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The LIGHT issued It's FIAT in jan & this is what happens when the LIGHT Withdraws It's Support!

The LIGHT has Spoken!

The LIGHT Spoke in January 2020 but, its obvious no one bothered to hear the Light. No one stopped and reflected upon it. No one wanted to! On the page of FB timeline, the Light scribed in January itself: "Trump will NOT be the next President of America".

And now - no one is still bothered to acknowledge the Light's Message. This is mass consciousness and even the consciousness of the awakening spiritDualists on earth. Is God Speaking differently to others? Is the Light giving different Messages to others? Think about this!

This is what "Happens" when the Light withdraws its support from a "selected" human through whom the Light had decided to help humanity. But, when a lighted beam falls upon a human who is fast fast asleep, even the Light cannot do its work! Ego Gratification is such a formidable (not powerful) stubborn wall between man and God. You may ask then: How can God not be able to break such a feeble element of a dualistic man? True! This is because God gifted mankind with 'Free Will' - such an empowered (not powerful) tool to build and unbuild forms and possibilities for himself. Man, instead of just playing Lego with it, built walls around himself and full-proofed himself against its Creator.

That's HUMAN will; and, by the rules of the of the Game, even the Giftor cannot take away or remove the tool, nor its construct!

So, the LIGHT then withdrew its Beam from the person select. And this is what the Light did with Mr Trump! And this is "WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE LIGHT WITHDRAWS ITS SUPPORT!" Even the 70 Million (plus, as the counting is still on) who voted for Trump could not put him back into office!

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again!

The LIGHT put Mr Trump into office


the LIGHT removed Mr Trump from office!




The two-fold reaction has made the LIGHT realize..... First Fold - "Is the Spirit Light really alighted in the people of earth? So many people say they are spiritDual workers, teachers, guides upon this planet, earning large sums of monies thru spiritDual services but, are they themselves truly "awakened"? Does anyone, who self-proclaims he/she Receives ME, really think It's ME talking to them?"

This takes us to the Second Fold aspect of the reaction - Mr. Trump's reaction. The light quotient and the energetic-signature/colour-chart of the individual truly shows up; if that person has been alighted; when the Light "withdraws" from the human! How does the human then act? Much has already been scribed through my daughter on FB (articles posted below) regarding the elemental quality that should ne'er be dimmed or lost - essentially and quintessentially - INTEGRITY! So, taking farther from this premise, Mr Trump has begun investigation into many states and may sue all these states, the Human Race of Gaia will have to witness and watch him lose TWICE!

Grace is in you hands as much as is free-will.

You have birthed enough times on this PlayGround to "Know" by now - what to choose. We don't need to Guide you on this anymore.


And this part of the hardened fact is very saddening for us all to observe - half of the populace of voters (70 million plus) voted for Mr Trump - especially the spiritDual workers (who are teaching the masses officially thru charge or exchange) - and they couldn't see the Light when It alighted the candidate and when It removed It's support !

And. The other half of the voters populace (78 Million plus) who support Mr Biden think he is chosen by the Light?

NO, Mr Biden- "is NOT beamed by ME"!

Both candidates are on human footing with karmic overlays like you. No one is chosen by the Light! Please make sure you KNOW now.

Our Guidance has not laid the foundation it planned, as it appears by now, and not just in America. You have 4 years of suspension in the darkest era upon this planet. Your Ascension is individual and not collective!



WHO AM I? (pls read this page only thru your computers not available for cells)

Posts from my FB page, mentioned above by the LIGHT: THE TEMPLE OF GOD'S WILL :

1: "USA & LIGHT TRIBE: For all my new friends (esp), here on FB, I am NOT for Trump or Biden! You get side tracked by my posts...i post funny pics of both - Trump & Biden so those who only see one, think Im with one party or the other. I have been writing about both candidates and have expressed my Message of the WILL quite succinctly. In 2015 I received the WILL that Trump was selected to take Office. Not for any of his personal abilities (proven zilch by now for sure) but because the Light + Hierarchy of planet decided they cld engage him as an 'EXECUTIONER OF MOLDS' to prepare ground for these 4 years, which was then in advance (2016-2020). Now. Since most of you guys are new here and arent aware of my articles in the past. I campaigned heavily for Trump from 2015 to 2016 and faced immense backlash from most spiritual people here as they were backing Hillary then. People who knew my work too projected heavy dense negative vibes toward me. I received much abusive comments. No one expected Trump to win - but - he won! I must admit I had the gall to stand up alone with my Message from the WILL and, thru articles endeavoured to explain as well why he was 'high-lighted' by the Light Hierarchy. Forward 2020, (by January) I received the WILL once again that Trump shall not win this time. I will not say anymore now; though, since Jan been expressing why he shall not win; but, now I reiterate for the last time - "Let it be said that, I Am prepared to face the bricks if I fail in my Message! Trump shall not return to Office as the next President of America!" Now, the same spiritual persons are backing Trump who didnt in 2016 and cant believe Im not supporting his win this time over. The backlash has already begun I do not have a personal opinion on anything as I hear and am in obeisance only to the WILL. Do i anytime receive a Message that proves otherwise in result? Yes. Rarely, but yes I do go wrong. This time, too, I stand with what I have received and, in some days or weeks we shall know. Will scribe now only after the Election Results are declared! God be within us all! May Peace be upon earth as we walk into an important time for humanity! The President of USA is pivotal and important for the world always, however, this time even more important as we are in the throes of the "END of KALI YUG" - the last 4 years. Herein, evil can reign sovereign and has free play as long as the Karmic Ceiling for our planet remains untouched! So, this new elected President would reflect the picture of the coming 4 years for all of us. We would be able to peek into how the Game is going to play out for our collective Roller Coaster ride, without belt. The face of this new President will reveal the direction of the see-saw tilt. It will show us how far the Evil has control! Namaste!

Sangeeta Handa"

2: "Lord EL MORYA, the Chohan of the Blue Ray 1 has come in to urge a Voice to the people of America worldwide. Pls note, the Blue Ray 1 is the WILL of GOD and also imbibes the quality of LEADERSHIP. Lord El Morya's portfolio extends to the training of political heads of nations, when they are asleep. He holds conferences with Presidents and Prime Ministers, in the ethers, forwarding the WILL of God. Now, whether they are high enough in Light Quotient to hear, integrate, recall later, and follow is another issue.

"No Leader of any nation, group, or association, on earth should operate through voice or action, in any form, less than with Integrity! This is a Cosmic Law under which they all required to operate. Breaking of the Law is karmic and shall have strong and powerful repercussions. Even in these last 4 years of the "ending of the Kali Yuga" when free and even reign is permitted, such as is the case right now on earth, Integrity is not to be thwarted! Free-Will allows you to choose between integrity and disgrace but, do not ever think, it is not Noted! Whilst the common man has the responsibility to live in Lord's Grace with Truth, the responsibility of a nation's Leader is expanded multi-fold. He is responsible not just for his actions but, carries the karmic weight of the tsunami he causes across the sea of masses collective, that which reaches far beyond the ripple of a single common man's action. A nation's Leader is also accountable to his populace and must be a Role Model of the Lord's Will in manifest!

I train leaders on earth to incorporate the Light and Will of the Lord. Yet, many do not awaken to my endeavours and return to a conscience of Free-Will.

I AM the Head of the Blue Ray 1 of God's Will and GoodWill. I too lived on earth with a karmic overlay many a times. I know how challenging it is to live in such high density with the Light of the Lord intact. But, as you all know, when the risk is high - the bonus rewarded is also very very high. My Ray is the "risk taking ability in manifest". This is a Ray of Strength and that is why its caretaker Elohim is Hercules and Eloah Amazonia. They are charged with Blue Lightning of the Ray and they are the Builders of Form. Hercules's great strength is drawn through his obedience to love of the WILL of God. He releases Blue-Lightning Protection and his momentum of 'will-energy-action' in answer to mankind’s calls for strength and direction. He is the only representative of the Godhead who can stand between mankind and their returning karma.

This is the Ray of the WILL, the FAITH, the POWER of God! Know this: right now on earth; esp now when the Great Shift is in full swing and the lowest quotient of light is yet to be raised; hold only FAITH and PRAYER in your hearts and lips. Do not get tempted into swaying your pendulum to either extreme. Your survival rests on staying steady in the middle, at inner & outer Perfect Balance. What transpires in this election, or in any other event, doesn't matter in actuality! These are temporary temptations placed to test your evolution. How will you perform when things don't go your way? Will you fight or will you remember to peacefully surrender with Faith and Knowing - not blindly, as Ascension is a Conscious Climb up the ladder of Vibration.

Allow the Lord and us to deliver you from all evil! You don't require to choose between the Bad and the Worse, your sight is only on the Light, on the WILL. Let the storms rise before you and threaten to drown you, you DON'T shift your Perfect Balance - at any cost!

Call on me, call on Hercules for strength and Fearlessness! We are all positioned to give you our Hand and pull you out of the storm - each time, every time, till you complete this ride of the Great Shift!

I Am the WILL!



3: "Dear Light Tribe,

Now is the time to HOLD the LIGHT very strong within your Sacred Space so it emits outward with Power of the WILL!

Spread not, thru any form (of picture, post or article), energy that incites un-Rest. You are each accountable now for your actions in the most severest form. HOLD the LIGHT only.

These mediums can assist the LIGHT to seep in the conduit for this service please. Help the LIGHT HIERARCHY to settle the energies of the masses and not ignite them to density.

Thank you!


Sangeeta Handa"

4: "Integrity in all we speak and act is paramount! Light emanates from you if you are holding that quality within your sacred space because, Light is Integrity and more! If you are losing a position, post, chair, office - exit Royally thru Grace, Acceptance - inspiring Peace and Wellbeing around you! This is so important, cant stress more! In Nobility (WILL) lies Humility which then expresses thru Royalness of demeanour!"~~~~TEMPLE OF GOD'S WILL ( Even if the person you are accepting defeat to is, in anyone's opinion, not legit or capable of taking the responsibility! Why? Because that is not for you to determine as that does Not affect your colour chart of vibration. That is "the other person's" destiny and accountability. Grace lies in Knowing this and Surrendering to the WILL. Knowing, that, the WILL shall do the needful! Fighting is a vibration so low that no Good (will) solution can ever stem from that lowest densest vibration. But you may question: what if I'm fighting for the right? Answer is: Does anything Divine need you to fight for it? Surrender with Grace gives you the result no fighting can! Acceptance with Grace make your vibration rise and win hearts! Mahatma Gandhi, a high vibrating Soul from my nation, taught us how Non-Violence could win us our Freedom back. India was freed from the dominion of the crown only thru no bloodshed, no fighting, but simple Divine Intent. "Intent and Outcome is the SAME when Integrity is the doer's vibration!"~~~THE TEMPLE OF GOD'S WILL Sangeeta Handa"

5: "Dec 21st, 2020 ushers in the "FATHER of all CONJUNCTIONS - the GREAT CONJUNCTION between JUPITER & SATURN". This occurs on the Darkest Day of the year - what does that mean? Shall write after the election results. November 2020 is setting Stage for the two Eclipses which all lead then to the FATHER OF ALL CONJUNCTIONS! Jupiter and Saturn align at 00°29′ Aquarius (or 6:20 Capricorn - depending on which astrology you follow - western or vedic) on December 21, 2020. It becomes exact just 7 ½ hours after the Winter Solstice - northern hemisphere. It is an extremely powerful conjunction this year! In Jan 2019 I wrote this article, pls read: (THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF KALI YUGA) Jupiter Conjunct Saturn Dates Feb 18, 1961 Dec 31, 1980 Mar 04, 1981 Jul 24, 1981 May 28, 2000 Dec 21, 2020 Oct 31, 2040 Apr 07, 2060 Throughout history, it has been closely observed by astrologers and been linked to the rise and fall of royalty, leaders and great people. According to astrologer Daniel T. Ferrera, when a great conjunction occurs during an election or inauguration year, the president is likely to die in office. Presidents who were elected around a great conjunction and died in office...


1840 William Henry Harrison 4 April 1841 Pneumonia 1860 Abraham Lincoln 15 April 1865 Assassination 1880 James A. Garfield 19 September 1881 Assassination 1900 William McKinley 14 September 1901 Assassination 1920 Warren G. Harding 2 August 1923 Heart attack 1940 Franklin D. Roosevelt 2 April 1945 Cerebral hemorrhage 1960 John F. Kennedy 22 November 1963 Assassination 1980 Ronald Reagan 30 March 1981 Shot but survived.

2000 George W. Bush 10 May 2005 Thrown a live grenade which did not detonate.

Sangeeta Handa"

6: "November month till December 21st is ridden with intense star alignments that project major shifts in energy thru major events.

The Roller Coaster Ride (without belts) now is moving rapidly thru loops that go up steep and immediately fall real deep. Remember you are Un-Belted so you need to mandatorily ground into the earth (not the seat - that is the illusionary 3D) and be rooted there like a tree - that rarely uproots by a storm or violent winds. Hold onto the Light you have attained, within. That, is your support system - only! In these two months we shall face no straight ride of the Roller Coaster...only large deep loops.....survival is of the Light-est!

Get your Balance, Harmony, Joy in position now. Joy is the quality of of your Soul! Joy is the attribute of the emerald green Ray 5 - the occult psychic Ray, which is the Eye of God. Sit in the Eye of God and go thru the Loops! There will be gaps where the Loop shall break and we will be in free-float drop....herein, only rooting to earth, having your consciously built Antahkarana lit up (read THE AMETHYST TABLET plsss, on, being in perfect Balance Harmony Joy, and sitting in the Eye Of God will save us! Be conscious to this. Be awake.


7: "Build your "Spiritual Resume".... that's handy for the remaining 4 years to the end of 'Kali Yuga', the cycle of millions of years of more than 75% Darkness! Think twice before you build bridges on the 3D earth as this 3D is fast dismantling before your "Bridges" across and yonder to where you are to go!

Sangeeta Handa"

WHO AM I? (pls read this page only thru your computers not available for cells)


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