone' all the way from Mumbai (Bombay) and is so confident in her speech, demeanour, personality and expression. I, of course, refused any attempts made to take selfies with me :-) but with a smile as the locals were and are so cute and endearing. However, I simply cannot wind up this article without bestowing appreciation where it deserves: Pakistan did a stupendous job of building the most advanced infrastructure of roads leading to the Gurudwara. Beautifully lined with trees. The fencing too was beautified and not jarring. The security for the common man was considered carefully and provided in abundance. The hospitality was not just unquestionable but to be noted in being extremely loving, honourable, respectful. The facilities provided, such as the hall where our shoes are to be left were designed to perfection and very safe (no theft of shoes despite no manpower manning the hall, shelves were built like in a shoe shop warehouse and each shelf ( for one pair of shoe or if in a group you could club the shoes together into one shelf) had a token placed in the shelf which you took with you so on return you could easily find the column and shelf), the toilets were very clean, a small market was created behind the Gurudwara premise wall like a Flea Market with stalls of consumer goods and cafes. I ate a delicious pizza with a Pakistani Coke and bought some high-quality goods from the market shops. I bought a well designed and superbly crafted pen stand with a lovely pen. Turns inside out and sideways. Unique and imaginative in design. A Puter and leather key chain in a fancy box. And an exquisite kada (Sikh bracelet). All manufactured in Pakistan as India has stopped its exports to Pakistan so forcing them to manufacture their own goods. And what eye-catching, creative, well designed and superbly manufactured products! I tried to tip various Pakistani's (with an attempt to share some money with them as its common knowledge that they are suffering a terrible economic and financial lack) but no one, and I mean NO ONE PERSON, accepted the free gift of currency from me. Not the armed forces, not the police, not the businessmen, not the children, not the cleaning staff - no one! The army personnel were smiling as I did not accept their explanation that no Pakistani will accept free money. They said they are not corrupt. I still tried, in front of them all, by offering currency as a token of my appreciation for their sensitive and courteous hospitality towards us (Indians) and in deep gratitude for all their effort to construct so marvellous a Corridor, to any Pakistani worker I saw, even the populace around us. But to no avail! Pleasantly surprised and hugely appreciative! My respect for them really went up many notches. I could see thru the Infrastructure of the roads, construction of the Gurudwara and its facilities, that there existed NO CORRUPTION in Pakistan as all the monies accrued from the generous donations of non-resident Sikhs of UK had been fully and wholly employed to build this magnificent "Corridor of Faith" between two nations that once were ONE!


Some call this Corridor the "Corridor of Terror" but in all openness and objectivity I only saw a "CORRIDOR OF FAITH"! If emitting Positivity beckons and begets Positivity then let it be said:

"There may not have been the Presence of Guru Nanak Dev Ji at the very Gurudwara of His Ascension in Pakistan but - HE was surely present in the 'Form' of the Pakistanis present there as the common man and, mostly thru the labourers who built the roads, the Gurudwara, and beautified the unparalleled CORRIDOR OF FAITH - THE LABOUR OF LOVE indeed!"

Thank you all for walking with me in your own way and especially a deep deep gratitude and appreciation and Thank You to my Team of the Sacred Secret Legion of Light Knights. We have another one coming up soon so be ready :-)



Sangeeta Handa


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