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The PURGE is on Globally!

CHANGE is the CALL of the DIVINE!

We are in the midst of the GREAT SHIFT consequently Change is in the forefront and behind all scenes.

INDIA: The Political decision taken by India's PM Mr Modi is to be applauded, regarding integration of Jammu & Kashmir as well as Ladakh.

In my latest Book - THE AMETHYST TABLET Lord Jesus Christ (in the last Part of the book, under AfterWord) strongly pronounces Kashmir to be an integral limb of India. This was not a decision taken by a human (the Prime Minister of India and his cabinet of ministers or council) to change the diseased decision taken by the first PM of independent India. Mr Modi, however disliked by a lot of Indian people (including myself) was re-elected this time as he would function as a Handle for the Divine and the Hierarchy to correct the many wrongs yet operational in one of the most powerful ancient nations of the world (India is a Soul Blue Ray 1 country - the only nation of this powerful Ray yet unperverted. The other nation, at the Soul Blue Ray 1 level, is China who emits huge negative radiations thru its major perversion indented upon by its leaderships). Modi was chosen actually out of no other choice. Rahul Gandhi was considered for a while but unfortunately he continued to operate thru his mindset and didn't allow the Will to enter and maneuver the Change needed to direct the course of the Great Shift. Very sad as Rahul holds a loving Ray Equipment Chart! So, Modi was the next available medium for the Light and, Modi appeared pliable to the Divine (thru his religious disposition and reaching out to God constantly for help). However, at first, it must also be understood clearly that after this integration all shall not be hunky-dory, loving, and pristine! In fact, quite the contrary - remember evil resists Change; disallows Change; dismembers Change so - there shall be blood that will shed, there shall be a peak in violence owing to resistance, once normalcy is restored again in Kashmir by opening up the curfew. Pakistan will try to enter Kashmir and incite hatred thru all means and people of Kashmir will get incited (in their hearts there is only the energy of being victimized...ingrained by the Dark Forces); terror-ism could multiply - but KNOW - this is the Final Purge initiated by the Divine. With CHANGE comes a Bleed. Till now its been a norm on earth that Darkness begets Darkness - No More - this is under Change! Herein Darkness shall be employed to break the defiant Darkness. What does this mean? It is explained later in the article.

So get ready for Christ's Blood to bleed throughout Kashmir. But, this is Holy Blood and shall cleanse the unwanted/uninvited Darkness. Christ lived here in Kashmir before and after His Ascension. He Speaks about it in the 'LIGHT VEDA - THE AMETHYST TABLET". His Staff is yet in the mountains of Kashmir. Previously it was the Staff of Moses. This Staff is closely guarded in a Shrine in Kashmir. I visited it in 2002. And shall be re-visiting it soon. No women are allowed within this Mosque on a hilltop. But when the Divine wants you to be there, no man can stop a woman! Indeed it was an earthly miracle manifested that day! The Head Priest thereafter came and visited me in my hotel for two consecutive days of my remaining stay, in that town, to talk about various issues. The hotel owner and staff were astounded. How was I allowed into the Shrine and even allowed to sit in front of the Staff, alone, till I was ready to leave (nearly one hour)? It was a room surrounded by glass on sides that was being pushed-in due to the masses of men crowding around the outside of the glass to gather a peak at what i was doing and why. There was mayhem! Shouting and screaming to get me out! But the Maulvi did not budge. He allowed me, recognizing who was accompanying me. He understood as he was a psychic, a tantric, a medium of God. For many years thereafter he called me, inquiring when I would return! I told him I had done what I came for. He has expired since! God bless him!

Last year I went to Kashmir again. This time it was to feel the hearts, minds of the Kashmiris and I reported back to the Light my assessment. The Light and Hierarchy have since been focused on Kashmir. I met with one particular Ascended Master, whilst in Srinagar, whose Energy was with me thru out my stay in Srinagar (especially). Lord Kuthumi - the Chohan of the golden Ray 2. The Focus of WORLD PEACE is anchored in Srinagar. I was guided to His Holy Waters flowing freely thru the gardens of Chashme Shahi. I use to fill bottles and bottles of this Healing Water (each day) and take it back to my hotel. I bathed in it, drank it, thru all my days in Kashmir. I even carried a carton of this to Gulmarg, where I was for a week. Here I met the army of India and spent some time gathering their sense of the situation. The Healing Water performed magic in my body and its effects are what made me complete the Holy Encyclopedia - the "LIGHT VEDA - THE AMETHYST TABLET". I had posted many many photos of the Water, Chashme Shahi, and explained then (thru several posts on FB) the importance of Ray 2 being anchored in Srinagar - the land where the world violence is at its peak; where max. blood is shed; where max negative energy is being spewed and spread! How very paradoxical isn't it - the Land where the Flame of Peace is anchored, harbours the worst terrorism-energy of the highest Darkness ever on earth! Wow, shocking! Yet, also so explanatory of the way in which the Light works and its after-effects!

Oh yes, I just remembered so am adding: In my last trip (which I've described above) I began my first day by visiting one of the oldest relic Temple of "Lord Preserver Vishnu" in south Kashmir. This route - south from Srinagar via Anantnag, Pahalgam to Amarnath - is the Holiest of Holy Pathways on earth. And this is exactly where the darkness is the darkest. The terrorist have their most dangerous hide-outs hidden in the raw mountains along this Holy Route. Indeed, Light attracts Darkness! I took Lord Vishnu's Blessing and then began my Trip to the Abode of Lord Kuthumi. I recall as well, on this day a red alert call was alerted along this route as terror activity there was suspected. But, this ne'er affects Occult Work as you go bathed in God's Blue Ray of Protection and Will. Lord Vishnu's (the Trinity of God - Creator, Preserver, Destroyer) Monad Ray (there are 3 Monad Rays - one for each Aspect of God) is the Golden Ray 2. This is the Ray of the Light of God, Love, Enlightenment, Awakening, Truth, Healing, and PEACE. Its no coincidence (never is, esp in Occult Work) that VishnuJi has His most powerful Temple hidden somewhere in the Holy Path, out of public knowledge. And as if that were not enough - it is guarded by Mother Gaia's Temple...have you ever seen a Temple of Gaia anywhere on earth? And so, the Temple of VishnuJi is known as a tourist relic and rarely visited by tourists. Generally, the tour guides, taking you south of Srinagar en route Pahalgam will stop at the temple for a crisp pause just to throw in another site of interest for the tourists who are not quite awakened by this raw broken-down spot of least interest. There's a saying: If you were to encounter God on a barren road, He would be that beggar of no consequence littering the single one-way by route, upon whom not even a glance would waste its energy of momentary distraction :-)

8 months later, today, the CHANGE has been introduced in Kashmir and India. This is called OCCULT WORK! It is not in front of the masses; it is not directly for the masses; it is away from public gaze and, with the Occult Forces. And now, as soon as the corridors of Kashmir open officially, I AM being summoned back! The Staff of Jesus and Moses is in the forefront again, after my earlier trip in 2002. Lets see what transpires, what gets activated this time over! I have a hunch but again - its Occult Work :-) I'm also been told to flow-in some of my money (my money is officially or cosmically God's Money as I get my cheque literally from the heavens, as explained under MONEY section of my webpage on The Amethyst Tablet. Do read that section carefully) to the people of Kashmir as they need Maha Ma Lakshmi's Providence to kick-start their lives out of Lack and into Abundance! This is so beautiful! I see Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi Maha Ma's personal Hand in restoration of Kashmir! Simply Wow!

You may wonder: Why is Kashmir so important for the world? Why is its integration of so much significance for the world? In "THE LIGHT VEDA - THE HOLY AMETHYST", Jesus Christ explains this, through His Message in the final pages of the Holy Encyclopaedia. Read it there. Just to give you a hint - Anchored within the heart of the holy Himalayan Mountains of Kashmir is not just the Golden Ray 2 of World Peace...a NEW CHANGE has just transpired...and something else is now anchored in the chosen land of the Divine Light. This new addition is what the GREAT SHIFT needed to pick up its momentum and march forward on all cylinders wherein and so the "Beginning of the End of KaliYuga" can initiate the FINAL PURGE - afterwhcih the roller-coaster shall commence its deadly descent downward into the deepest darkest depths of Darkness before it comes out of the Black Hole into the White Hole Light of the SatYug wherein shall be launched the 7th Permanent Golden Age! The beginning of the LIGHT VEDA also announces this New Change...its upto the understanding of the reader to capture the Wisdom!

Subsequently, Light and Hierarchy charted the Course of Change. Mapped the course to be taken for the Great Shift to run its Path thru India.

Do you think it was Mr. Modi who chose the date and time to address the nation and explain his party's move on integration of J&K plus Ladakh into the fold of India? The very date and time was a SignPost for us to know the Identity of the Hand controlling the mind of the leader of India!

8th August, 2019 at 8:08 pm (IST) Modi began his public address to the nation! The Time of the "LIONSGATE PORTAL RESONANCE"! The time of the Powerful Portal Opening of "Great Central Sun - Sirius" upon Gaia! This is how you recognize the Light Interference and understand the "Language of the Light". Moreover, for the first time it was made obvious, the tone / expressions of the PM bore no arrogance nor a tone of self-proclaimed triumph. His speech to the nation was humble, explanatory, with a definitive Road-Map. THIS WAS THE "DIVINE'S HAND"!

The roller-coaster ride upward reaches its pause station in Dec and then suddenly begins it steepest fall for the next 5 years. The roller-coaster represents the world economies, finance, sustenance, in other words it covers everything that involves human life on earth and earth's elements. When the roller-coaster shall fall, the ride up to the karmic ceiling shall begin. My article on the "Beginning of the End of Kali Yuga" explains it all! Please make sure you have read it well. Its on the Article section of this website.

Evil shall hit the roof and stay afloat at the peak for the coming several years. This is how the Beginning of the End of the lowest Light Quotient, the highest density and darkness, shall ultimately level itself out into SATYUG. Therefore you must "understand" wholly, once and for all, that -


This Final Purge is such a storm that is heading our way to make the GREAT SHIFT a LandMark Evolutionary Victory for earth and its tenants.

*The Climate Change is a MUST! Come floods, typhoons, tidal waves, tsunamis, earthquakes, and forest fires that spread into cities and consume all in its path, are inevitable. Though Gaia is trying its best not to hurt and injure its tenants and thus imposing sensitivity into the Change, the minimum is infallible and unavoidable. Make the most in earlier preparation, do for yourself what your country cant do for you and try to stay above judgment, criticism and blame-game.

*Political Uphevals is a MUST! Impropriety of the political leaders shall no longer be tolerated in the "Beginning of the End of the KaliYuga" and so now shall mark the surge of revolutions, protests, and such related violence and bloodshed. As these 5 years mark the peak of violence due to the resistance from the evil. Darkness sometimes can be removed only thru techniques of darkness! Soft techniques of the light are arrows that break on contact with darkness. Only the Technology created by the Darkness can enter its core and destroy its creator! Know this as a fact. In the Eyes of the Divine, darkness is magnetic. Like energy attracts. Darkness if a magnet will attract darkness so, only darkness can enter darkness. Thus the Technology to explode Darkness must be a "Like Energy".

*Economic Financial Recession is also a natural outcome or out-fall of the CHANGE! Banks, corporations, pvt companies, industrial sector, share market can (just to be soft), all consumer markets, entertainment and travel industries, will nose dive and collapse upon its own structures. Be wary of Fake News from all news channels. Be also aware of Conspiracy News at the extreme. Pedulating energies will prevent you from seeing the Truth. But if you are centered in absolute inner and outer Balance, silent, focused - you shall see thru the fiercely pendulating energy storm. Activate your INTUITION. Listen to your Inner Guidance System. Stay belted in perfect equilibrium and no one, no darkness, no evil, no extreme pendualnce can shake your Centred Focus upon the Light You will all transit peacefully thru the ruffled chaotic node of the downward ride of the roller-coaster. Stay with me here, on my FB, LinkedIn, Twiiter portals. We shall walk through the Black Hole and emerge out through the White Hole into eternal Satya (Truth) Yuga!

Lastly, if you have purchased the latest eBook (THE AMETHYST TABLET: link is posted below) please get in touch with me, if you are interested in participating in the Occult Work during my next trip to Kashmir. It would be remote support by adding your power to mine as the Divine conducts Its Energy thru us, the conduits. But you should have the Book with you so you know what Jesus has explained.

Please read:

1) The article - "PART 1: “BEGINNING” of the ‘END’ of KALI- YUGA on earth : Very Important information!" at

2) "THE LIGHT VEDA - THE AMETHYST TABLET" (necessary for transition through the Great Shift) You can purchase your copy at :

~~~from the Desk of Sangeeta Handa

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Aug 11, 2019

My heart is saying yes , to be part of the support energy for you.

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