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144,000 on earth right now - JUST HOLD THE LIGHT! Your light is needed for these ebbing 4 years!


Most of you have been freed from responsibilities; freed from paying rent for space occupied on earth; freed from earthly drama and attachments. You have been set aside to perform your Duty as only you - 144,000 can do this! You are the LIGHT HOLDERS! Your work now is only to HOLD the LIGHT. Within.

When and if you get pulled back into the drama, become conscious of this Service you volunteered to perform at this vital hour of the breathtaking Shift. You descended because you would perform this role; and in turn ascend higher into the evolutionary octave yourself. Depression is the ghost that can haunt you, and quite regularly. He shall come knocking on your mind's door. Do not open the door to Depression....ever! Allow this Service to come between you and depression. Allow the Service Call to be your reminder.

The Light of the I AM that is pouring in must be held within your bodies so it can be anchored into the planet and radiated outward to all humanity. Light Holders are the distributors of God's Light; the I AM; necessary for the shifting of dimensions, realities, consciousness. Your Light is what is causing Enlightenment. Many or most dont even know this. They are not yet awakened to their role and are participating in the plan however unaware.

You bodies are a sacrifice at the Altar of the Grand Shift. You experience a lot of discomfort, and quirky distortions because the Central Nervous System is on overload at all times. Normal human bodies would not be able to hold the volumes of Light your physicality is made to hold. So, naturally, the wear and tear is much more impactful on your bioshell than on others. You take on the full impact before tempering the radiation outward. Therefore, REST for you is paramount and mandatory. Much more is explained in the "BLUE SAPPHIRE TABLET" Part - 1 to be released soon. The Book shall reveal information unheard of before such as, do you know you are no longer receiving any Photonic Light....are you in the Photon Belt? Look out for Higher Spirit Wisdom and Higher Light Information in the coming Tablet.

The I AM Light raining-in may not shift your carbon bodies into the Light Crystal Body and may not even cause Ascension of the body into the Light Body as that is the Experiment yet to be achieved to know it can be done since, its never been tried before! But the test is under way,just as your Covid Vaccines are under preparation. Therefore, do not expect anti-aging and anti-gravity to manifest unless the Experiment proves successful. There is no prophecy that works here as all is under trial and testing.

What is a surety is: Enlightenment and Shift in Consciousness. Its a Consciousness Shift in Dimension. The Vibrational Ascension of Energy...not necessarily being translated to the body shifting dimensions. This is a fact humanity is not being told. People are expecting their bodies will soon become light thru vegan eating, herbal diets, abstinence from certain foods and drinks, thru yogic and breath technologies etc. You can do all that but if your Energy hasnt gained the Refinement it requires as a pre-requisite, you may not shift dimensions in vibration.

Lord Jesus Christ once said to me:

"It's not what you put into your body that matters

It's what you release from the body!"

The body is density; solidified energy; condensed energy; from which heat is extracted to slow down the vibration to a cold solid dense state of existence. Your Consciousness is Energy non solidified. It is the Vibration of the Soul. Ascension is shifting of Consciousness Energy to a higher lighter Dimension.

When a being of human density ascends out of density in energy, his body is not found on earth!

Dear 144,000 LIGHT HOLDERS, feel the Honour and Privilege to be of service. Hold the I AM Light with reverence and responsibility and, allow it to do the work. You are not just one in the hundred thousand number but it is Your Light by itself that can Light up the entire planet. You matter that much! You are needed that much! However, and at the same time, if even one falters in the sequence, it can jeopardize the entire Shift! Together we rise and divided we all fall!

It takes but ONE candle to Light up the world


a 144,000 to Shift the entire Consciousness to Pure LIGHT!

It is YOU who shall cause the GRAND SHIFT, by anchoring the I AM LIGHT of LOVE within the core of humanity and planet. This is a Shift through the anchoring of the Light Rays of Love and not through violence. Unity cannot be reached with duality! Love is the Path to Unity and, Love is nothing but Light and Light only. And - YOU are the HOLDERS OF this LIGHT!

Hold the LIGHT steady

Sangeeta Handa

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