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A unique BluePrint of FREEDOM & PUNISHMENT

The Lord God is amazing! His designs, programs, infrastructures,technologies, sciences, mathematics - all His mighty Creations - are unfathomably super-digestively, inexplicably phenomenon! Each creation is a Magic by itself! Microscopically speaking - take the sheer design of our little body. How every function is robotically ignited and remains so till we die. We are unaware of how it operates automatically without us having to instruct or ignite it, with each time we do something, ingest anything, inhale or exhale. It simply continues to perform each function to perfection, despite our misuse of it (rather regularly)...until, we destroy it over time or its time to depart. Even death of this body is another phenomena by itself! How each system, program, organ shuts off, and in divine order of its construction, signalling - its Driver is departing the bioshell for ever! Simply unimaginably perfect and a marvel! Despite us having limited intelligence, we can still see this marvel, and appreciate it, though dumbfoundedly! What a Creator He is! Verily!

I wish to draw your attention upon a particular System He has set-forth for earth, in compliance with Gaia's request of a specific BluePrint of experience (this time over) as an embodiment of a planet. She asked for a certain materialization of encounter to understand how it would be to feel a "Total Severance" from the Creator Lord, based upon a principle of "Duality" that would invariably lead to an understanding of the tenet of "Total Separation" from God. As we all know by now, very few planets, or none, have dared requisition such an adoption of a Star Program for evolution. Fear is prevalent in the spirit world too? One would wonder! Because there is already a knowing it would be utterly bone-shattering, to undergo such an experiment as, the doer (s) could de-evolve and move down the ladder of evolution instead, and rather swiftly with infallibility! And that is not just a possibility!

So, when an Individualized Spark (pls refer to "The Amethyst Tablet") intreats such an application and is accepted by the Creator, the Lord then creates a 'Program' around it for it to be made available for experience or experiment. That's then called a "Star Program", which consequently becomes the BluePrint of the planet.

Now, when Gaia applied for her experience (officially known as - "Total Severance from Light based upon the Principle of Dualistic Separation") the mighty Lord created a Structure and a Design not just of the program but also of the Form the souls (who volunteered to participate in it) would need to embody within.

So, if you have studied "The Amethyst Tablet" you would have studied a whole chapter on the Design of the Template (the mould) that would create the Human Form (chapter 6: the Divine Mould of the Human Form). This was one step. But before this He had to conceive or architect a full structure to hold the Program that would deliver the desired experience. Now, how would one live an experience of Total Amputation from the Source? The human would have to apply his own mind and create from his own database and learn to survive through trial and error which would then become his 'database' of information and knowledge obtained from experience that would then usher in the order of evolution. The Lord then figured: Ok, so how would a human form use his own mind? For which, the human must first be granted his own will, separate from the WILL. Thereby, the tenet of Human Will became vital. From which was fashioned the term (widely engaged today) - FREE WILL. This is nothing but FREEDOM to use one's own mind in order to create alternatives to choose from. And this will would most probably move the human away (far far away with each adoption of its tenet and over lifetimes) from The WILL - the Creators Will. Now, the Lord thought: such an experience cannot be left unlimited! A regulator must be posited on such a freefall experiment (not knowing what turns and twists it could take, as its not been tried before, and so could or may land up harming, or even destroying, the other creations in place)! Resultantly, another tenet was added to FREE WILL (FREEDOM). It actually wasn't a tenet, but a whole system of operation was planned to consequently control the unlimited directionless flow of FREE WILL. A Law was constituted thru which the flow would be directed in such a way to ultimately prevent any spillage outside the planet. FREEDOM was certainly not curtailed since, duality was a tenet Gaia had asked for but, needed to be encased within the planet exclusively. Thus arose the LAW OF KARMA. This formulated Rules and Regulations for playing the Freedom Game on a new planet called Earth/Gaia.

The basics were thus built on two pillars: Free Will and Law of Karma. Now, whilst new souls were invited to the Freedom Game, the Evil or Laggard Souls could not be left out. They were necessary to form Duality - light and dark, good and bad. The Laggard Souls (pls study "The Voice of Silence") were ecstatic as now they were 'legally' allowed entry into a new planet with an unusual free play Game that absolutely suited them. But. Little did they know, no Program of the Creator is without a foresightful full-proof plan).


However, the evil thought they could of course navigate this to their advantage. They thought they were clever enough to combust the Divine System set in place and take over completely. They looked at Earth as a place to establish their homebase and headquarter of operation for the galaxy. They thought they could manipulate the Rule of good and bad karma to their benefit.

And they did!

The evil laggard souls threw a Blanket upon the bright light

(the good souls)

And through this Blanket they not only dimmed the light, but nearly switched-off the light ... altogether! Darkness is their vantage. They rose in power with the Darkness webbed upon Earth. Human Beings were hijacked, metamorphosed, and bondaged into submissiveness of slavery. FREEDOM was removed!

However. Remember, the Law of Karma is the 'Rule' of the Freedom Game. They, unbeknownst and nonchalantly, without-any-care, continued to operate engaging their FREE WILL to the detriment of all others. Incurring huge loads of negative karma that was reaching its imposed limit. This part wasn't quite understood by them (the limit)...fully. This is why the term 'unbeknownst' has been engaged above. They disregarded its understanding as they assumed there was nothing they couldn't manipulate and turn to their advantage.

Now, the good souls in Human Form that were bondaged into a dream-state were however also continuing to live and operate thru their Free Will within the web of evil manipulations. When they reached a point, over innumerable reincarnations, during the time at which things began to happen in their lives that was interpreted as Bad Luck, they awakened to the system of PUNISHMENT thru the Law of Karma. Bad incidences that occurred in their lives, which were unjustifiable in their present lifetime, led them to the Knowing of the Rules of the Freedom Game. Slowly but surely they began to take back control of their bondaged life. They came to realize, they were responsible for the choices they made over lifetimes, and had to pay-back in different reincarnate lives as Debt must be paid and their Karmic Balance Sheet must be cleared ultimately by them alone. This pushed the Web away from themselves. Their awakening to the Divine System of PUNISHMENT is that which forced the awakening, from the dream-state they have been submerged into for eons. The evil can manipulate (as they are using the tenet of the Freedom Game) but that doesnt mean the enslaved must obey and submit! The Free-Will engaged by the slaves to even submit is liable for Punishment. They were paying for even submission and acceptance of a way of bondaged life. This caused a Resurrection of Life within the dimmed light.

Sure, the evil threw the Blanket of Darkness upon the Lit Souls. That which immediately and automatically dimmed the light. However! The choice to "remain" in the Blanket was theirs! You may say: but the Blanket was thick heavy dense and therefore difficult to remove, so what choice did we have? You have a Soul - a Spark of God - within your mind and body! It nudges you, tells you of the Blanket and even how to get out of it. The evil could (can) enslave your body and mind but cannot remove your Soul (easily). You have that Control System within, well designed and incorporated by the Divine Creator! A slight nudge (from the Soul) is enough to shake the Blanket, if not remove it! Removing the Blanket required Power - Inner Power. And - POWER is a plume of your Three-Fold Unfed Flame (refer to "The Voice of Silence" and "The Amethyst Tablet"), which is your Soul. YOU have the Power to remove the blanket, the darkness, the dark web! God designed the Template so beautifully, taking into account the farsighted consequences of the BluePrint Game. This is the whole point of this article - to marvel at the Creativity and Technology of our Creator - His Mind, His Ability, His foresightedness.... Furthermore, in order to appreciate fully, the Wow(ness) of Source, you must know the structures He has ingeniously constituted. The Knowledge of which you have through the various Tablets subscribed by The Temple of God's Will Power Protection, at your disposal to study again and again, so you don't lose sight of the Wisdom and Technologies of God, necessary at this point of your evolution - to keep you in the condition of immense Gratitude and Appreciation of God who made you and gave you this playground to experiment a totally new and unique structure from which you could evolve to the highest rung, unconceived of!

Before we proceed further with the good souls, We would like to inform you of the PUNISHMENT designed for the unrelenting, defiant, unwilling-to-transform, laggard souls (who, if you have read "The Voice of Silence" know they had ample opportunities earlier to redeem and, now was their last opportunity to do so). Gaia, welcomed their entry with love and respect, and with no judgment. Hoping, this unique Program would help transmogrify them without enforcing the change! She gave them Free-Will to do so...something they really don't deserve. However. This did not happen! Their PUNISHMENT, as per the Law of Karma for Earth is now unavoidable! An Edict in the Law of Karma dictated that this time over, if the Laggard Souls failed to redeem, they would be seized, bound, held inactive, handcuffed, and expelled from Earth into THE COMPOUND OF LIGHT. Its a space in this galaxy; has been mentioned afore in our articles'; of unimaginably hot fierce flaming fuming Black Hole that enforces purge most ferociously until its entrants have transmutated to serve the Light in the most grateful illumined humbled Obedience to the LightForce everywhere forever! And their Redemption, within THE COMPOUND OF LIGHT, would be a billion-fold for the desecration of Light! A mighty violent Punishment that befits their actions indeed!

Now, returning to you, the beautiful Good Soul participants. You have suffered the Separation long enough now! Its time to act upon the nudge wholly and rise out of the Blanket. Blame not the Blanket for your wrong choices! As it inadvertently enforced an en-abling from within you, one which in turn awakened you to realize your Full POWER. Your power to overthrow the Blanket and rise like a Phoenix from its ashes. This aftermath rise is of such an immense jump, up the ladder of evolution, that no other Star Program could have ever - done for you!

Your first Free-Will engagement was when you answered the heralded call by Gaia for participants in the Blind Maze of the Freedom Game. The coming-on-board was your first Victory, already won! The second biggest Victory was your awakening to the Blanket. Next biggest Victory was the resurrection from the Blanket. And now, of the Appreciation of the Creativity of God!

Can we not help but marvel at the incredulous phenomena crafted conceived constituted by our Lord God! Gaia simply cited her choice of BluePrint and how God manufactured the entire structure, infrastructure, order, format, edifice, template, rules of the game, and even the Form of the human body for the participating souls - who would need a different type of Form to embody within, in order to live and play the FREEDOM GAME in the BLIND MAZE.

More to be continued....





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Dec 05, 2022

Dearest Beloved Sangeeta,

Firstly, I Am so Grateful to have found you! Forever more I will be so. Your words and prose are so beautifully written, as always. The allegory is powerful and poignant. My most humble expression of thanks for you being here. I wait in anticipation for the 'more to come' ! Love and Light Mary-Jane

Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Dec 05, 2022
Replying to

Mj, your comments are always so uplifting and inspirational! They truly inspire me to write and share more. Deeply appreciative and grateful1❣♥️💙💎 thank you deat🙏

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