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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

What shalt it be!!!

In communicae with the Light:

The mighty royal Himalayas came into physical existence to allure mankind not just to its visible enormity of beauty and wealth; it is a Meta-Physical Precipitation of a sample of Spirit Abundance for those who are sensitive. The Light provided a physical window into the infinite beauty and power thru the expanse of the Himalayas.

But what did mankind do?

It built cities in the Mountain Range....upon this supernatural window ... that the Lord provided! It visits the mightiest supernatural beauty to have fun with people thru partying and other physical modes that it employs to have fun in its cities. Mankind duplicated its desires upon it. Creating the same mess it does elsewhere and everywhere. The mighty Mountain Range was converted into a means to make money. It became a tourist attraction area for humankind.

For some, they trekked the mountains to sharpen their body skills. Again, it was all about the experience of the body for the body. It became a place of sport, as a vocation for earning money and inspiring a profession. Many go trekking into the mountains, some as a profession ( a guide, professional climbers) others for a sport.

Yet there are some, who live in the deep deep wild depths of the Himalayas to achieve Moksha. Again for an achievement! A quest! A desire! But even these few beings follow a human guru who is living there (who himself came there following his own human guru...and so a chain of such sadhus exist in the Himalayas). These ascetics are there in service to their human gurus, who they hope shall pass-down to them the wisdom and powers eventually. This is their siddhi, to achieve the powers of their guru when he passes-on. Many acquire this siddhi in the Himalayas and then move into cities where they can become rich thru the acquired powers by charging the distressed and needy. Indeed, spirit(d)uality is the biggest money-making business on earth. I have penned a whole article on this...available on my page at LinkedIn (under the section on articles).

How many come alone; following no one, for no profession, for no greed of creating their own followers, for no sport or vacation? Who are not teachers, preachers, sadhus, aghoris, baba's, swamis, etc.? How many, true-to-soul seekers are there?

There is so much Meta-Physical and purely Non-Physical Energy in this mountain range that one can deeply Connect and Communicate with the Creator of All That is the Window, the Celestial Portal, into that Infinite Energy from which all has ever been created...and, is FREELY Available to all who just wish and pray to Align ... as freely as It is provided! With no motive but to interact with Its Love. This requires a very, or rather completely, open and sensitive soul-in-form. That soul-n-form just hangs around the climbing, no partying, no agenda but to Hang Loose and be Open. That person stays for a longer period than just a few joyous doing nothing but Being there in wholeness of body and spirit. Such a person can FEEL the Presence of Power Infinite; the surge of inexplainable Love; the depth of an ever-flowing reservoir of Wisdom! Such a person's entire energy body swells up with Light; the physical too reverberates with the dynamic Energy of the In-Finite! Here is the Grandest Opportunity to become One with God and God Consciousness!

Such a person RECEIVES the Light! Communication with the Light is so easy in these mighty royal Mountains of the Himalayas that lie in the Met-Physical/Non-Physical Window. It requires only one ingredient - PASSION of Purity! Once the human receives in his earthly sojourn becomes different from others and different from before! He/She is no longer just another Form! Such a person is truly a Spirit exploring a Form for a briefest blink of an eyelid on a planet!

Having this extra-ordinary, inter-dimensional Window in our midst, we still don't see it! Its not just another spot in the hills to party or climb, or conduct a Yoga class for spirit(d)ualists. Its not a tourist spot. ITS A PORTAL to the SPIRIT WORLD and to the CREATOR!


A great opportunity (in the Dark Agenda) presented itself for the inhabitants of the planet to GO WITHIN! This idle time of nothing much to do; no external existence; no outside temptation; no exterior attraction; could have been 'onederfully' captured to connect with the Soul of oneself. The Evil Act could have been trans-mutated to the most Enlightened experience on earth! But. Did it ? Has it ?

This time-(outside)-out has been utilized once again for physical pursuits. Cooking, cleaning, exercising, watching movies, drinking and eating...some are working too on their jobs with work-at-home orders. Videos are released on how to exercise in order to release stress? Any viral videos on Going Within?

In the Plan adopted by earth (who is also a soul, and being in the form of a planet and not human) there was provided "No Hope" that humankind would evolve inward. Though, of course, the inherent potential was alive and never removed - as the KEY to ultimate Freedom from the Blind Maze. The outward plan was so interesting with Free-Will as its tool that mankind felt; wow, we can do so much - we have choices and freedom to choose....we have our own "will"! This generated passion, desire, want, needs. This state of condition became a death-trap for the race. Having Free-Will is not just about external choices but internal choices too. They could re-act or respond; be evil or good; be selfish or benevolent; hurt others or love another, and etc etc. Indeed the human race was left loose, entirely! Who let the dogs out! But, with consequences that would demand payment at the very end of the planets BluePrint, if not paid for in earlier reincarnations! Everything on earth bore a Price-Tag well hidden beneath the FreeWill! Mankind only saw the Freedom of Will, not the impact that they would have to pay for.

And so, all in the Meta-Physical worlds knew: the BluePrint would inspire ultimate obliteration! Its like freeing the death-roll prisoners suddenly. Hell would break lose, wouldn't it? And it has!

Humanity went down the spiral rapidly and the two previous civilizations were destroyed from the very records because Karma had reached the 'Planetary Karmic Ceiling' and was to boil-over onto the other planets. This is not allowed so the entire race on earth was annihilated in an instant! But. Has this 3rd civilization (the last) learned from its previous births of being annihilated?

Man, at the final ending of the BluePrint of earth, has now been presented with the Final Test -

The Planetary Lock-Down

(first time ever in the history of the planet)

The permission-granters of the BluePrint knew, mankind would never go within; would never connect with their true essence (the ever-living Soul) beyond the physical form if given the Gift of Free-Will But....since this was the first such Lethal Plan adopted by any planetary soul....there would be no "never" as only time would prove! The Scrolls of the 2 prior Civilizations were ordered to be burnt up! And now we are all standing at the threshold of the end of Gaia's time as a planet! This is the last civilization.

An interesting stage reached! Evil has been given permission to thrive - unlimited - for the last 4 years! Evil, immediately took control and fired its very First Bullet.

This was Evil's most powerful Bullet ever fired! It struck its target with bulls-eye precision. The entire planet came under its attack - by just one Bullet! Causing the deadliest Planetary LockDown! The entire planet shut down urgently. In the face of not just an Invisible Enemy but also thru an Invisible Bullet.

The Light thought, maybe - just maybe, the human race being locked inside their homes might now attempt to stay within. Sure! They are staying within, within the physical boundary BUT, with no attempt to go within the Form and beyond. Nope! They are all involved in external activities within the physical confines. The Form yet takes precedence even if you eliminate the external world. So. As long as man has his body, he will stay happily in the body with no desire to experiment beyond this parameter. Its actually got nothing to do with "not believing" in the Invisible since the Bullet is invisible too, and the human has no problem with accepting its invisible presence! Its the "effort" to go within that bores mankind into disbelief. So. Now the Light knows nothing can push mankind within! And it is only by "Going Within" that mankind can pay for its Karma. And it must pay up! Which, it is not going to do!

This has consequences!

Now, how the last 4 years shall transpire, is totally not in the hands of the Evil anymore. As, for the Evil, it's an easy victory to reign supreme over a lazy race of superfluous humans.

The question now is:

"What FIAT will the Light roll-out as It's Last & Final Command?

We know what the Light issued with Lemuria and Atlantis (pls study the history of human civilizations, scribed in THE VOICE OF SILENCE available only thru my website - The LIGHT Commanded the "Scroll of both civilizations be Rolled -Up and Burnt!"

So ... what will it do now? The time, for our civilization too, is now over!

Think about this.......we are all in unchartered dangerous consequence-related the mercy of the Evil on one hand and, awaiting the FIAT of God at the other end of the violent turbulent fatal, rapidly downward spiralling, Roller Coaster - without seatbelts!



Sangeeta Handa

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